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Homo sapiens galanin receptor 1 (GALR1), mRNA.

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OHu17969D Homo sapiens galanin receptor 1 (GALR1), mRNA. pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK On-demand Starting from $99 7-9
OHu17969C Homo sapiens galanin receptor 1 (GALR1), mRNA. Your vector of choice On-demand Starting from $99 7-9
OHu17969M Mutant Clone for Homo sapiens galanin receptor 1 (GALR1), mRNA. pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK On-demand Starting from $149 Additional 5 days
OHu17969CM Mutant Clone for Homo sapiens galanin receptor 1 (GALR1), mRNA. Your vector of choice On-demand Starting from $149 Additional 5 days

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Sequence Information ORF Nucleotide Sequence
Protein sequence
Vector pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK or customized vector
Clone information Clone Map
Tag on pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK C terminal DYKDDDDK tags
ORF Insert Method CloneEZ® Seamless cloning technology
RefSeq Version NM_001480.3, 167000884
Length 1050 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 03-MAY-2014
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens galanin receptor 1 (GALR1), mRNA.
Product galanin receptor type 1

Summary: The neuropeptide galanin elicits a range of biological effects by interaction with specific G-protein-coupled receptors. Galanin receptors are seven-transmembrane proteins shown to activate a variety of intracellular second-messenger pathways. GALR1 inhibits adenylyl cyclase via a G protein of the Gi/Go family. GALR1 is widely expressed in the brain and spinal cord, as well as in peripheral sites such as the small intestine and heart. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

RefSeq NP_001471.2
CDS 498..1547
Misc Feature(1)606..668
Misc Feature(2)606..668
Misc Feature(3)666..1406
Misc Feature(4)708..770
Misc Feature(5)825..890
Misc Feature(6)951..1013
Misc Feature(7)1098..1160
Misc Feature(8)1242..1304
Misc Feature(9)1311..1373
Exon (1)1..1163
Gene Synonym:GALNR; GALNR1
Exon (2)1164..1229
Gene Synonym:GALNR; GALNR1
Exon (3)1230..2787
Gene Synonym:GALNR; GALNR1
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Position Chain Variation Link
76+, cdbSNP:370287320
76+c, gdbSNP:5371
78+c, gdbSNP:5372
113+c, tdbSNP:372600119
153+c, gdbSNP:112698072
217+a, cdbSNP:13306374
304+c, gdbSNP:5373
339+a, gdbSNP:374694586
435+c, tdbSNP:12955673
440+a, gdbSNP:13306375
442+c, tdbSNP:376635516
467+a, cdbSNP:142660460
468+c, gdbSNP:375230135
501+c, gdbSNP:377602612
519+c, tdbSNP:201461949
542+g, tdbSNP:1143093
556+a, cdbSNP:200473944
635+a, gdbSNP:142421033
638+c, tdbSNP:5374
653+c, tdbSNP:368175092
685+c, gdbSNP:372334570
700+a, gdbSNP:188067960
722+c, tdbSNP:376456092
735+a, gdbSNP:191309779
737+a, cdbSNP:374729499
787+c, tdbSNP:140216881
803+g, tdbSNP:5375
805+c, tdbSNP:371377239
807+c, gdbSNP:137888300
862+a, gdbSNP:375738027
878+a, c, tdbSNP:201900969
899+c, tdbSNP:372144169
909+c, gdbSNP:375468486
945+c, gdbSNP:141065471
963+a, gdbSNP:144878705
967+c, gdbSNP:369466208
992+a, cdbSNP:138670052
998+c, tdbSNP:139443605
1001+a, gdbSNP:149293813
1009+c, tdbSNP:150987448
1080+c, tdbSNP:144563998
1085+c, gdbSNP:373267263
1097+c, gdbSNP:376472395
1099+c, tdbSNP:200378187
1164+g, tdbSNP:148318041
1198+g, tdbSNP:148677424
1222+a, gdbSNP:200111121
1237+a, gdbSNP:143127587
1242+a, gdbSNP:142216832
1245+c, gdbSNP:376047000
1266+g, tdbSNP:76465215
1290+a, tdbSNP:77169818
1309+a, cdbSNP:147418211
1312+c, tdbSNP:202045915
1325+c, gdbSNP:150691081
1330+c, tdbSNP:377752132
1333+c, tdbSNP:140013561
1334+a, gdbSNP:139812601
1339+c, tdbSNP:267605260
1359+a, gdbSNP:149816752
1373+a, gdbSNP:199730182
1381+a, gdbSNP:201229811
1385+c, tdbSNP:376957505
1396+c, gdbSNP:371953398
1434+a, gdbSNP:145820336
1498+c, tdbSNP:5376
1506+c, tdbSNP:374047751
1518+a, cdbSNP:113010483
1522+c, tdbSNP:5377
1534+a, gdbSNP:369126559
1551+a, tdbSNP:373846302
1566+g, tdbSNP:377700030
1571+g, tdbSNP:201172922
1588+c, tdbSNP:5378
1590+a, gdbSNP:372077517
complement(1606)-c, adbSNP:75625493
1618+c, gdbSNP:5379
1682+a, gdbSNP:112633832
1723+g, tdbSNP:5380
1850+c, tdbSNP:5381
1931+, adbSNP:5826511
1931+a, gdbSNP:202067538
1942+a, tdbSNP:77035445
2000+a, gdbSNP:5382
2063+a, gdbSNP:188062878
2121+a, gdbSNP:144043696
2198+a, cdbSNP:150956443
complement(2255)-t, cdbSNP:139484006
2276+a, gdbSNP:149662887
2354+c, tdbSNP:145654238
2413+a, tdbSNP:141462310
2419+c, tdbSNP:74327681
complement(2438)-g, adbSNP:147001133
2501+a, gdbSNP:147618117
2532+a, gdbSNP:191032659
2583+c, tdbSNP:142123089
2741+c, tdbSNP:183139395
Gene SymbolGALR1
Gene SynonymGALNR; GALNR1
Locus Map18q23
All Transcripts
RefSeq Accession Definition Stock Status Price Turnaround time Business Day Select
NM_001480 Homo sapiens galanin receptor 1 (GALR1), mRNA. On-demand Starting from $99 7-9
Title GALR1 methylation in vaginal swabs is highly accurate in identifying women with endometrial cancer .
Author Doufekas K, Hadwin R, Kandimalla R, Jones A, Mould T, Crowe S, Olaitan A, Macdonald N, Fiegl H, Wik E, Salvesen HB and Widschwendter M.
Journal Int. J. Gynecol. Cancer 23 (6), 1050-1055 (2013)
Title Identification of galanin and its receptor GalR1 as novel determinants of resistance to chemotherapy and potential biomarkers in colorectal cancer .
Author Stevenson L, Allen WL, Turkington R, Jithesh PV, Proutski I, Stewart G, Lenz HJ, Van Schaeybroeck S, Longley DB and Johnston PG.
Journal Clin. Cancer Res. 18 (19), 5412-5426 (2012)
Title Novel genetic loci identified for the pathophysiology of childhood obesity in the Hispanic population .
Author Comuzzie AG, Cole SA, Laston SL, Voruganti VS, Haack K, Gibbs RA and Butte NF.
Journal PLoS ONE 7 (12), E51954 (2012)
Title The neuropeptide galanin and variants in the GalR1 gene are associated with nicotine dependence .
Author Jackson KJ, Chen X, Miles MF, Harenza J and Damaj MI.
Journal Neuropsychopharmacology 36 (11), 2339-2348 (2011)
Title The galanin receptor 1 gene associates with tobacco craving in smokers seeking cessation treatment .
Author Lori A, Tang Y, O'Malley S, Picciotto MR, Wu R, Conneely KN and Cubells JF.
Journal Neuropsychopharmacology 36 (7), 1412-1420 (2011)
Title Cloning and quantification of galanin-1 receptor expression by mucosal cells lining the human gastrointestinal tract .
Author Lorimer DD and Benya RV.
Journal Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 222 (2), 379-385 (1996)
Title Delineation of the peptide binding site of the human galanin receptor .
Author Kask K, Berthold M, Kahl U, Nordvall G and Bartfai T.
Journal EMBO J. 15 (2), 236-244 (1996)
Title Identification and biochemical characterization of the human brain galanin receptor .
Author Walli R, Schafer H, Morys-Wortmann C, Paetzold G, Nustede R and Schmidt WE.
Journal J. Mol. Endocrinol. 13 (3), 347-356 (1994)
Title Molecular cloning of a functional human galanin receptor .
Author Habert-Ortoli E, Amiranoff B, Loquet I, Laburthe M and Mayaux JF.
Journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 91 (21), 9780-9783 (1994)
Title Presence of three distinct molecular species of Gi protein alpha subunit. Structure of rat cDNAs and human genomic DNAs .
Author Itoh H, Toyama R, Kozasa T, Tsukamoto T, Matsuoka M and Kaziro Y.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 263 (14), 6656-6664 (1988)

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