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Antibody Drug Discovery

Antibody Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical Services: Antibody Drug Discovery

Pharmaceutical services offered by Discovery Biology at GenScript provides custom antibody drug discovery and development services with IP protection. The services include target validation, antibody lead generation and optimization, in vitro functional assays and animal models for in vivo testing. We are your reliable partner for antibody drug discovery projects. Learn More »

Antibody Generation & Sequencing

Hybridoma Generation for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery
Antibody Screening & Characterization
Anti-idiotype Monoclonal Antibody

  Antibody Lead Optimization

Antibody humanization,
Hybridoma sequencing,
Affinity measurement (SPR)

In vitro Functional Assays

ADCC/CDC assays
Stable cell line engineering

Cell Line Services
Antibody & Protein Engineering
Pharmacology Services
Custom antibody drug discovery services In vitro assays for drug discovery