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SLC17A5 solute carrier family 17 (anion/sugar transporter), member 5 [Homo sapiens (human)]

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NM_012434 Homo sapiens solute carrier family 17 (anion/sugar transporter), member 5 (SLC17A5), mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand $699.00 18

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Gene Symbol SLC17A5
Entrez Gene ID 26503
Full Name solute carrier family 17 (anion/sugar transporter), member 5
Synonyms AST, FLJ22227, FLJ23268, ISSD, NSD, SD, SIALIN, SIASD, SLD
Gene Type protein-coding
Organism Homo sapiens (human)



Summary This gene encodes a membrane transporter that exports free sialic acids that have been cleaved off of cell surface lipids and proteins from lysosomes. Mutations in this gene cause sialic acid storage diseases, including infantile sialic acid storage disorder and and Salla disease, an adult form. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

MIM: 604322

Salla disease, 604369 (3); Sialic acid storage disorder, infantile,

mRNA Protein Product Sequence Price Select
NM_012434, 170650707 NP_036566, 6912666 sialin ORF Sequence $550.00
REACT_19118SLC-mediated transmembrane transport
REACT_15518Transmembrane transport of small molecules
REACT_19397Transport of inorganic cations/anions and amino acids/oligopeptides
REACT_19372Organic anion transporters
Homo sapiens (human)SLC17A5NP_036566.1
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)SLC17A5XP_003311453.1
Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey)SLC17A5XP_001112868.1
Canis lupus familiaris (dog)SLC17A5XP_532204.2
Bos taurus (cattle)SLC17A5NP_001192903.1
Mus musculus (house mouse)Slc17a5NP_766361.1
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)Slc17a5NP_001009713.1
Gallus gallus (chicken)SLC17A5NP_001026257.1
Danio rerio (zebrafish)slc17a5NP_001070195.1
Caenorhabditis elegansC38C10.2NP_499065.1
Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress)PHT4;1NP_180526.1
GeneCards SLC17A5
UniProt Q9NRA2
MIM 604322
Ensembl ENSG00000119899
HGNC 10933
HPRD 05058

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General protein information

Preferred Names
H(+)/nitrate cotransporter
membrane glycoprotein HP59
sialic acid storage disease
H(+)/sialic acid cotransporter
sodium/sialic acid cotransporter
solute carrier family 17 member 5
solute carrier family 17, member 5
vesicular H(+)/Aspartate-glutamate cotransporter
solute carrier family 17 (anion/sugar transporter), member 5


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