30% off for in-stock CRISPR gRNA Constructs and Libraries

CRISPR Promotions

GenScript strives to provide high quality reagents to facilitate any research need. Through a partnership with the Broad Institute, we are pleased to offer pre-validated CRISPR constructs and libraries to facilitate gene editing and screening applications.

To kick-start your research, you can now save even more on CRISPR reagents:

1In-stock CRISPR gRNA constructs and Library Promotion*

*Terms and Conditions for the In-stock Construct and gRNA Library promotion

  1. Promotion Code "GSCr30%" can be used only for in-stock gRNA constructs (Cat No. SC1805) and CRISPR libraries (Cat No. SC1771-25, SC1771-100, SC1771-200, SC1774-25, SC1774-100, SC1774-200, SC1777-25, SC1777-100, SC1777-200, SC1780-25, SC1780-100, SC1780-200, SC1783-25, SC1783-100, SC1783-200, SC1770-25, SC1770-100, SC1770-200, SC1754-25, SC1754-100, SC1754-200, SC1844-25, SC1844-100, SC1844-200,). Promotion excludes 1μg CRISPR gRNA libraries and Pathway-Focused Libraries.
  2. Promotion code will be automatically applied when the quote/order has been saved.
  3. Promotions are valid for domestic (US) and international customers, excluding Japan and China.