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GP9 glycoprotein IX (platelet) [Homo sapiens (human)]

Clone ID RefSeq Accession Definition Vector Stock Status *Turnaround time Price Order
OHu18917 NM_000174 Homo sapiens glycoprotein IX (platelet) (GP9), mRNA. pcDNA3.1+-DYK On-demand TBD $159.00
OHu18917 XM_005247374 PREDICTED: Homo sapiens glycoprotein IX (platelet) (GP9), transcript variant X1, mRNA. pcDNA3.1+-DYK On-demand TBD $159.00
OHu18917C NM_000174 Homo sapiens glycoprotein IX (platelet) (GP9), mRNA. Customized vector On-demand TBD $209.00
OHu18917C XM_005247374 PREDICTED: Homo sapiens glycoprotein IX (platelet) (GP9), transcript variant X1, mRNA. Customized vector On-demand TBD $209.00

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Gene Symbol GP9
Entrez Gene ID 2815
Full Name glycoprotein IX (platelet)
Synonyms CD42a, GPIX
General protein information
Preferred Names
platelet glycoprotein IX
platelet glycoprotein IX
glycoprotein 9
Gene Type protein-coding
Organism Homo sapiens (human)



Summary This gene encodes a small membrane glycoprotein found on the surface of human platelets. It forms a 1-to-1 noncovalent complex with glycoprotein Ib, a platelet surface membrane glycoprotein complex that functions as a receptor for von Willebrand factor. The complete receptor complex includes noncovalent association of the alpha and beta subunits with the protein encoded by this gene and platelet glycoprotein V. Defects in this gene are a cause of Bernard-Soulier syndrome, also known as giant platelet disease. These patients have unusually large platelets and have a clinical bleeding tendency. [provided by RefSeq, Oct 2008].

MIM: 173515

Bernard-Soulier syndrome, type C, 231200 (3)

mRNA Protein Product Sequence Price Select
NM_000174, 208609983 NP_000165, 4504077 platelet glycoprotein IX precursor ORF Sequence $250.00
XM_005247374, 578807285 XP_005247431, 530374450 platelet glycoprotein IX isoform X1 ORF Sequence $250.00
hsa04512ECM-receptor interaction
hsa04640Hematopoietic cell lineage
hsa04611Platelet activation
REACT_798Platelet activation, signaling and aggregation
REACT_326Intrinsic Pathway
REACT_2051Formation of Fibrin Clot (Clotting Cascade)
REACT_278Platelet Aggregation (Plug Formation)
REACT_1230Platelet Adhesion to exposed collagen
REACT_23847GP1b-IX-V activation signalling
Homo sapiens (human)GP9NP_000165.1
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)GP9XP_001140600.1
Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey)GP9NP_001135785.1
Canis lupus familiaris (dog)GP9XP_852017.1
Bos taurus (cattle)GP9XP_005223237.1
Mus musculus (house mouse)Gp9NP_061232.1
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)Gp9NP_001026995.1
Gallus gallus (chicken)GP9XP_414314.1
GO:0007155cell adhesionIEA
GO:0007596blood coagulationTAS
GO:0007597blood coagulation, intrinsic pathwayTAS
GO:0030168platelet activationTAS
GO:0005886plasma membraneTAS
GO:0005887integral component of plasma membraneTAS
GeneCards GP9
UniProt P14770
Vega OTTHUMG00000159944
MIM 173515
Ensembl ENSG00000169704
HGNC 4444
HPRD 01432

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