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Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 4a (TUBA4A), mRNA.

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RefSeq Version NM_006000.1, 17921988
Length 1514 bp
Structure linear
Update Date 17-APR-2013
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 4a (TUBA4A), mRNA.
Product tubulin alpha-4A chain

Summary: Microtubules of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton perform essential and diverse functions and are composed of a heterodimer of alpha and beta tubulin. The genes encoding these microtubule constituents are part of the tubulin superfamily, which is composed of six distinct families. Genes from the alpha, beta and gamma tubulin families are found in all eukaryotes. The alpha and beta tubulins represent the major components of microtubules, while gamma tubulin plays a critical role in the nucleation of microtubule assembly. There are multiple alpha and beta tubulin genes and they are highly conserved among and between species. This gene encodes an alpha tubulin that is a highly conserved homolog of a rat testis-specific alpha tubulin. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008].

RefSeq NP_005991.1
CDS 59..1405
Misc Feature(1)35..37
Misc Feature(2)35..37
Misc Feature(3)59..1402
Misc Feature(4)59..1402
Misc Feature(5)62..1363
Misc Feature(6)order(62..64,653..655,815..820,824..832,836..841,
Misc Feature(7)order(86..94,101..106,263..271,278..280,353..361,476..496,
Misc Feature(8)176..178
Misc Feature(9)176..178
Misc Feature(10)200..202
Misc Feature(11)200..202
Misc Feature(12)order(272..277,356..364,371..373,599..601,605..607,
Misc Feature(13)872..874
Misc Feature(14)1127..1129
Misc Feature(15)1352..1354
Exon (1)1..61
Gene Synonym:H2-ALPHA; TUBA1
Exon (2)62..284
Gene Synonym:H2-ALPHA; TUBA1
Exon (3)285..433
Gene Synonym:H2-ALPHA; TUBA1
Exon (4)434..1478
Gene Synonym:H2-ALPHA; TUBA1
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Position Chain Variation Link
complement(38)-g, cdbSNP:200129330
complement(56)-t, gdbSNP:200615683
complement(100)-g, adbSNP:138241750
complement(124)-t, cdbSNP:141429751
complement(142)-g, adbSNP:145576984
complement(183)-g, adbSNP:201865832
complement(193)-t, gdbSNP:11556348
complement(196)-g, adbSNP:140319726
complement(328)-g, adbSNP:45571337
complement(370)-c, adbSNP:11556347
complement(382)-g, adbSNP:199579096
complement(386)-t, cdbSNP:200651096
complement(387)-g, adbSNP:201172087
complement(390)-t, cdbSNP:201649283
complement(707)-t, gdbSNP:80231183
complement(712)-g, adbSNP:141146222
complement(720)-t, cdbSNP:199826343
complement(785)-g, adbSNP:199881197
complement(787)-g, adbSNP:190009503
complement(839)-g, adbSNP:147946711
complement(849)-t, cdbSNP:141069951
complement(907)-g, adbSNP:149475041
complement(967)-t, cdbSNP:141922502
complement(1057)-g, adbSNP:147351423
complement(1315)-g, adbSNP:199590938
complement(1342)-t, gdbSNP:14760
complement(1345)-g, cdbSNP:201092237
complement(1387)-g, adbSNP:1063394
complement(1413)-t, cdbSNP:142720001
complement(1453)-g, adbSNP:11556349
Gene SymbolTUBA4A
Gene SynonymH2-ALPHA; TUBA1
Locus Map2q35
All Transcripts
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NM_006000 Homo sapiens tubulin, alpha 4a (TUBA4A), mRNA. In-stock $509.00 $460.00 12
Title Proteomic analysis identifies dysfunction in cellular transport, energy, and protein metabolism in different brain regions of atypical frontotemporal lobar degeneration .
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Journal Biochim. Biophys. Acta 670 (2), 150-162 (1981)

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