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Homo sapiens proteinase 3 (PRTN3), mRNA.

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RefSeq Version NM_002777.3, 71361687
Length 1001 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 21-APR-2013
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens proteinase 3 (PRTN3), mRNA.
Product myeloblastin precursor

COMMENT VALIDATED REFSEQ: This record has undergone validation or preliminary review. The reference sequence was derived from M75154.1, BC096185.3 and AC004799.2. On Jul 28, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:7382457.

RefSeq NP_002768.3
CDS 25..795
Misc Feature(1)106..762
Misc Feature(2)106..108
Misc Feature(3)order(235..237,376..378,631..633)
Misc Feature(4)order(613..615,676..678,682..684)
Exon (1)1..85
Gene Synonym:ACPA; AGP7; C-ANCA; CANCA; MBN; MBT; NP-4; NP4; P29; PR-3; PR3
Exon (2)86..251
Gene Synonym:ACPA; AGP7; C-ANCA; CANCA; MBN; MBT; NP-4; NP4; P29; PR-3; PR3
Exon (3)252..393
Gene Synonym:ACPA; AGP7; C-ANCA; CANCA; MBN; MBT; NP-4; NP4; P29; PR-3; PR3
Exon (4)394..624
Gene Synonym:ACPA; AGP7; C-ANCA; CANCA; MBN; MBT; NP-4; NP4; P29; PR-3; PR3
Exon (5)625..1001
Gene Synonym:ACPA; AGP7; C-ANCA; CANCA; MBN; MBT; NP-4; NP4; P29; PR-3; PR3
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Position Chain Variation Link
35+a, gdbSNP:140104242
38+c, tdbSNP:201970320
61+a, gdbSNP:200595564
84+c, tdbSNP:202027527
222+g, tdbSNP:145358114
379+a, gdbSNP:351111
385+c, tdbSNP:141096881
397+a, gdbSNP:144775105
416+a, gdbSNP:113284122
427+a, gdbSNP:1042281
430+a, tdbSNP:1042282
469+a, gdbSNP:150278723
499+c, tdbSNP:145794662
500+a, gdbSNP:140675376
501+c, tdbSNP:145299279
571+c, tdbSNP:137941303
578+a, tdbSNP:139778046
594+c, tdbSNP:143024178
602+a, gdbSNP:148200539
612+c, tdbSNP:112269312
613+c, gdbSNP:200198205
634+a, gdbSNP:113962208
701+c, tdbSNP:141330971
759+c, tdbSNP:1042284
770+a, gdbSNP:150802678
785..786+, cdbSNP:141850596
819+c, tdbSNP:12985970
828+a, gdbSNP:202082725
896+c, tdbSNP:1126604
898+a, gdbSNP:113208030
910+c, tdbSNP:114324388
998+c, gdbSNP:189381713
Gene SymbolPRTN3
Gene SynonymACPA; AGP7; C-ANCA; CANCA; MBN; MBT; NP-4; NP4; P29; PR-3; PR3
Locus Map19p13.3
All Transcripts
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NM_002777 Homo sapiens proteinase 3 (PRTN3), mRNA. In-stock $348.00 $299.00 10
Title Neutrophil proteinase 3 acts on protease-activated receptor-2 to enhance vascular endothelial cell barrier function .
Author Kuckleburg,C.J. and Newman,P.J.
Journal Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 33 (2), 275-284 (2013)
Title Proteinase 3, the autoantigen in granulomatosis with polyangiitis, associates with calreticulin on apoptotic neutrophils, impairs macrophage phagocytosis, and promotes inflammation .
Author Gabillet,J., Millet,A., Pederzoli-Ribeil,M., Tacnet-Delorme,P., Guillevin,L., Mouthon,L., Frachet,P. and Witko-Sarsat,V.
Journal J. Immunol. 189 (5), 2574-2583 (2012)
Title Expression profile of proinflammatory genes in neutrophil-enriched granulocytes stimulated with native anti-PR3 autoantibodies .
Author Surmiak,M., Kaczor,M. and Sanak,M.
Journal J. Physiol. Pharmacol. 63 (3), 249-256 (2012)
Title Early plasma exchange improves outcome in PR3-ANCA-positive renal vasculitis .
Author Gregersen,J.W., Kristensen,T., Krag,S.R., Birn,H. and Ivarsen,P.
Journal Clin. Exp. Rheumatol. 30 (1 SUPPL 70), S39-S47 (2012)
Title PR3 and elastase alter PAR1 signaling and trigger vWF release via a calcium-independent mechanism from glomerular endothelial cells .
Author Tull,S.P., Bevins,A., Kuravi,S.J., Satchell,S.C., Al-Ani,B., Young,S.P., Harper,L., Williams,J.M., Rainger,G.E. and Savage,C.O.
Journal PLoS ONE 7 (8), E43916 (2012)
Title Structure, chromosomal assignment, and expression of the gene for proteinase-3. The Wegener's granulomatosis autoantigen .
Author Sturrock,A.B., Franklin,K.F., Rao,G., Marshall,B.C., Rebentisch,M.B., Lemons,R.S. and Hoidal,J.R.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 267 (29), 21193-21199 (1992)
Title Three human elastase-like genes coordinately expressed in the myelomonocyte lineage are organized as a single genetic locus on 19pter .
Author Zimmer,M., Medcalf,R.L., Fink,T.M., Mattmann,C., Lichter,P. and Jenne,D.E.
Journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 89 (17), 8215-8219 (1992)
Title Wegener autoantigen and myeloblastin are encoded by a single mRNA .
Author Labbaye,C., Musette,P. and Cayre,Y.E.
Journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 88 (20), 9253-9256 (1991)
Title Wegener's autoantigen and leukemia .
Author Musette,P., Labbaye,C., Dorner,M.H., Cayre,Y.E., Casanova,J.L. and Kourilsky,P.
Journal Blood 77 (6), 1398-1399 (1991)
Title Anti-neutrophil cytoplasm antibodies in Wegener's granulomatosis recognize an elastinolytic enzyme .
Author Ludemann,J., Utecht,B. and Gross,W.L.
Journal J. Exp. Med. 171 (1), 357-362 (1990)

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