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Homo sapiens annexin A1 (ANXA1), mRNA.

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RefSeq Version NM_000700.1, 4502100
Length 1399 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 17-APR-2013
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens annexin A1 (ANXA1), mRNA.
Product annexin A1

Summary: Annexin I belongs to a family of Ca(2+)-dependent phospholipid binding proteins which have a molecular weight of approximately 35,000 to 40,000 and are preferentially located on the cytosolic face of the plasma membrane. Annexin I protein has an apparent relative molecular mass of 40 kDa, with phospholipase A2 inhibitory activity. Since phospholipase A2 is required for the biosynthesis of the potent mediators of inflammation, prostaglandins and leukotrienes, annexin I may have potential anti-inflammatory activity. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

RefSeq NP_000691.1
CDS 75..1115
Misc Feature(1)78..80
Misc Feature(2)78..80
Misc Feature(3)87..89
Misc Feature(4)87..89
Misc Feature(5)135..137
Misc Feature(6)135..137
Misc Feature(7)144..146
Misc Feature(8)153..155
Misc Feature(9)153..155
Misc Feature(10)183..185
Misc Feature(11)189..191
Misc Feature(12)213..407
Misc Feature(13)225..407
Misc Feature(14)426..623
Misc Feature(15)441..623
Misc Feature(16)678..875
Misc Feature(17)693..875
Misc Feature(18)693..695
Misc Feature(19)693..695
Misc Feature(20)720..722
Misc Feature(21)789..791
Misc Feature(22)903..1100
Misc Feature(23)918..1100
Misc Feature(24)1008..1010
Exon (1)1..60
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (2)61..140
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (3)141..249
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (4)250..344
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (5)345..458
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (6)459..549
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (7)550..629
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (8)630..686
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (9)687..780
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (10)781..876
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (11)877..935
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (12)936..1058
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
Exon (13)1059..1399
Gene Synonym:ANX1; LPC1
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Position Chain Variation Link
52+c, gdbSNP:182007166
58+a, gdbSNP:1131072
129+c, tdbSNP:11557056
170+c, tdbSNP:200500450
171+a, gdbSNP:142849845
173+a, cdbSNP:199772708
179+a, g, tdbSNP:35304764
201+a, gdbSNP:11557052
212+a, gdbSNP:148187721
217+c, tdbSNP:11557058
219+a, gdbSNP:142511024
237+a, tdbSNP:141175221
260+a, gdbSNP:11557057
288+c, tdbSNP:76459132
304+a, gdbSNP:144842081
311+c, gdbSNP:116080195
343+a, tdbSNP:200599744
401+a, gdbSNP:1050305
476+a, gdbSNP:150294146
478+a, gdbSNP:111698970
616+c, tdbSNP:190998635
650+c, tdbSNP:137860489
703+a, gdbSNP:201875399
710+a, gdbSNP:149033255
742+a, cdbSNP:144643143
758+a, cdbSNP:200423132
760+a, gdbSNP:184644030
774+c, tdbSNP:138602190
775+a, gdbSNP:141725650
780+c, gdbSNP:200795528
803+c, tdbSNP:146251070
855+a, gdbSNP:200321397
866+c, tdbSNP:148059788
885+a, gdbSNP:141810071
909+g, tdbSNP:150591447
911+a, cdbSNP:200843894
1033+a, gdbSNP:139228721
1072+c, gdbSNP:149989764
1091+g, tdbSNP:147263644
1106+a, cdbSNP:111929339
1145+c, tdbSNP:145864257
1151+a, gdbSNP:199776886
1181+c, tdbSNP:11557051
1197+c, tdbSNP:9561
1295+c, tdbSNP:192689162
1297+a, tdbSNP:183339779
1390+a, gdbSNP:188620245
Gene SymbolANXA1
Gene SynonymANX1; LPC1
Locus Map9q21.13
All Transcripts
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NM_000700 Homo sapiens annexin A1 (ANXA1), mRNA. On-demand $549.00 14
Title Identification of an essential endogenous regulator of blood-brain barrier integrity, and its pathological and therapeutic implications .
Author Cristante,E., McArthur,S., Mauro,C., Maggioli,E., Romero,I.A., Wylezinska-Arridge,M., Couraud,P.O., Lopez-Tremoleda,J., Christian,H.C., Weksler,B.B., Malaspina,A. and Solito,E.
Journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (3), 832-841 (2013)
Title Annexin A1, formyl peptide receptor, and NOX1 orchestrate epithelial repair .
Author Leoni,G., Alam,A., Neumann,P.A., Lambeth,J.D., Cheng,G., McCoy,J., Hilgarth,R.S., Kundu,K., Murthy,N., Kusters,D., Reutelingsperger,C., Perretti,M., Parkos,C.A., Neish,A.S. and Nusrat,A.
Journal J. Clin. Invest. 123 (1), 443-454 (2013)
Title Quantitative proteomics reveal ATM kinase-dependent exchange in DNA damage response complexes .
Author Choi,S., Srivas,R., Fu,K.Y., Hood,B.L., Dost,B., Gibson,G.A., Watkins,S.C., Van Houten,B., Bandeira,N., Conrads,T.P., Ideker,T. and Bakkenist,C.J.
Journal J. Proteome Res. 11 (10), 4983-4991 (2012)
Title Annexin A1 N-terminal derived peptide Ac2-26 stimulates fibroblast migration in high glucose conditions .
Author Bizzarro,V., Fontanella,B., Carratu,A., Belvedere,R., Marfella,R., Parente,L. and Petrella,A.
Journal PLoS ONE 7 (9), E45639 (2012)
Title Upregulation of Hsp90-beta and annexin A1 correlates with poor survival and lymphatic metastasis in lung cancer patients .
Author Biaoxue,R., Xiling,J., Shuanying,Y., Wei,Z., Xiguang,C., Jinsui,W. and Min,Z.
Journal J. Exp. Clin. Cancer Res. 31, 70 (2012)
Title Treatment of Haemophilus aphrophilus endocarditis with ciprofloxacin .
Author Dawson,S.J. and White,L.A.
Journal J. Infect. 24 (3), 317-320 (1992)
Title Isolation of a cDNA that encodes a novel granulocyte N-formyl peptide receptor .
Author Ye,R.D., Cavanagh,S.L., Quehenberger,O., Prossnitz,E.R. and Cochrane,C.G.
Journal Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 184 (2), 582-589 (1992)
Title Correlation of gene and protein structure of rat and human lipocortin I .
Author Kovacic,R.T., Tizard,R., Cate,R.L., Frey,A.Z. and Wallner,B.P.
Journal Biochemistry 30 (37), 9015-9021 (1991)
Title Calcium-induced intracellular cross-linking of lipocortin I by tissue transglutaminase in A431 cells. Augmentation by membrane phospholipids .
Author Ando,Y., Imamura,S., Owada,M.K. and Kannagi,R.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 266 (2), 1101-1108 (1991)
Title Characterization of Ca2(+)-dependent phospholipid binding, vesicle aggregation and membrane fusion by annexins .
Author Blackwood,R.A. and Ernst,J.D.
Journal Biochem. J. 266 (1), 195-200 (1990)

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