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Hras Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene [Mus musculus (house mouse)]

RefSeq Accession Definition Service Stock Status Price *Turnaround time Order
NM_001130443 Mus musculus Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene (Hras), transcript variant 3, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand $399.00 14
NM_001130444 Mus musculus Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene (Hras), transcript variant 2, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand $399.00 14
NM_008284 Mus musculus Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene (Hras), transcript variant 1, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand $399.00 14
XM_006536157 PREDICTED: Mus musculus Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene 1 (Hras1), transcript variant X1, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand TBD TBD
XM_006536158 PREDICTED: Mus musculus Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene 1 (Hras1), transcript variant X2, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand TBD TBD
XM_006536159 PREDICTED: Mus musculus Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene 1 (Hras1), transcript variant X3, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand TBD TBD
XM_006536160 PREDICTED: Mus musculus Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene 1 (Hras1), transcript variant X4, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand TBD TBD

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Gene Symbol Hras
Entrez Gene ID 15461
Full Name Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene
Synonyms H-ras, Ha-ras, Harvey-ras, Hras-1, Hras1, Kras2, c-H-ras, c-Ha-ras, c-rasHa, ras
General protein information
Preferred Names
GTPase HRas
GTPase HRas
H-ras 1 protein
c-Ha-ras transgene
c-Ha-ras p21 protein
transforming protein P21
Gene Type protein-coding
Organism Mus musculus (house mouse)


7 F5|7 86.48 cM



mRNA Protein Product Sequence Price Select
NM_001130443, 194363763 NP_001123915, 194363764 GTPase HRas isoform 1 ORF Sequence $250.00
NM_001130444, 194363765 NP_001123916, 194363766 GTPase HRas isoform 2 ORF Sequence $250.00
NM_008284, 194440733 NP_032310, 194440734 GTPase HRas isoform 1 ORF Sequence $250.00
XM_006536157, 568952287 XP_006536220, 568952288 GTPase HRas isoform X1 ORF Sequence $300.00
XM_006536158, 568952289 XP_006536221, 568952290 GTPase HRas isoform X2 ORF Sequence $300.00
XM_006536159, 568952291 XP_006536222, 568952292 GTPase HRas isoform X3 ORF Sequence $300.00
XM_006536160, 568952293 XP_006536223, 568952294 GTPase HRas isoform X4 ORF Sequence $300.00
mmu04010MAPK signaling pathway
mmu04370VEGF signaling pathway
mmu04012ErbB signaling pathway
mmu04510Focal adhesion
mmu04360Axon guidance
mmu04650Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
mmu04540Gap junction
mmu04730Long-term depression
mmu04530Tight junction
mmu04810Regulation of actin cytoskeleton
mmu04664Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway
mmu04912GnRH signaling pathway
mmu04662B cell receptor signaling pathway
mmu05219Bladder cancer
mmu04660T cell receptor signaling pathway
mmu04720Long-term potentiation
mmu05220Chronic myeloid leukemia
mmu05211Renal cell carcinoma
mmu05213Endometrial cancer
mmu04910Insulin signaling pathway
mmu05200Pathways in cancer
mmu05216Thyroid cancer
mmu05223Non-small cell lung cancer
mmu05215Prostate cancer
mmu05221Acute myeloid leukemia
mmu04062Chemokine signaling pathway
mmu04722Neurotrophin signaling pathway
mmu05160Hepatitis C
mmu05166HTLV-I infection
mmu04725Cholinergic synapse
mmu04151PI3K-Akt signaling pathway
mmu05161Hepatitis B
mmu04726Serotonergic synapse
mmu05205Proteoglycans in cancer
mmu04915Estrogen signaling pathway
mmu05203Viral carcinogenesis
mmu05206MicroRNAs in cancer
mmu04917Prolactin signaling pathway
mmu04919Thyroid hormone signaling pathway
mmu04921Oxytocin signaling pathway
mmu04068FoxO signaling pathway
mmu04015Rap1 signaling pathway
mmu04014Ras signaling pathway
WP572EGFR1 Signaling Pathway
WP151IL-5 Signaling Pathway
WP387IL-6 signaling Pathway
WP1244estrogen signalling
WP193Signaling of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor
WP65Insulin Signaling
WP297IL-7 Signaling Pathway
WP350p38 MAPK Signaling Pathway (BioCarta)
WP113TGF Beta Signaling Pathway
WP1267Senescence and Autophagy
WP6Integrin-mediated cell adhesion
WP251MAPK Cascade
WP232G Protein Signaling Pathways
WP373IL-3 Signaling Pathway
WP1261ErbB signaling pathway
WP407Kit Receptor Signaling Pathway
WP2292Chemokine signaling pathway
WP2309XPodNet - protein-protein interactions in the podocyte expanded by STRING
5605880Signaling by FGFR mutants
5604931Signaling by ERBB4
5605373Interleukin receptor SHC signaling
5604934Signaling by Leptin
5604935FCERI mediated MAPK activation
5604936MEK activation
5605424Tie2 Signaling
5605041Cell surface interactions at the vascular wall
5604995Post NMDA receptor activation events
5604996Activation of NMDA receptor upon glutamate binding and postsynaptic events
5604670Transmission across Chemical Synapses
5604997Neurotransmitter Receptor Binding And Downstream Transmission In The Postsynaptic Cell
5604671Neuronal System
5604913RAF activation
5605776Activation of RAS in B cells
5604815IRS-related events
5604812Insulin receptor signalling cascade
5604817SOS-mediated signalling
5604818IRS-mediated signalling
5604819IRS-related events triggered by IGF1R
5604793Signaling by FGFR
5604788Signalling by NGF
5604790Signaling by PDGF
5604813Signaling by Insulin receptor
5605590EGFR Transactivation by Gastrin
5604789Downstream signal transduction
5605799SHC-mediated cascade
5604920Signalling to p38 via RIT and RIN
5604919SHC1 events in EGFR signaling
5604792Downstream signaling of activated FGFR
5604918GRB2 events in EGFR signaling
5604802Innate Immune System
5604807Signaling by the B Cell Receptor (BCR)
5605368Downstream signaling events of B Cell Receptor (BCR)
5604803Immune System
5605374Interleukin-3, 5 and GM-CSF signaling
5604922NCAM signaling for neurite out-growth
5604808Adaptive Immune System
5604921FRS2-mediated cascade
5604925Interleukin-2 signaling
5604774Signal Transduction
5604937RAF phosphorylates MEK
5604797Signaling by EGFR in Cancer
5604794Signaling by FGFR in disease
5604796Signaling by EGFR
5604924Developmental Biology
5604923Axon guidance
5604801DAP12 interactions
5604800DAP12 signaling
5604787NGF signalling via TRKA from the plasma membrane
5604932Signaling by SCF-KIT
5604933GRB2 events in ERBB2 signaling
5604784Signaling by GPCR
5604929SHC1 events in ERBB2 signaling
5604799Signaling by ERBB2
5604810Fc epsilon receptor (FCERI) signaling
5604821Signaling by Type 1 Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 Receptor (IGF1R)
5604820IGF1R signaling cascade
5604824SHC-related events
5604828Signalling to ERKs
5605665Ras activation uopn Ca2+ infux through NMDA receptor
5604826SHC-related events triggered by IGF1R
5604827Signalling to RAS
5605221p38MAPK events
5605663CREB phosphorylation through the activation of Ras
5604927Cytokine Signaling in Immune system
5604930SHC1 events in ERBB4 signaling
5604928Gastrin-CREB signalling pathway via PKC and MAPK
5604825SHC-mediated signalling
5604917ARMS-mediated activation
5604914RAF/MAP kinase cascade
5604915Frs2-mediated activation
5604926Signaling by Interleukins
5604916Prolonged ERK activation events
5605779Signaling by constitutively active EGFR
Homo sapiens (human)HRASNP_005334.1
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)HRASXP_521702.2
Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey)HRASXP_001085804.1
Canis lupus familiaris (dog)HRASXP_540523.3
Bos taurus (cattle)HRASNP_001229275.1
Mus musculus (house mouse)HrasNP_001123915.1
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)HrasNP_001091711.1
Gallus gallus (chicken)HRASNP_990623.1
Danio rerio (zebrafish)hrasbNP_001018465.1
Danio rerio (zebrafish)hrasaNP_001017623.1
Danio rerio (zebrafish)LOC100151000XP_001923439.1
Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis (western clawed frog)hrasNP_001017003.1
GO:0001934positive regulation of protein phosphorylationISO
GO:0006184GTP catabolic processIEA
GO:0006915apoptotic processISO
GO:0007050cell cycle arrestISO
GO:0007093mitotic cell cycle checkpointISO
GO:0007165signal transductionIEA
GO:0007264small GTPase mediated signal transductionIDA
GO:0007265Ras protein signal transductionISO
GO:0007265Ras protein signal transductionTAS
GO:0007569cell agingIDA
GO:0008283cell proliferationIPI
GO:0008284positive regulation of cell proliferationIDA
GO:0008284positive regulation of cell proliferationISO
GO:0008285negative regulation of cell proliferationISO
GO:0010628positive regulation of gene expressionIDA
GO:0010629negative regulation of gene expressionISO
GO:0030335positive regulation of cell migrationISO
GO:0032855positive regulation of Rac GTPase activityISO
GO:0034259negative regulation of Rho GTPase activityISO
GO:0043406positive regulation of MAP kinase activityISO
GO:0043410positive regulation of MAPK cascadeISO
GO:0043524negative regulation of neuron apoptotic processIDA
GO:0043524negative regulation of neuron apoptotic processIGI
GO:0045740positive regulation of DNA replicationISO
GO:0045944positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoterISO
GO:0046330positive regulation of JNK cascadeISO
GO:0046579positive regulation of Ras protein signal transductionISO
GO:0048169regulation of long-term neuronal synaptic plasticityIMP
GO:0050679positive regulation of epithelial cell proliferationISO
GO:0051291protein heterooligomerizationISO
GO:0070374positive regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascadeISO
GO:0090303positive regulation of wound healingISO
GO:0090398cellular senescenceISO
GO:0097193intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathwayIGI
GO:0097193intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathwayIMP
GO:1900029positive regulation of ruffle assemblyISO
GO:2000251positive regulation of actin cytoskeleton reorganizationISO
GO:2000630positive regulation of miRNA metabolic processISO
GO:0005794Golgi apparatusISO
GO:0005886plasma membraneISO
GO:0043231intracellular membrane-bounded organelleISO
GO:0000166nucleotide bindingIEA
GO:0005515protein bindingIPI
GO:0005525GTP bindingIDA
GO:0005525GTP bindingISO
GO:0008022protein C-terminus bindingISO
GeneCards Hras
UniProt Q61411
MGI 96224
Ensembl ENSMUSG00000025499

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What is the normal function of the HRAS gene?

The HRAS gene provides instructions for making a protein called H-Ras that is involved primarily in regulating cell division. Through a process known as signal transduction, the H-Ras protein relays signals from outside the cell to the cell's nucleus. These signals instruct the cell to grow or divide. The H-Ras protein is a GTPase, which means it converts a molecule called GTP into another molecule called GDP. The H-Ras protein acts like a switch, and it is turned on and off by GTP and GDP molecules. To transmit signals, the protein must be turned on by attaching (binding) to a molecule of GTP. The H-Ras protein is turned off (inactivated) when it converts GTP to GDP. When the protein is bound to GDP, it does not relay signals to the cell's nucleus.

The HRAS gene belongs to a class of genes known as oncogenes. When mutated, oncogenes have the potential to cause normal cells to become cancerous. The HRAS gene is in the Ras family of oncogenes, which also includes two other genes: KRAS and NRAS. The proteins produced from these three genes are GTPases. These proteins play important roles in cell division, the process by which cells mature to carry out specific functions (cell differentiation), and the self-destruction of cells (apoptosis).


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