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GHRHR growth hormone releasing hormone receptor [Homo sapiens (human)]

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NM_000823 Homo sapiens growth hormone releasing hormone receptor (GHRHR), mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning In-stock $509.00 $460.00 12

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Gene Symbol GHRHR
Entrez Gene ID 2692
Full Name growth hormone releasing hormone receptor
General protein information
Preferred Names
growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor
growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor
GRF receptor
GHRH receptor
Gene Type protein-coding
Organism Homo sapiens (human)



Summary This gene encodes a receptor for growth hormone-releasing hormone. Binding of this hormone to the receptor leads to synthesis and release of growth hormone. Mutations in this gene have been associated with isolated growth hormone deficiency (IGHD), also known as Dwarfism of Sindh, a disorder characterized by short stature. [provided by RefSeq, Jun 2010].

MIM: 139191

Growth hormone deficiency, isolated, type IB, 612781 (3)

mRNA Protein Product Sequence Price Select
NM_000823, 297307106 NP_000814, 58530851 growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor precursor ORF Sequence $360.00
hsa04080Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction
WP117GPCRs, Other
WP334GPCRs, Class B Secretin-like
REACT_19184GPCR downstream signaling
REACT_19327G alpha (s) signalling events
REACT_14797Signaling by GPCR
REACT_18372Class B/2 (Secretin family receptors)
REACT_18377Glucagon-type ligand receptors
REACT_21340GPCR ligand binding
REACT_111102Signal Transduction
Homo sapiens (human)GHRHRNP_000814.2
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)GHRHRXP_519027.3
Canis lupus familiaris (dog)GHRHRXP_539502.3
Bos taurus (cattle)GHRHRNP_851363.1
Mus musculus (house mouse)GhrhrNP_001003685.2
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)GhrhrNP_036982.1
Gallus gallus (chicken)GHRHRNP_001032923.1
Danio rerio (zebrafish)ghrhrlNP_001075951.1
GO:0007189adenylate cyclase-activating G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathwayIDA
GO:0007190activation of adenylate cyclase activityIEA
GO:0008284positive regulation of cell proliferationIDA
GO:0008340determination of adult lifespanIEA
GO:0019933cAMP-mediated signalingIMP
GO:0030104water homeostasisIEA
GO:0030252growth hormone secretionIEA
GO:0030819positive regulation of cAMP biosynthetic processIDA
GO:0032868response to insulinIMP
GO:0032869cellular response to insulin stimulusIEA
GO:0033143regulation of intracellular steroid hormone receptor signaling pathwayIEA
GO:0040018positive regulation of multicellular organism growthIMP
GO:0042445hormone metabolic processIEA
GO:0043568positive regulation of insulin-like growth factor receptor signaling pathwayNAS
GO:0043627response to estrogenIDA
GO:0048469cell maturationIEA
GO:0048609multicellular organismal reproductive processNAS
GO:0051246regulation of protein metabolic processIEA
GO:0051384response to glucocorticoidIDA
GO:0060124positive regulation of growth hormone secretionNAS
GO:0060133somatotropin secreting cell developmentIEA
GO:0005637nuclear inner membraneIDA
GO:0005640nuclear outer membraneIDA
GO:0005886plasma membraneIDA
GO:0005886plasma membraneTAS
GO:0009986cell surfaceIDA
GO:0016021integral component of membraneIDA
GO:0016363nuclear matrixIDA
GO:0030141secretory granuleIDA
GO:0004930G-protein coupled receptor activityIC
GO:0005515protein bindingIPI
GO:0016520growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor activityIMP
GO:0017046peptide hormone bindingIPI
GO:0019838growth factor bindingIPI
GeneCards GHRHR
UniProt Q02643
Vega OTTHUMG00000152801
MIM 139191
Ensembl ENSG00000106128
HGNC 4266
HPRD 00748

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What is the normal function of the GHRHR gene?

The GHRHR gene provides instructions for making the growth hormone releasing hormone receptor. This receptor is active (expressed) on the growth-stimulating somatotropic cells in the pituitary gland. This gland is is located at the base of the brain and produces many hormones, including growth hormone. Growth hormone is necessary for the normal growth of the body's bones and tissues. The GHRHR receptor attaches (binds) to a molecule called growth hormone releasing hormone. This binding, along with the actions of other molecules, triggers the production of growth hormone and its release from the pituitary gland.


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