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Antibody humanization is the process of replacing non-human antibody frameworks with human ones. Successful antibody humanization depends on maintaining the affinity after replacing residues. Combining CDR-grafting, structure-based back mutation method, and FASEBA screening, the unique antibody humanization service is offered at GenScript to generate humanized antibody with guaranteed affinity and optimized properties. Deluxe (SC1411) and Express (SC1410) antibody humanization service options are offered (Case studies).

antibody humanization

Features: Deluxe Antibody Humanization Service

Deluxe Package (SC1411) for Antibody Humanization

Milestones Deliverables Timeline
structure-based back mutation Library design and construction
  • Sequence, DNA and 0.5 mg of purified protein of humanized antibody with affinity matching its parental non-human antibody
  • Report
19 weeks
Phage display and FASEBA screening
Humanized antibody production and characterization

The Deluxe Humanization service workflow:

  1. Sequences of the variable domains of the non-human antibody are analyzed, after antibody sequencing and binding confirmation.
  2. One or more human acceptors with the highest sequence identities are selected for grafting the CDRs of the non-human antibody to the human acceptor frameworks.
  3. Perform homology modeling to obtain the structural model of the non-human antibody. Find all critical framework residues that are different in grafted and non-human antibody sequences.
  4. Design a library of humanized Fabs that encompassing all the combination of putative back mutations for phage display. Phage display technology is employed to isolate and enrich high-affinity humanized binders from the library.
  5. The binders are subjected to FASEBA screening, which allows the optimal leads selection maintaining the affinity, as well as the expression, stability and other biophysical properties.

Express Package (SC1410) for Antibody Humanization

Milestones Deliverables Timeline
Design of humanized antibody or scFv
  • Sequence, DNA and 0.2 mg purified protein of top humanized antibody from an affinity ranking of 25 (five heavy chain х five light chain) humanized antibodies
  • Report
13 weeks
Construction of humanized antibody or scFv
Expression and affinity ranking of humanized antibodies

Alternative to the deluxe humanization package, the express humanization service renders quick humanization, as short as 13 weeks.

When using fluorophores, individually or in a multiplex format, it is important to pay attention to a few technical features including:

antibody humanization

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