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A01767-40 p53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse
40 μg
p53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse
Full Name
p53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse p53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse
Abbreviated name-1
Tumor protein p53 mAb;
p53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,MouseDocument-MSDS: 13723_20110513053154.PDF (PDF)
P53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse zoomP53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse
P53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse zoomP53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse
P53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse zoomP53 Antibody (5H7B9),mAb,Mouse
The p53 tumor suppressor protein plays a major role in cellular response to DNA damage and other genomic aberrations. It is situated at the crossroads of signalling pathways that are essential for cell growth regulation and apoptosis. In normal unstressed cells, the level of p53 protein is downregulated via the binding of proteins such as MDM2, COP1, PIRH2 or JNK that promote p53 degradation via the ubiquitin/proteasome pathway. As most of these genes are up regulated by p53, this lead to a regulation loop that will keep p53 level very low in a normal cells. Alternative splicing of the human p53 gene gives rise of p53 beta, p53 gamma, Delta 40p53 (also known as p44, p47 or delat N p53), Delta 40p53 beta, Delta 40 p53gamma, Delta 133p53, Delta 133p53 beta, and Delta 133p53 gamma.
GenScript p53 Antibody (5H7B9), mAb, Mouse is produced from the hybridoma resulting from fusion of SP2/0-Ag14 myeloma and B-lymphocytes obtained from mouse immunized with human recombinant wild type p53 (wt p53).
Ig Subclass
The antibody is stable in lyophilized form if stored at -20°C or below. The reconstituted antibody can be stored for 2-3 weeks at 2-8°C. For long term storage, aliquot and store at -20°C or below. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing cycles.
p53 Antibody (5H7B9), mAb, Mouse detects endogenous levels of p53 protein. Special reactivity with p53 isoforms of GenScript p53 antibody clones are tested by Western blot and described in the below table.
0.5 mg/ml, lyophilized with PBS, pH 7.4, containing 0.02% sodium azide.
Human recombinant wild type p53
Clone ID
Purification Method
Protein A affinity column
Reconstitute the lyophilized powder with deionized water (or equivalent) to make antibody concentration of 0.5 mg/ml.
Working concentrations for specific applications should be determined by the investigator. The appropriate concentrations may be affected by secondary antibody affinity, antigen concentration, the sensitivity of the method of detection, temperature, the length of the incubations, and other factors. The suitability of this antibody for applications other than those listed below has not been determined. The following concentration ranges are recommended starting points for this product.
ELISA: 0.05-0.1 µg/ml
Western blot: 1 µg/ml
Flow cytometry: 1-3 µg for 1 x 106 cells
Other applications:User-optimized
Fusion Partner
Spleen cells were fused with SP2/0-Ag14 mouse myeloma cells.
Species Reactivity
Human. Reactivity to other species is not tested yet.
Host Species
Antigen Species
Technical Manual
ELISA Protocol(pdf)
Western Blot Protocol(pdf)
FACS Protocol(pdf)
IHC Protocol(pdf)
IP Protocol(pdf)
Heyduk E, et al. Ribosome Display Enhanced by Next Generation Sequencing: a Tool to Identify Antibody-specific Peptide Ligands. Anal Biochem. 2014July;

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