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MAP2 microtubule-associated protein 2 [Homo sapiens (human)]

RefSeq Accession Definition Service Stock Status Price *Turnaround time Order
NM_001039538 Homo sapiens microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2), transcript variant 5, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand $699.00 18
NM_002374 Homo sapiens microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2), transcript variant 1, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand $2699.00 30
NM_031845 Homo sapiens microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2), transcript variant 2, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning In-stock $509.00 $460.00 12
NM_031847 Homo sapiens microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP2), transcript variant 4, mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand $699.00 18

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Gene Symbol MAP2
Entrez Gene ID 4133
Full Name microtubule-associated protein 2
Synonyms DKFZp686I2148, MAP2A, MAP2B, MAP2C
Gene Type protein-coding
Organism Homo sapiens (human)



Summary This gene encodes a protein that belongs to the microtubule-associated protein family. The proteins of this family are thought to be involved in microtubule assembly, which is an essential step in neurogenesis. The products of similar genes in rat and mouse are neuron-specific cytoskeletal proteins that are enriched in dentrites, implicating a role in determining and stabilizing dentritic shape during neuron development. A number of alternatively spliced variants encoding distinct isoforms have been described. [provided by RefSeq, Jan 2010].

MIM: 157130

mRNA Protein Product Sequence Price Select
NM_001039538, 87578393 NP_001034627, 87578394 microtubule-associated protein 2 isoform 5 ORF Sequence $550.00
NM_002374, 87578395 NP_002365, 87578396 microtubule-associated protein 2 isoform 1 ORF Sequence $2500.00
NM_031845, 87578391 NP_114033, 87578392 microtubule-associated protein 2 isoform 2 ORF Sequence $360.00
NM_031847, 87578254 NP_114035, 87578255 microtubule-associated protein 2 isoform 4 ORF Sequence $550.00
WP422MAPK Cascade
WP706SIDS Susceptibility Pathways
Pathway Interaction Database
lkb1_pathwayLKB1 signaling events
Homo sapiens (human)MAP2NP_002365.3
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)MAP2XP_001144480.1
Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey)MAP2XP_001109205.1
Canis lupus familiaris (dog)MAP2XP_861145.1
Bos taurus (cattle)MAP2NP_001192736.1
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)Map2NP_037198.1
Gallus gallus (chicken)MAP2XP_421857.2
Danio rerio (zebrafish)map2XP_002663454.2
GeneCards MAP2
UniProt Q6NYC5, P11137
MIM 157130
Ensembl ENSG00000078018
HGNC 6839
HPRD 01140

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General protein information

Preferred Names
microtubule-associated protein 2
microtubule-associated protein 2


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