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Homo sapiens keratin 86 (KRT86), mRNA.

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OHu17915 Homo sapiens keratin 86 (KRT86), mRNA. pcDNA3.1+-DYK On-demand Starting from $99 7-9
OHu17915C Homo sapiens keratin 86 (KRT86), mRNA. Your vector of choice On-demand Starting from $99 7-9
OHu17915M Mutant Clone for Homo sapiens keratin 86 (KRT86), mRNA. pcDNA3.1+-DYK On-demand Starting from $149 Additional 5 days
OHu17915CM Mutant Clone for Homo sapiens keratin 86 (KRT86), mRNA. Your vector of choice On-demand Starting from $149 Additional 5 days

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Sequence Information ORF Nucleotide Sequence
Protein sequence
Vector pcDNA3.1+-DYK or customized vector
Clone information Clone Map
Tag on pcDNA3.1+-DYK N terminal DYKDDDDK tags
ORF Insert Method CloneEZ® Seamless cloning technology
RefSeq Version NM_002284.3, 109637786
Length 1461 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 03-MAY-2014
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens keratin 86 (KRT86), mRNA.
Product keratin, type II cuticular Hb6

Summary: The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the keratin gene family. As a type II hair keratin, it is a basic protein which heterodimerizes with type I keratins to form hair and nails. The type II hair keratins are clustered in a region of chromosome 12q13 and are grouped into two distinct subfamilies based on structure similarity. One subfamily, consisting of KRTHB1, KRTHB3, and KRTHB6, is highly related. The other less-related subfamily includes KRTHB2, KRTHB4, and KRTHB5. All hair keratins are expressed in the hair follicle; this hair keratin, as well as KRTHB1 and KRTHB3, is found primarily in the hair cortex. Mutations in this gene and KRTHB1 have been observed in patients with a rare dominant hair disease, monilethrix. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

RefSeq NP_002275.1
CDS 53..1513
Misc Feature(1)53..370
Misc Feature(2)53..370
Misc Feature(3)365..1300
Misc Feature(4)371..1291
Misc Feature(5)371..475
Misc Feature(6)476..505
Misc Feature(7)506..808
Misc Feature(8)725..1072
Misc Feature(9)809..859
Misc Feature(10)860..1291
Misc Feature(11)1292..1510
Exon (1)1..421
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Exon (2)422..630
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Exon (3)631..691
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Exon (4)692..787
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Exon (5)788..952
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Exon (6)953..1078
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Exon (7)1079..1299
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Exon (8)1300..1331
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Exon (9)1332..2091
Gene Synonym:Hb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
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Position Chain Variation Link
20+a, cdbSNP:56016927
48+a, gdbSNP:367636606
68+c, tdbSNP:117662922
79+a, c, tdbSNP:201329364
82+c, tdbSNP:368082897
85+c, tdbSNP:371864554
100+c, gdbSNP:199538989
106+c, tdbSNP:74651927
112+c, gdbSNP:201694571
130+c, tdbSNP:201420491
139+c, tdbSNP:112261068
159+a, cdbSNP:202141424
206+c, gdbSNP:376835872
221+c, gdbSNP:369728157
249+a, gdbSNP:57242951
349+a, gdbSNP:199751260
392+a, c, gdbSNP:61091894
400+a, gdbSNP:58580222
405+a, cdbSNP:60612575
468+a, cdbSNP:58717266
688+a, gdbSNP:79398941
688+a, gdbSNP:144317368
693+a, gdbSNP:56677856
703+c, tdbSNP:377005978
713+c, tdbSNP:199678774
718+a, gdbSNP:201521867
736+c, tdbSNP:200750977
757+g, tdbSNP:200085173
771+a, gdbSNP:201433700
773+c, tdbSNP:111429470
780+a, gdbSNP:202150817
784+a, c, gdbSNP:78831098
794+c, tdbSNP:368604832
796+c, tdbSNP:58523335
797+a, gdbSNP:61914259
808+c, gdbSNP:61915660
818+g, tdbSNP:367712000
820+c, tdbSNP:371492790
823+c, gdbSNP:112956699
827+a, gdbSNP:369679589
852+a, gdbSNP:371922719
880+c, tdbSNP:200472524
881+a, gdbSNP:376581340
894+a, tdbSNP:369890550
899+a, gdbSNP:377327853
914+c, g, tdbSNP:199724105
915+a, gdbSNP:376573652
921+a, gdbSNP:370858159
925+c, tdbSNP:190756867
930+a, cdbSNP:376319970
932+a, gdbSNP:183358379
943+c, tdbSNP:374553856
944+c, tdbSNP:201943606
945+a, gdbSNP:199840628
963+c, tdbSNP:201760569
972+c, tdbSNP:372547107
985+c, tdbSNP:144028073
998+c, tdbSNP:369280939
1020+a, gdbSNP:373358594
1030+c, tdbSNP:376127132
1031+c, tdbSNP:139895699
1051+a, gdbSNP:374471358
1054+a, gdbSNP:2032360
1055+a, gdbSNP:376386930
1060+a, gdbSNP:202026667
1085+a, tdbSNP:368204968
1086+a, tdbSNP:372469887
1088+c, tdbSNP:191545221
1096+c, tdbSNP:4761788
1098+c, tdbSNP:201286632
1099+a, gdbSNP:369312934
1105+c, tdbSNP:28733260
1121+c, gdbSNP:201484793
1131+c, tdbSNP:202169108
1133+c, gdbSNP:376312545
1138+c, tdbSNP:11170086
1145+c, tdbSNP:201833908
1146+a, gdbSNP:373932045
1154+c, tdbSNP:11170087
1159+c, tdbSNP:376051219
1160+g, tdbSNP:200353690
1171+c, tdbSNP:11170088
1216+a, gdbSNP:375789021
1256+a, c, gdbSNP:60687604
1275+a, gdbSNP:199951808
1276+c, tdbSNP:368480216
1280+c, tdbSNP:370091437
1288+c, tdbSNP:372174710
1289+a, gdbSNP:121909129
1291+g, tdbSNP:121909130
1394+a, c, gdbSNP:200098470
1405+c, tdbSNP:370419090
1441+c, gdbSNP:374122056
1464+c, tdbSNP:368279953
1497+c, gdbSNP:4313620
1509+a, gdbSNP:201740931
1516+a, gdbSNP:148309398
1534+a, cdbSNP:375430561
1559+a, cdbSNP:201257801
1607+a, gdbSNP:2280949
1640+c, tdbSNP:4076515
1722+a, gdbSNP:185290279
1733+a, gdbSNP:188381439
1777+a, gdbSNP:1137013
1785..1786+, ttdbSNP:111847567
1792..1793+, t, tt, tttdbSNP:369883463
1793..1794+, tdbSNP:3215437
1800+a, gdbSNP:1137014
1825+c, tdbSNP:1137015
1871+a, gdbSNP:116249711
1983+c, gdbSNP:141418442
2050+a, gdbSNP:369975927
Gene SymbolKRT86
Gene SynonymHb1; HB6; hHb6; KRTHB1; KRTHB6; MNX
Locus Map12q13
All Transcripts
RefSeq Accession Definition Stock Status Price Turnaround time Business Day Select
NM_002284 Homo sapiens keratin 86 (KRT86), mRNA. On-demand Starting from $99 7-9
NM_002284 Homo sapiens keratin 86 (KRT86), mRNA. On-demand Starting from $99 7-9
Title Congenital monilethrix and hereditary unilateral external auditory canal atresia are co-inherited in a Chinese pedigree with recurrent KRT86 mutation .
Author Feng,Y.G., Xiao,S.X., Xu,A.L., Feng,J.Y. and Wang,J.M.
Journal J. Dermatol. 39 (9), 817-819 (2012)
Title A novel monilethrix mutation in coil 2A of KRT86 causing autosomal dominant monilethrix with incomplete penetrance .
Author De Cruz R, Horev L, Green J, Babay S, Sladden M, Zlotogorski A and Sinclair R.
Journal Br. J. Dermatol. 166 (SUPPL 2), 20-26 (2012)
Title Mutation E402K of the hHb6 in a Chinese Han family with monilethrix .
Author ZHANG,S.D., MENG,J., ZHAO,J.J. and TIAN,W.
Journal Eur J Dermatol 19 (5), 508-509 (2009)
Title [Analysis of human hair basic keratin 6 gene mutation in a Chinese Han family with monilethrix] .
Author Feng AP, Liu P and Yang T.
Journal Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi 25 (2), 141-144 (2008)
Title hORFeome v3.1: a resource of human open reading frames representing over 10,000 human genes .
Author Lamesch P, Li N, Milstein S, Fan C, Hao T, Szabo G, Hu Z, Venkatesan K, Bethel G, Martin P, Rogers J, Lawlor S, McLaren S, Dricot A, Borick H, Cusick ME, Vandenhaute J, Dunham I, Hill DE and Vidal M.
Journal Genomics 89 (3), 307-315 (2007)
Title Monilethrix: a novel mutation (Glu402Lys) in the helix termination motif and the first causative mutation (Asn114Asp) in the helix initiation motif of the type II hair keratin hHb6 .
Author Winter H, Clark RD, Tarras-Wahlberg C, Rogers MA and Schweizer J.
Journal J. Invest. Dermatol. 113 (2), 263-266 (1999)
Title Characterization and chromosomal localization of human hair-specific keratin genes and comparative expression during the hair growth cycle .
Author Bowden PE, Hainey SD, Parker G, Jones DO, Zimonjic D, Popescu N and Hodgins MB.
Journal J. Invest. Dermatol. 110 (2), 158-164 (1998)
Title A new mutation in the type II hair cortex keratin hHb1 involved in the inherited hair disorder monilethrix .
Author Winter H, Rogers MA, Gebhardt M, Wollina U, Boxall L, Chitayat D, Babul-Hirji R, Stevens HP, Zlotogorski A and Schweizer J.
Journal Hum. Genet. 101 (2), 165-169 (1997)
Title Sequences and differential expression of three novel human type-II hair keratins .
Author Rogers MA, Langbein L, Praetzel S, Moll I, Krieg T, Winter H and Schweizer J.
Journal Differentiation 61 (3), 187-194 (1997)
Title Sequence data and chromosomal localization of human type I and type .
Author Rogers MA, Nischt R, Korge B, Krieg T, Fink TM, Lichter P, Winter H and Schweizer J.
Journal Exp. Cell Res. 220 (2), 357-362 (1995)

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