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APOA1 apolipoprotein A-I [Homo sapiens (human)]

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NM_000039 Homo sapiens apolipoprotein A-I (APOA1), mRNA. GenEZ ORF Cloning On-demand $449.00 14

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Gene Symbol APOA1
Entrez Gene ID 335
Full Name apolipoprotein A-I
Synonyms MGC117399
Gene Type protein-coding
Organism Homo sapiens (human)



Summary This gene encodes apolipoprotein A-I, which is the major protein component of high density lipoprotein (HDL) in plasma. The protein promotes cholesterol efflux from tissues to the liver for excretion, and it is a cofactor for lecithin cholesterolacyltransferase (LCAT) which is responsible for the formation of most plasma cholesteryl esters. This gene is closely linked with two other apolipoprotein genes on chromosome 11. Defects in this gene are associated with HDL deficiencies, including Tangier disease, and with systemic non-neuropathic amyloidosis. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

MIM: 107680

ApoA-I and apoC-III deficiency, combined (3);

mRNA Protein Product Sequence Price Select
NM_000039, 4557320 NP_000030, 4557321 apolipoprotein A-I preproprotein ORF Sequence $300.00
hsa04977Vitamin digestion and absorption
hsa05143African trypanosomiasis
hsa04975Fat digestion and absorption
hsa03320PPAR signaling pathway
Pathway Interaction Database
hnf3bpathwayFOXA2 and FOXA3 transcription factor networks
WP15Selenium Pathway
WP430Statin Pathway
WP176Folate Metabolism
REACT_116145PPARA Activates Gene Expression
REACT_602Lipid digestion, mobilization, and transport
REACT_22258Metabolism of lipids and lipoproteins
REACT_318Platelet degranulation
REACT_13621HDL-mediated lipid transport
REACT_798Platelet activation, signaling and aggregation
REACT_22279Fatty acid, triacylglycerol, and ketone body metabolism
REACT_15480ABC-family proteins mediated transport
REACT_1280Response to elevated platelet cytosolic Ca2+
REACT_111158ABCA transporters in lipid homeostasis
REACT_6841Chylomicron-mediated lipid transport
REACT_15518Transmembrane transport of small molecules
REACT_6823Lipoprotein metabolism
REACT_19241Regulation of Lipid Metabolism by Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha)
Homo sapiens (human)APOA1NP_000030.1
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee)APOA1XP_001153383.1
Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey)APOA1XP_001090535.1
Canis lupus familiaris (dog)APOA1XP_536564.2
Bos taurus (cattle)APOA1NP_776667.2
Mus musculus (house mouse)Apoa1NP_033822.2
Gallus gallus (chicken)APOA1NP_990856.1
Danio rerio (zebrafish)apoa1aNP_571203.1
GeneCards APOA1
PDB 2A01, 3J00, 1ODR, 1ODP, 1GW3, 3K2S, 1AV1, 1GW4, 3R2P, 1ODQ
UniProt P02647
MIM 107680
Ensembl ENSG00000118137
HGNC 600
HPRD 02517

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Preferred Names
apolipoprotein A-I
apolipoprotein A-I


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