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Get your antibody made with GenScript’s Custom Antibody Development Services

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies
Custom Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Delivery in 45 days
  • Starts from $649
  • Better results in IP/ChIP , ELISA and
    Western Blot
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  • Specific hybridoma in 45 days
  • Western blot guarantee
  • Best for IF, antibody assays other
    assays requiring high specificity
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*This product has been discontinued! *

Full Name
Abbreviated name-1
Technical Manual
Antibody Services: GenScript's custom antibody service guarantees 1:32,000 ELISA titer of final product or two ELISA positive clones with the help of our advanced antigen design tool.
Polyclonal antibody Services: GenScript's custom polyclonal antibody services start from $250. It comes with a 1:32,000 ELISA titer guarantee, thanks to our advanced antigen design tool.
Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services: GenScript's custom monoclonal antibody service guarantees two ELISA positive clones with the help of advanced hybridoma technology & experienced professional.