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Antibody and Protein Engineering Services for Antibody Drug Development

Antibody Drug Development Center
Antibody and Protein Engineering

As one of the world's leading biology CROs, GenScript has established a comprehensive drug development platform to integrate antibody engineering and antibody production technologies. Our scientists, with extensive experience in antibody drug development, provide superior services such as single domain antibody generation, antibody humanization, affinity maturation and antibody sequencing.

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Antibody Sequencing Our fast turnaround ensures that your antibody project stays on track.   Antibody Humanization Our service reduces human immunogenicity while maintaining target affinity.
Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Our experienced scientists provide accuate analysis using state of the art technology.   Affinity Maturation Our phage display library and FASEBA technology can maximize antibody affinity.
Chimeric Antibody Generation A fast and inexpensive approach for generating therapeutic antibodies.   Antibody Library and Phage Display We can generate a library as fast as one month with scFv or Fab antibody libraries.
Epitope Mapping Our comprehensive service offers highly accurate epitope mapping.   Camelid Single Domain Antibody We are experienced in generating sdAbs for research and drug discovery.
Hybridoma Stabilization Your valuable clones will not lose productivity with our hybridoma stabilization service.   Anti-idiotype Monoclonal Antibody We can develop and test hybridomas expressing your anti-idiotype antibody.
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