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Homo sapiens G protein-coupled receptor 183 (GPR183), mRNA.

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OHu16498D Homo sapiens G protein-coupled receptor 183 (GPR183), mRNA. pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK In-stock Starting from $99 5-7
OHu16498C Homo sapiens G protein-coupled receptor 183 (GPR183), mRNA. Your vector of choice In-stock Starting from $99 5-7
OHu16498M Mutant Clone for Homo sapiens G protein-coupled receptor 183 (GPR183), mRNA. pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK In-stock Starting from $149 Additional 5 days
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Sequence Information ORF Nucleotide Sequence
Protein sequence
Vector pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK or customized vector
Clone information Clone Map
Tag on pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK C terminal DYKDDDDK tags
ORF Insert Method CloneEZ® Seamless cloning technology
RefSeq Version NM_004951.4, 194473709
Length 1086 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 20-APR-2014
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens G protein-coupled receptor 183 (GPR183), mRNA.
Product G-protein coupled receptor 183

Summary: This gene was identified by the up-regulation of its expression upon Epstein-Barr virus infection of primary B lymphocytes. This gene is predicted to encode a G protein-coupled receptor that is most closely related to the thrombin receptor. Expression of this gene was detected in B-lymphocyte cell lines and lymphoid tissues but not in T-lymphocyte cell lines or peripheral blood T lymphocytes. The function of this gene is unknown. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

##Evidence-Data-START## Transcript exon combination :: AK313443.1, BC020752.1 [ECO:0000332] RNAseq introns :: single sample supports all introns ERS025087 [ECO:0000348] ##Evidence-Data-END## COMPLETENESS: complete on the 3' end.

RefSeq NP_004942.1
CDS 175..1260
Misc Feature(1)151..153
Misc Feature(2)268..345
Misc Feature(3)268..345
Misc Feature(4)301..>657
Misc Feature(5)334..1098
Misc Feature(6)406..459
Misc Feature(7)490..555
Misc Feature(8)550..576
Misc Feature(9)622..678
Misc Feature(10)751..819
Misc Feature(11)<757..975
Misc Feature(12)898..969
Misc Feature(13)1036..1110
Exon (1)1..156
Gene Synonym:EBI2
Exon (2)157..1785
Gene Synonym:EBI2
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Position Chain Variation Link
complement(4..5)-, gdbSNP:34324109
complement(33..34)-, tdbSNP:35060502
complement(104)-g, adbSNP:191373302
complement(137)-t, gdbSNP:369443935
complement(140)-t, cdbSNP:188403352
complement(158)-g, adbSNP:369646056
complement(220)-t, gdbSNP:375590153
complement(260)-g, adbSNP:200374704
complement(269)-g, adbSNP:192239624
complement(285)-g, adbSNP:141030009
complement(295)-g, cdbSNP:141594545
complement(305)-g, adbSNP:375406376
complement(325)-g, cdbSNP:145606686
complement(376)-g, adbSNP:200952492
396+g, tdbSNP:2230342
complement(396)-c, adbSNP:386561775
420+c, g, tdbSNP:1042263
complement(453)-t, cdbSNP:41280146
complement(469)-t, adbSNP:201620105
complement(471)-g, adbSNP:371593828
477+c, tdbSNP:2230343
complement(497)-g, adbSNP:142541591
complement(498)-t, cdbSNP:377441012
complement(543)-g, adbSNP:41280144
complement(587)-t, cdbSNP:377287560
complement(623)-t, cdbSNP:373174545
complement(625)-t, cdbSNP:200057657
complement(740)-t, adbSNP:369665605
complement(745)-t, cdbSNP:376348477
complement(746)-t, gdbSNP:200683203
complement(756..757)-, gdbSNP:34018220
complement(789)-g, adbSNP:146709613
complement(810)-g, adbSNP:374222791
complement(819)-g, adbSNP:143138028
complement(844)-g, adbSNP:182350912
complement(873)-g, adbSNP:144035947
complement(925)-t, cdbSNP:201755595
complement(941)-c, adbSNP:77635998
complement(974)-t, cdbSNP:200900247
complement(975)-t, adbSNP:144820165
complement(1016)-t, cdbSNP:149857139
complement(1024)-g, adbSNP:62637588
complement(1030)-t, adbSNP:150670001
complement(1044)-g, cdbSNP:144039046
complement(1138)-t, cdbSNP:200669857
complement(1205)-t, cdbSNP:373742313
complement(1212)-t, cdbSNP:371360790
complement(1270)-g, adbSNP:369336452
complement(1288)-g, adbSNP:140312850
complement(1289)-t, cdbSNP:376942836
1313+a, gdbSNP:2230341
complement(1318)-c, adbSNP:191644641
complement(1365)-g, adbSNP:58716363
1384+a, gdbSNP:1042273
complement(1402)-g, adbSNP:146695518
1720..1721+a, gdbSNP:1126594
1721+a, gdbSNP:3181718
complement(1756)-g, adbSNP:369517206
Gene SymbolGPR183
Gene SynonymEBI2
Locus Map13q32.3
All Transcripts
RefSeq Accession Definition Stock Status Price Turnaround time Business Day Select
NM_004951 Homo sapiens G protein-coupled receptor 183 (GPR183), mRNA. In-stock Starting from $99 5-7
Title Chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps is characterized by B-cell inflammation and EBV-induced protein 2 expression .
Author Hulse KE, Norton JE, Suh L, Zhong Q, Mahdavinia M, Simon P, Kern RC, Conley DB, Chandra RK, Tan BK, Peters AT, Grammer LC 3rd, Harris KE, Carter RG, Kato A and Schleimer RP.
Journal J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 131 (4), 1075-1083 (2013)
Title Identification of structural motifs critical for epstein-barr virus-induced molecule 2 function and homology modeling of the ligand docking site .
Author Zhang L, Shih AY, Yang XV, Kuei C, Wu J, Deng X, Mani NS, Mirzadegan T, Sun S, Lovenberg TW and Liu C.
Journal Mol. Pharmacol. 82 (6), 1094-1103 (2012)
Title EBI2 regulates CXCL13-mediated responses by heterodimerization with CXCR5 .
Author Barroso R, Martinez Munoz L, Barrondo S, Vega B, Holgado BL, Lucas P, Baillo A, Salles J, Rodriguez-Frade JM and Mellado M.
Journal FASEB J. 26 (12), 4841-4854 (2012)
Title Host-microbe interactions have shaped the genetic architecture of inflammatory bowel disease .
Author Jostins L, Ripke S, Weersma RK, Duerr RH, McGovern DP, Hui KY, Lee JC, Schumm LP, Sharma Y, Anderson CA, Essers J, Mitrovic M, Ning K, Cleynen I, Theatre E, Spain SL, Raychaudhuri S, Goyette P, Wei Z, Abraham C, Achkar JP, Ahmad T, Amininejad L, Ananthakrishnan AN, Andersen V, Andrews JM, Baidoo L, Balschun T, Bampton PA, Bitton A, Boucher G, Brand S, Buning C, Cohain A, Cichon S, D'Amato M, De Jong D, Devaney KL, Dubinsky M, Edwards C, Ellinghaus D, Ferguson LR, Franchimont D, Fransen K, Gearry R, Georges M, Gieger C, Glas J, Haritunians T, Hart A, Hawkey C, Hedl M, Hu X, Karlsen TH, Kupcinskas L, Kugathasan S, Latiano A, Laukens D, Lawrance IC, Lees CW, Louis E, Mahy G, Mansfield J, Morgan AR, Mowat C, Newman W, Palmieri O, Ponsioen CY, Potocnik U, Prescott NJ, Regueiro M, Rotter JI, Russell RK, Sanderson JD, Sans M, Satsangi J, Schreiber S, Simms LA, Sventoraityte J, Targan SR, Taylor KD, Tremelling M, Verspaget HW, De Vos M, Wijmenga C, Wilson DC, Winkelmann J, Xavier RJ, Zeissig S, Zhang B, Zhang CK, Zhao H, Silverberg MS, Annese V, Hakonarson H, Brant SR, Radford-Smith G, Mathew CG, Rioux JD, Schadt EE, Daly MJ, Franke A, Parkes M, Vermeire S, Barrett JC and Cho JH.
Journal Nature 491 (7422), 119-124 (2012)
Title Molecular characterization of oxysterol binding to the Epstein-Barr virus-induced gene 2 (GPR183) .
Author Benned-Jensen T, Norn C, Laurent S, Madsen CM, Larsen HM, Arfelt KN, Wolf RM, Frimurer T, Sailer AW and Rosenkilde MM.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 287 (42), 35470-35483 (2012)
Title EBI2, GPR18 and GPR17--three structurally related, but biologically distinct 7TM receptors .
Author Norregaard K, Benned-Jensen T and Rosenkilde MM.
Journal Curr Top Med Chem 11 (6), 618-628 (2011)
Title Structural motifs of importance for the constitutive activity of the orphan 7TM receptor EBI2: analysis of receptor activation in the absence of an agonist .
Author Benned-Jensen T and Rosenkilde MM.
Journal Mol. Pharmacol. 74 (4), 1008-1021 (2008)
Title Molecular pharmacological phenotyping of EBI2. An orphan seven-transmembrane receptor with constitutive activity .
Author Rosenkilde MM, Benned-Jensen T, Andersen H, Holst PJ, Kledal TN, Luttichau HR, Larsen JK, Christensen JP and Schwartz TW.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 281 (19), 13199-13208 (2006)
Title Epstein-Barr virus-induced genes: first lymphocyte-specific G protein-coupled peptide receptors .
Author Birkenbach M, Josefsen K, Yalamanchili R, Lenoir G and Kieff E.
Journal J. Virol. 67 (4), 2209-2220 (1993)

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