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Metastatic tumor models (Cat.No.SC1551)

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In orthotopic tumor models, cancer cells are much easier to metastasize than in s.c. xenograft models; therefore, these models could be used to develop metastatic tumor models. We also have expertise in developing metastatic models by tail vein injection with tumor cells. GenScript currently provides the following validated models for customers:

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  • Case Study
Experimental Metastasis
A549-Luc Lung metastasis
MDA-MB-231-Luc Lung metastasis
HT-29-Luc Colorectal cancer liver metastasis
LL/2-Luc (Syngeneic) Lung metastasis
B16-Luc (Syngeneic) Lung metastasis
Spontaneous Metastasis
4T1-Luc (Syngeneic) Lung metastasis etc.

Figure. Tumor metastasis following intravenous injection of B16 murine melanoma; from left to right, upper panels showing metastasis in the lung, the kidney, and the heart, respectively, lower panels showing hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stain of tissues of the corresponding organs.

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