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Homo sapiens POU class 5 homeobox 1B (POU5F1B), mRNA.

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OHu26333D Homo sapiens POU class 5 homeobox 1B (POU5F1B), mRNA. pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK In-stock Starting from $99 5-7
OHu26333C Homo sapiens POU class 5 homeobox 1B (POU5F1B), mRNA. Your vector of choice In-stock Starting from $99 5-7
OHu26333M Mutant Clone for Homo sapiens POU class 5 homeobox 1B (POU5F1B), mRNA. pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK In-stock Starting from $149 Additional 5 days
OHu26333CM Mutant Clone for Homo sapiens POU class 5 homeobox 1B (POU5F1B), mRNA. Your vector of choice In-stock Starting from $149 Additional 5 days

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Sequence Information ORF Nucleotide Sequence
Protein sequence
Vector pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK or customized vector
Clone information Clone Map
Tag on pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK C terminal DYKDDDDK tags
ORF Insert Method CloneEZ® Seamless cloning technology
RefSeq Version NM_001159542.1, 227430409
Length 1080 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 25-MAY-2014
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens POU class 5 homeobox 1B (POU5F1B), mRNA.
Product putative POU domain, class 5, transcription factor 1B

Summary: This intronless gene was thought to be a transcribed pseudogene of POU class 5 homeobox 1, however, it has been reported that this gene can encode a functional protein. The encoded protein is nearly the same length as and highly similar to the POU class 5 homeobox 1 transcription factor, has been shown to be a weak transcriptional activator and may play a role in carcinogenesis and eye development. [provided by RefSeq, Apr 2009].

RefSeq NP_001153014.1
CDS 256..1335
Misc Feature(1)208..210
Misc Feature(2)667..891
Misc Feature(3)667..891
Misc Feature(4)946..1119
Misc Feature(5)order(946..960,964..966,1015..1017,1030..1032,1069..1071,
Misc Feature(6)order(952..954,961..963,1078..1080,1087..1092,1099..1101)
Exon (1)1..1599
Gene Synonym:OCT4-PG1; OCT4PG1; OTF3C; OTF3P1; POU5F1P1; POU5F1P4; POU5FLC20; POU5FLC8
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Position Chain Variation Link
21+a, tdbSNP:3999777
32+a, cdbSNP:185974252
41..43+, atadbSNP:112002137
46..48+, aatdbSNP:374993968
166+c, tdbSNP:190348884
205+a, gdbSNP:4871789
232+c, gdbSNP:75427380
375+c, tdbSNP:376562387
397+g, tdbSNP:76449652
418+g, tdbSNP:369395842
555+a, tdbSNP:77810828
561+g, tdbSNP:200266503
604+a, gdbSNP:190778660
610+a, cdbSNP:182632506
725+g, tdbSNP:188813106
736+a, gdbSNP:140000439
782+a, gdbSNP:6998061
782+a, gdbSNP:75641460
800+a, cdbSNP:13273814
865+c, tdbSNP:192151034
884+a, cdbSNP:377535415
895+a, gdbSNP:13274084
939+a, gdbSNP:6998254
939+a, gdbSNP:62513968
967+c, gdbSNP:7002225
967+c, gdbSNP:60346131
1055+a, gdbSNP:182961302
1122+c, tdbSNP:28409416
1194+a, gdbSNP:374138216
1217+c, gdbSNP:371019833
1258+c, tdbSNP:148676795
1270+c, gdbSNP:142141895
1299+c, tdbSNP:397839847
1360+a, gdbSNP:373454446
1363+a, cdbSNP:187298898
1366+c, gdbSNP:371237720
1406+c, gdbSNP:9297754
1418+a, c, g, tdbSNP:78695295
1459+a, tdbSNP:9297755
1470+a, gdbSNP:78931371
1472+a, tdbSNP:182512875
1558+c, tdbSNP:188074125
1572+c, tdbSNP:3179559
1580+c, tdbSNP:192359771
1582..1583+, tdbSNP:199935435
1595+a, gdbSNP:200889381
1596+a, gdbSNP:368932899
complement(1599)-t, cdbSNP:74548710
Gene SymbolPOU5F1B
Gene SynonymOCT4-PG1; OCT4PG1; OTF3C; OTF3P1; POU5F1P1; POU5F1P4; POU5FLC20; POU5FLC8
Locus Map8q24.21
All Transcripts
RefSeq Accession Definition Stock Status Price Turnaround time Business Day Select
NM_001159542 Homo sapiens POU class 5 homeobox 1B (POU5F1B), mRNA. In-stock Starting from $99 5-7
Title Differential expression of Oct4 variants and pseudogenes in normal urothelium and urothelial cancer .
Author Wezel F, Pearson J, Kirkwood LA and Southgate J.
Journal Am. J. Pathol. 183 (4), 1128-1136 (2013)
Title A diabetic milieu promotes OCT4 and NANOG production in human visceral-derived adipose stem cells .
Author Dentelli P, Barale C, Togliatto G, Trombetta A, Olgasi C, Gili M, Riganti C, Toppino M and Brizzi MF.
Journal Diabetologia 56 (1), 173-184 (2013)
Title Colorectal cancer susceptibility variants alter risk of breast cancer in a Chinese Han population .
Author Wei W, Jiang M, Luo L, Li Z, Wang P and Dong WQ.
Journal Genet. Mol. Res. 12 (4), 6268-6274 (2013)
Title Pharmacogenomic study of side-effects for antidepressant treatment options in STAR*D .
Author Clark SL, Adkins DE, Aberg K, Hettema JM, McClay JL, Souza RP and van den Oord EJ.
Journal Psychol Med 42 (6), 1151-1162 (2012)
Title The POU5F1P1 pseudogene encodes a putative protein similar to POU5F1 isoform 1 .
Author Panagopoulos I, Moller E, Collin A and Mertens F.
Journal Oncol. Rep. 20 (5), 1029-1033 (2008)
Title [Identification of the OCT4-pg1 retrogene and NANOG gene expression in the human embryonic eye] .
Author Firsova,N.V., Markintantova,Iu.V., Smirnova,Iu.A., Panova,I.G., Sukhikh,G.T., Zinov'eva,R.D. and Mitashov,V.I.
Journal Izv. Akad. Nauk. Ser. Biol. 2, 134-138 (2008)
Title Genome-wide association study of prostate cancer identifies a second risk locus at 8q24 .
Author Yeager M, Orr N, Hayes RB, Jacobs KB, Kraft P, Wacholder S, Minichiello MJ, Fearnhead P, Yu K, Chatterjee N, Wang Z, Welch R, Staats BJ, Calle EE, Feigelson HS, Thun MJ, Rodriguez C, Albanes D, Virtamo J, Weinstein S, Schumacher FR, Giovannucci E, Willett WC, Cancel-Tassin G, Cussenot O, Valeri A, Andriole GL, Gelmann EP, Tucker M, Gerhard DS, Fraumeni JF Jr, Hoover R, Hunter DJ, Chanock
Journal Nat. Genet. 39 (5), 645-649 (2007)
Title Oct4 pseudogenes are transcribed in cancers .
Author Suo G, Han J, Wang X, Zhang J, Zhao Y, Zhao Y and Dai J.
Journal Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 337 (4), 1047-1051 (2005)
Title Emergence of young human genes after a burst of retroposition in primates .
Author Marques AC, Dupanloup I, Vinckenbosch N, Reymond A and Kaessmann H.
Journal PLoS Biol. 3 (11), E357 (2005)
Title Human Oct3 gene family: cDNA sequences, alternative splicing, gene organization, chromosomal location, and expression at low levels in adult tissues .
Author Takeda J, Seino S and Bell GI.
Journal Nucleic Acids Res. 20 (17), 4613-4620 (1992)

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