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Assay development is critical in identification and confirmation of "hits", lead optimization and generating drug candidates for development. GenScript offers a comprehensive functional in-vitro assay platform, using fluorometry, radioactivity, electrophysiology and cell-based assays. We are equipped to perform high throughput screening of compound libraries and can customize primary assays, secondary assays and specificity assays for your drug development needs. Read more »

CellPower™ Stable Cells Assay grade; Q-PCR validated cell pool or single clone in any host cell, with any gene.   GenCRISPR™ Gene Editing Service Knock-outs, knock-ins or mutations of any gene in any cell line using CRISPR/Cas9.
ADCC & CDC Assays Recombinant NK-92 cells used for better reproducibility in an endpoint-based assay.   GPCR Target Solutions Largest human GPCR stable cell line and validated fluorescence or radioisotope based assays.
Tumor Cell Line Profiling Take advantage of our 250+ tumor cell line library for your screening needs.   Protease Target Solutions Peptide library capability coupled with the largest protease panel in the industry.
Apoptosis Assays Evaluate with annexin V/PI, caspase, mitochondrial apopotosis and TUNEL assays.   Kinase Target Solutions Both biochemical and cell-based assay formats available.
Growth Inhibition Assays Screen anticancer drugs with an inexpensive and high throughput platform.   Enzyme Target Solutions High throughput assays for lipases, deacetylases and phosphodiesterases.
Ion Channel Target Solutions Using fluorescence, radioisotope or patch clamp based formats.   Lead Optimization Center Medicinal chemistry coupled with in-vitro and in-vivo screening capabilities.