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Homo sapiens paired-like homeobox 2a (PHOX2A), mRNA.

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OHu18020D Homo sapiens paired-like homeobox 2a (PHOX2A), mRNA. pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK In-stock Starting from $99 TBD
OHu18020C Homo sapiens paired-like homeobox 2a (PHOX2A), mRNA. Your vector of choice In-stock Starting from $99 TBD
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Sequence Information ORF Nucleotide Sequence
Protein sequence
Vector pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK or customized vector
Clone information Clone Map
Tag on pcDNA3.1-C-(k)DYK C terminal DYKDDDDK tags
ORF Insert Method CloneEZ® Seamless cloning technology
RefSeq Version NM_005169.3, 188536104
Length 855 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 03-MAY-2014
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens paired-like homeobox 2a (PHOX2A), mRNA.
Product paired mesoderm homeobox protein 2A

Summary: The protein encoded by this gene contains a paired-like homeodomain most similar to that of the Drosophila aristaless gene product. The encoded protein plays a central role in development of the autonomic nervous system. It regulates the expression of tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine beta-hydroxylase, two catecholaminergic biosynthetic enzymes essential for the differentiation and maintenance of the noradrenergic neurotransmitter phenotype. The encoded protein has also been shown to regulate transcription of the alpha3 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene. Mutations in this gene have been associated with autosomal recessive congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

RefSeq NP_005160.2
CDS 173..1027
Misc Feature(1)20..22
Misc Feature(2)20..22
Misc Feature(3)443..619
Misc Feature(4)443..619
Misc Feature(5)order(443..457,461..463,512..514,530..532,569..571,
Misc Feature(6)order(449..451,458..460,578..580,587..592,599..601)
Exon (1)1..389
Gene Synonym:ARIX; CFEOM2; FEOM2; NCAM2; PMX2A
Exon (2)390..577
Gene Synonym:ARIX; CFEOM2; FEOM2; NCAM2; PMX2A
Exon (3)578..1699
Gene Synonym:ARIX; CFEOM2; FEOM2; NCAM2; PMX2A
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Position Chain Variation Link
complement(123)-g, adbSNP:200284055
complement(154)-t, cdbSNP:140850664
complement(328)-g, adbSNP:182932220
complement(356)-g, cdbSNP:12787525
complement(373)-g, cdbSNP:374332283
387+c, tdbSNP:104894269
complement(425)-g, adbSNP:148937033
complement(428)-g, cdbSNP:145702565
complement(434)-g, cdbSNP:370435269
complement(445)-t, cdbSNP:145380401
complement(520)-g, adbSNP:376482990
complement(652..660)-, gcgcccgccdbSNP:200556921
complement(1021)-g, cdbSNP:374198327
complement(1055)-t, cdbSNP:369751238
complement(1199)-g, adbSNP:375530553
complement(1400)-t, gdbSNP:372904530
complement(1410)-c, adbSNP:56787483
complement(1430)-t, cdbSNP:80340347
complement(1681..1684)-, aagtdbSNP:70940830
Gene SymbolPHOX2A
Locus Map11q13.2
All Transcripts
RefSeq Accession Definition Stock Status Price Turnaround time Business Day Select
NM_005169 Homo sapiens paired-like homeobox 2a (PHOX2A), mRNA. In-stock Starting from $99 TBD
Title [Identification of a novel PHOX2A gene mutation in a Chinese family with congenital fibrosis of extraocular muscles type 2] .
Author Dong JM, Shen Q, Li J, Du W, Pang HL, Lin SF and Bu J.
Journal Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi 29 (1), 5-8 (2012)
Title Phenotype-phenotype and genotype-phenotype correlations in patients with idiopathic superior oblique muscle palsy .
Author Ohkubo SI, Matsuo T, Hasebe K, Shira YH, Itoshima E and Ohtsuki H.
Journal J. Hum. Genet. 57 (2), 122-129 (2012)
Title Mutations in KIF21A and PHOX2A are absent in 16 patients with congenital vertical incomitant strabismus .
Author Khan,A.O., Khalil,D.S., Al-Sharif,L.J. and Al-Tassan,N.A.
Journal Ophthalmic Genet. 30 (4), 206-207 (2009)
Title Effects of transcription factors Phox2 on expression of norepinephrine transporter and dopamine beta-hydroxylase in SK-N-BE(2)C cells .
Author Fan Y, Huang J, Kieran N and Zhu MY.
Journal J. Neurochem. 110 (5), 1502-1513 (2009)
Title The Phox2 pathway is differentially expressed in neuroblastoma tumors, but no mutations were found in the candidate tumor suppressor gene PHOX2A .
Author Wilzen A, Nilsson S, Sjoberg RM, Kogner P, Martinsson T and Abel F.
Journal Int. J. Oncol. 34 (3), 697-705 (2009)
Title Congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles type 2, an inherited exotropic strabismus fixus, maps to distal 11q13 .
Author Wang SM, Zwaan J, Mullaney PB, Jabak MH, Al-Awad A, Beggs AH and Engle EC.
Journal Am. J. Hum. Genet. 63 (2), 517-525 (1998)
Title The homeodomain protein Arix interacts synergistically with cyclic .
Author Swanson DJ, Zellmer E and Lewis EJ.
Journal J. Biol. Chem. 272 (43), 27382-27392 (1997)
Title A 5.5-Mb high-resolution integrated map of distal 11q13 .
Author Merscher S, Bekri S, de Leeuw B, Pedeutour F, Grosgeorge J, Shows TB, Mullenbach R, Le Paslier D, Nowak NJ and Gaudray P.
Journal Genomics 39 (3), 340-347 (1997)
Title Mapping of the ARIX homeodomain gene to mouse chromosome 7 and human chromosome 11q13 .
Author Johnson KR, Smith L, Johnson DK, Rhodes J, Rinchik EM, Thayer M and Lewis EJ.
Journal Genomics 33 (3), 527-531 (1996)
Title Congenital Fibrosis of the Extraocular Muscles .
Author Andrews,C.V., Hunter,D.G. and Engle,E.C.
Journal (in) Pagon RA, Adam MP, Ardinger HH, Bird TD, Dolan CR, Fong CT, Smith RJH and Stephens K (Eds.); GENEREVIEWS(R); (1993)

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