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Lrrk2 leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 [Mus musculus (house mouse)]

Clone ID RefSeq Accession Definition Vector Stock Status *Turnaround time Price Order
OMu21999 NM_025730 Mus musculus leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (Lrrk2), mRNA. pcDNA3.1+-DYK In-stock 24 $2399.00
OMu51512 XM_006521276 PREDICTED: Mus musculus leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (Lrrk2), transcript variant X1, mRNA. pcDNA3.1+-DYK On-demand 35 TBD
OMu51513 XM_006521277 PREDICTED: Mus musculus leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (Lrrk2), transcript variant X2, mRNA. pcDNA3.1+-DYK On-demand 35 TBD
OMu21999C NM_025730 Mus musculus leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (Lrrk2), mRNA. Customized vector In-stock 24 $2399.00
OMu51512C XM_006521276 PREDICTED: Mus musculus leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (Lrrk2), transcript variant X1, mRNA. Customized vector On-demand 35 TBD
OMu51513C XM_006521277 PREDICTED: Mus musculus leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (Lrrk2), transcript variant X2, mRNA. Customized vector On-demand 35 TBD

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Gene Symbol Lrrk2
Entrez Gene ID 66725
Full Name leucine-rich repeat kinase 2
Synonyms 4921513O20Rik, 9330188B09Rik, AW561911, D630001M17Rik, Gm927, cI-46
General protein information
Preferred Names
leucine-rich repeat serine/threonine-protein kinase 2
leucine-rich repeat serine/threonine-protein kinase 2
Gene Type protein-coding
Organism Mus musculus (house mouse)


15|15 F1



mRNA Protein Product Sequence Price Select
NM_025730, 146231953 NP_080006, 146231954 leucine-rich repeat serine/threonine-protein kinase 2 ORF Sequence $2199.00
XM_006521276, 568993080 XP_006521339, 568993081 leucine-rich repeat serine/threonine-protein kinase 2 isoform X1 ORF Sequence $3500.00
XM_006521277, 568993082 XP_006521340, 568993083 leucine-rich repeat serine/threonine-protein kinase 2 isoform X2 ORF Sequence $3500.00
mmu05012Parkinson's disease
WP2309XPodNet - protein-protein interactions in the podocyte expanded by STRING
Homo sapiens (human)LRRK2NP_940980.3
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)LRRK2XP_001168494.1
Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey)LRRK2XP_002798616.1
Canis lupus familiaris (dog)LRRK2XP_543734.3
Bos taurus (cattle)LRRK2NP_001193015.1
Mus musculus (house mouse)Lrrk2NP_080006.3
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)Lrrk2NP_001178718.1
Gallus gallus (chicken)LRRK2XP_003640388.2
Danio rerio (zebrafish)lrrk2NP_001188385.1
Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis (western clawed frog)lrrk2XP_002932250.2
GO:0000165MAPK cascadeISO
GO:0000186activation of MAPKK activityISO
GO:0000187activation of MAPK activityISO
GO:0001934positive regulation of protein phosphorylationISO
GO:0006184GTP catabolic processISO
GO:0006468protein phosphorylationISA
GO:0006979response to oxidative stressISO
GO:0007264small GTPase mediated signal transductionIEA
GO:0007528neuromuscular junction developmentISO
GO:0008340determination of adult lifespanISO
GO:0010508positive regulation of autophagyIMP
GO:0010508positive regulation of autophagyISO
GO:0014041regulation of neuron maturationISO
GO:0018105peptidyl-serine phosphorylationISO
GO:0018107peptidyl-threonine phosphorylationISO
GO:0021772olfactory bulb developmentISO
GO:0022028tangential migration from the subventricular zone to the olfactory bulbISO
GO:0031398positive regulation of protein ubiquitinationISO
GO:0032091negative regulation of protein bindingISO
GO:0032436positive regulation of proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic processIMP
GO:0034260negative regulation of GTPase activityISO
GO:0035564regulation of kidney sizeIMP
GO:0035640exploration behaviorISO
GO:0040012regulation of locomotionISO
GO:0042391regulation of membrane potentialISO
GO:0043068positive regulation of programmed cell deathISO
GO:0043547positive regulation of GTPase activityISO
GO:0046777protein autophosphorylationISA
GO:0046777protein autophosphorylationISO
GO:0048312intracellular distribution of mitochondriaISO
GO:0051900regulation of mitochondrial depolarizationISO
GO:0060161positive regulation of dopamine receptor signaling pathwayISO
GO:0061001regulation of dendritic spine morphogenesisISO
GO:0070997neuron deathISO
GO:1901214regulation of neuron deathISO
GO:1902692regulation of neuroblast proliferationISO
GO:2000172regulation of branching morphogenesis of a nerveISO
GO:2000300regulation of synaptic vesicle exocytosisISO
GO:0005615extracellular spaceISO
GO:0005802trans-Golgi networkIDA
GO:0005886plasma membraneIDA
GO:0008021synaptic vesicleIDA
GO:0016234inclusion bodyISO
GO:0031966mitochondrial membraneISO
GO:0032473cytoplasmic side of mitochondrial outer membraneISO
GO:0032839dendrite cytoplasmISO
GO:0043005neuron projectionISO
GO:0043025neuronal cell bodyISO
GO:0043231intracellular membrane-bounded organelleISO
GO:0045121membrane raftIDA
GO:0070062extracellular vesicular exosomeISO
GO:0000149SNARE bindingISO
GO:0000166nucleotide bindingIEA
GO:0001948glycoprotein bindingISO
GO:0003779actin bindingISO
GO:0003924GTPase activityISO
GO:0004672protein kinase activityISO
GO:0004674protein serine/threonine kinase activityISO
GO:0004708MAP kinase kinase activityISO
GO:0005096GTPase activator activityISO
GO:0005515protein bindingIPI
GO:0005524ATP bindingIEA
GO:0005525GTP bindingISA
GO:0005525GTP bindingISO
GO:0015631tubulin bindingISO
GO:0016301kinase activityIEA
GO:0016740transferase activityIEA
GO:0016772transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groupsIEA
GO:0017048Rho GTPase bindingIPI
GO:0017048Rho GTPase bindingISO
GO:0017075syntaxin-1 bindingISO
GO:0030276clathrin bindingISO
GO:0034211GTP-dependent protein kinase activityISA
GO:0034211GTP-dependent protein kinase activityISO
GO:0042802identical protein bindingIPI
GO:0042802identical protein bindingISO
GO:0042803protein homodimerization activityISO
GO:0044325ion channel bindingISO
GO:0051018protein kinase A bindingISO
GeneCards Lrrk2
UniProt Q9CQG8, Q5S006
MGI 1913975
Vega OTTMUSG00000020864
Ensembl ENSMUSG00000036273

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