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Homo sapiens RAB7A, member RAS oncogene family (RAB7A), mRNA.

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RefSeq Version NM_004637.5, 40807361
Length 2240 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 17-APR-2013
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens RAB7A, member RAS oncogene family (RAB7A), mRNA.
Product ras-related protein Rab-7a

Summary: RAB family members are small, RAS-related GTP-binding proteins that are important regulators of vesicular transport. Each RAB protein targets multiple proteins that act in exocytic / endocytic pathways. This gene encodes a RAB family member that regulates vesicle traffic in the late endosomes and also from late endosomes to lysosomes. This encoded protein is also involved in the cellular vacuolation of the VacA cytotoxin of Helicobacter pylori. Mutations at highly conserved amino acid residues in this gene have caused some forms of Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) type 2 neuropathies. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

RefSeq NP_004628.4
CDS 233..856
Misc Feature(1)227..229
Misc Feature(2)227..229
Misc Feature(3)245..853
Misc Feature(4)245..853
Misc Feature(5)257..769
Misc Feature(6)257..262
Misc Feature(7)275..298
Misc Feature(8)order(281..301,329..331,335..337,350..352,428..430,
Misc Feature(9)order(281..283,356..358,362..367,419..421,431..433,
Misc Feature(10)order(299..334,338..349)
Misc Feature(11)order(329..331,344..370)
Misc Feature(12)341..367
Misc Feature(13)order(344..346,356..379,398..400,404..406)
Misc Feature(14)350..352
Misc Feature(15)order(353..355,359..367,410..412,416..418,437..442,
Misc Feature(16)353..367
Misc Feature(17)404..418
Misc Feature(18)419..430
Misc Feature(19)order(428..430,434..466)
Misc Feature(20)437..454
Misc Feature(21)446..448
Misc Feature(22)461..475
Misc Feature(23)488..505
Misc Feature(24)581..598
Misc Feature(25)605..616
Misc Feature(26)695..703
Misc Feature(27)743..769
Misc Feature(28)779..781
Misc Feature(29)845..847
Misc Feature(30)851..853
Exon (1)1..224
Gene Synonym:PRO2706; RAB7
Exon (2)225..285
Gene Synonym:PRO2706; RAB7
Exon (3)286..412
Gene Synonym:PRO2706; RAB7
Exon (4)413..631
Gene Synonym:PRO2706; RAB7
Exon (5)632..760
Gene Synonym:PRO2706; RAB7
Exon (6)761..2232
Gene Synonym:PRO2706; RAB7
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Position Chain Variation Link
99+g, tdbSNP:112026138
136+c, gdbSNP:141622970
204+g, tdbSNP:112000804
224+g, tdbSNP:11549760
252+a, tdbSNP:11549752
253+a, gdbSNP:140857794
263+c, gdbSNP:150089960
319+a, gdbSNP:145441548
321+a, gdbSNP:201407628
326+a, gdbSNP:11549759
410+c, tdbSNP:11549755
434+a, gdbSNP:11549758
445+a, gdbSNP:140299645
451+c, tdbSNP:4548
460+c, tdbSNP:11549757
509+c, gdbSNP:11549756
532+c, tdbSNP:138982701
570+a, gdbSNP:142136407
617+c, tdbSNP:121909078
653+g, tdbSNP:201399896
655+c, gdbSNP:61758751
703+c, gdbSNP:121909081
714+a, cdbSNP:121909080
716+a, gdbSNP:121909079
721+c, gdbSNP:200290674
727+a, gdbSNP:146566121
735+c, tdbSNP:141978327
743+a, cdbSNP:1802891
765+c, tdbSNP:142747565
770+a, gdbSNP:186247059
776+a, cdbSNP:140685176
781+c, tdbSNP:192418864
784+c, tdbSNP:143140848
800+a, gdbSNP:147480945
835+a, gdbSNP:61748098
899+a, gdbSNP:199811322
1019..1020+, tgdbSNP:3830294
1019+g, tdbSNP:182521602
1021..1028+, acacacacdbSNP:71710282
1024..1037+, cacacacacacacgdbSNP:146444984
1037..1038+, gcdbSNP:71761280
1037+a, gdbSNP:3206306
1038..1039+, cadbSNP:139417205
1040..1043+, cacadbSNP:71641858
1041..1044+, acacdbSNP:71790935
1045+a, gdbSNP:11549750
1057+c, tdbSNP:138714412
1062+a, gdbSNP:16851333
1085+c, tdbSNP:147244704
1120+a, cdbSNP:114778883
1212..1213+, gadbSNP:201899446
1258+, tdbSNP:71789094
1266+a, tdbSNP:11549751
1427+a, tdbSNP:10222
1530+a, gdbSNP:1065349
1582+, gdbSNP:5852554
1625+a, gdbSNP:115008416
1719+c, gdbSNP:59753334
1846+, tdbSNP:67615129
1853+a, gdbSNP:3755593
1935+c, tdbSNP:141066124
1997+c, tdbSNP:192329045
2033+a, gdbSNP:144914469
2105..2106+, cdbSNP:34564209
2140..2141+, cdbSNP:34629369
2157+a, gdbSNP:182528613
2162+c, tdbSNP:1050006
2191+a, gdbSNP:1050012
2215+c, tdbSNP:147938224
Gene SymbolRAB7A
Gene SynonymPRO2706; RAB7
Locus Map3q21.3
All Transcripts
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NM_004637 Homo sapiens RAB7A, member RAS oncogene family (RAB7A), mRNA. In-stock $308.00 $259.00 10
Title Rab7 mutants associated with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease cause delayed growth factor receptor transport and altered endosomal and nuclear signaling .
Author BasuRay,S., Mukherjee,S., Romero,E.G., Seaman,M.N. and Wandinger-Ness,A.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 288 (2), 1135-1149 (2013)
Title Identification of Alzheimer disease-associated variants in genes that regulate retromer function .
Author Vardarajan,B.N., Bruesegem,S.Y., Harbour,M.E., St George-Hyslop,P., Seaman,M.N. and Farrer,L.A.
Journal Neurobiol. Aging 33 (9), 2231 (2012)
Title Early to intermediate steps of tumor embolic formation involve specific proteolytic processing of E-cadherin regulated by Rab7 .
Author Ye,Y., Gao,J.X., Tian,H., Yearsley,K., Lange,A.R., Robertson,F.M. and Barsky,S.H.
Journal Mol. Cancer Res. 10 (6), 713-726 (2012)
Title Echovirus 7 entry into polarized intestinal epithelial cells requires clathrin and Rab7 .
Author Kim,C. and Bergelson,J.M.
Journal MBio 3 (2) (2012)
Title Lysosomal targeting of phafin1 mediated by Rab7 induces autophagosome formation .
Author Lin,W.J., Yang,C.Y., Li,L.L., Yi,Y.H., Chen,K.W., Lin,Y.C., Liu,C.C. and Lin,C.H.
Journal Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 417 (1), 35-42 (2012)
Title Cloning and mapping of human Rab7 and Rab9 cDNA sequences and identification of a Rab9 pseudogene .
Author Davies,J.P., Cotter,P.D. and Ioannou,Y.A.
Journal Genomics 41 (1), 131-134 (1997)
Title Molecular cloning and expression analysis of the human Rab7 GTP-ase complementary deoxyribonucleic acid .
Author Vitelli,R., Chiariello,M., Lattero,D., Bruni,C.B. and Bucci,C.
Journal Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 229 (3), 887-890 (1996)
Title Rab4 and Rab7 define distinct nonoverlapping endosomal compartments .
Author Bottger,G., Nagelkerken,B. and van der Sluijs,P.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 271 (46), 29191-29197 (1996)
Title Kinetics of interaction of Rab5 and Rab7 with nucleotides and magnesium ions .
Author Simon,I., Zerial,M. and Goody,R.S.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 271 (34), 20470-20478 (1996)
Title Localization of low molecular weight GTP binding proteins to exocytic and endocytic compartments .
Author Chavrier,P., Parton,R.G., Hauri,H.P., Simons,K. and Zerial,M.
Journal Cell 62 (2), 317-329 (1990)

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