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Homo sapiens RAB23, member RAS oncogene family (RAB23), transcript variant 1, mRNA.

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OHu11486C Homo sapiens RAB23, member RAS oncogene family (RAB23), transcript variant 1, mRNA. Customized vector In-stock $149.00 5-7

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Sequence Information ORF Nucleotide Sequence
Protein sequence
Vector pcDNA3.1+-DYK or customized vector
Clone information Clone Map
Tag on pcDNA3.1+-DYK N terminal DYKDDDK tags
ORF Insert Method CloneEZ® Seamless cloning technology
RefSeq Version NM_016277.4, 523425711
Length 714 bp
Update Date 04-MAY-2014
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Definition Homo sapiens RAB23, member RAS oncogene family (RAB23), transcript variant 1, mRNA.
Product ras-related protein Rab-23

Summary: This gene encodes a small GTPase of the Ras superfamily. Rab proteins are involved in the regulation of diverse cellular functions associated with intracellular membrane trafficking, including autophagy and immune response to bacterial infection. The encoded protein may play a role in central nervous system development by antagonizing sonic hedgehog signaling. Disruption of this gene has been implicated in Carpenter syndrome as well as cancer. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2013].

Transcript Variant: This variant (1) represents the longest transcript. Variants 1-5 encode the same protein.

Sequence Note: This RefSeq record was created from transcript and genomic sequence data to make the sequence consistent with the reference genome assembly. The genomic coordinates used for the transcript record were based on transcript alignments.

RefSeq NP_057361.3
CDS 655..1368
Misc Feature(1)607..609
Misc Feature(2)682..1161
Misc Feature(3)682..1161
Misc Feature(4)682..687
Misc Feature(5)685..1290
Misc Feature(6)700..723
Misc Feature(7)order(709..726,763..768,772..774,1015..1020,1024..1026,
Misc Feature(8)order(724..759,769..774)
Misc Feature(9)order(754..756,769..795)
Misc Feature(10)order(769..771,781..804,823..825,829..831)
Misc Feature(11)775..777
Misc Feature(12)order(778..780,784..792,835..837,841..843,862..867,
Misc Feature(13)order(778..783,787..789,841..846,865..867,871..873,
Misc Feature(14)778..792
Misc Feature(15)829..843
Misc Feature(16)844..855
Misc Feature(17)order(853..855,859..891)
Misc Feature(18)862..879
Misc Feature(19)886..900
Misc Feature(20)913..930
Misc Feature(21)994..1008
Misc Feature(22)1015..1026
Misc Feature(23)1105..1113
Misc Feature(24)1153..1161
Exon (1)1..589
Gene Synonym:HSPC137
Exon (2)590..809
Gene Synonym:HSPC137
Exon (3)810..895
Gene Synonym:HSPC137
Exon (4)896..1052
Gene Synonym:HSPC137
Exon (5)1053..1135
Gene Synonym:HSPC137
Exon (6)1136..1228
Gene Synonym:HSPC137
Exon (7)1229..4837
Gene Synonym:HSPC137
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Position Chain Variation Link
complement(2)-t, gdbSNP:58476034
complement(15)-g, cdbSNP:370478620
complement(25)-g, cdbSNP:368700032
complement(103)-g, cdbSNP:192791071
complement(237)-g, cdbSNP:377550834
complement(349)-g, cdbSNP:373938635
complement(498)-g, adbSNP:190222081
606+c, g, tdbSNP:45474592
complement(632)-g, adbSNP:145059995
complement(679)-t, cdbSNP:150655349
complement(691)-t, cdbSNP:187541185
693..695+, ggtdbSNP:45469399
complement(705)-g, adbSNP:141279756
complement(737)-t, cdbSNP:376394715
complement(747)-t, cdbSNP:201735614
773+a, gdbSNP:45442500
complement(791)-g, adbSNP:144837695
complement(810)-t, cdbSNP:371178954
complement(825)-g, adbSNP:368714271
complement(830)-g, cdbSNP:201141007
complement(893)-t, cdbSNP:145669565
complement(901)-t, cdbSNP:45460606
complement(909)-g, adbSNP:374601145
955+g, tdbSNP:45479896
complement(965)-c, adbSNP:189316878
complement(981)-g, adbSNP:370959474
complement(989)-c, adbSNP:201306901
complement(1000)-t, cdbSNP:138803099
complement(1014)-t, cdbSNP:113692611
complement(1021)-t, cdbSNP:113915088
complement(1036)-t, cdbSNP:200997551
1088+a, tdbSNP:121908171
complement(1102)-t, cdbSNP:142831012
complement(1125)-t, adbSNP:201981516
complement(1183)-t, gdbSNP:138217647
complement(1186)-c, adbSNP:368714640
complement(1188)-g, adbSNP:201820320
complement(1190)-t, gdbSNP:150440590
complement(1200)-t, gdbSNP:377375386
complement(1205)-g, adbSNP:140295281
complement(1206)-t, cdbSNP:201731610
complement(1221)-t, gdbSNP:201056648
complement(1248)-c, adbSNP:151203723
complement(1257)-g, adbSNP:372315508
complement(1265)-t, cdbSNP:369307301
complement(1270)-t, adbSNP:202181599
complement(1271)-g, adbSNP:376037995
complement(1273)-t, cdbSNP:1040461
complement(1367)-t, cdbSNP:181873164
complement(1368)-t, cdbSNP:142290596
complement(1382)-t, cdbSNP:371572870
complement(1389)-t, cdbSNP:201558464
complement(1438)-t, adbSNP:114371587
complement(1455)-t, adbSNP:374500812
complement(1461)-t, gdbSNP:4559091
complement(1496..1497)-, tdbSNP:368842740
complement(1512)-c, adbSNP:2840262
complement(1513)-g, adbSNP:189570356
complement(1649)-t, cdbSNP:143892558
complement(1731)-t, cdbSNP:368762028
complement(1784)-g, cdbSNP:1411578
1849+a, tdbSNP:1052073
complement(1912)-t, cdbSNP:138311113
complement(2045)-g, adbSNP:375855440
complement(2070)-t, cdbSNP:147029150
complement(2090)-g, adbSNP:143345846
complement(2179)-t, cdbSNP:16888378
2352+c, tdbSNP:148372304
complement(2356)-t, gdbSNP:77353467
complement(2525)-g, adbSNP:186740414
complement(2555..2556)-, tgatdbSNP:139778770
complement(2569)-t, cdbSNP:182142512
complement(2619)-t, cdbSNP:182662
complement(2680)-g, adbSNP:11398
complement(2707)-t, cdbSNP:368874291
complement(2746)-g, adbSNP:143362760
complement(2789)-g, cdbSNP:189407933
complement(2831)-t, cdbSNP:200498640
complement(2840)-g, adbSNP:149190571
complement(3074)-g, adbSNP:11969200
complement(3078)-c, adbSNP:184971972
complement(3084..3085)-, gatdbSNP:375588199
complement(3106)-g, adbSNP:370142911
complement(3108)-g, adbSNP:9382689
complement(3164)-g, adbSNP:371936654
complement(3185)-t, cdbSNP:368441472
complement(3188)-t, cdbSNP:144680472
complement(3192..3193)-, tgttdbSNP:149301482
complement(3253..3256)-, aagadbSNP:368383528
complement(3254..3257)-, aaagdbSNP:146039378
complement(3326..3327)-, aadbSNP:143452107
complement(3435)-t, cdbSNP:191147024
complement(3617)-c, adbSNP:78165745
complement(3641)-g, adbSNP:12211901
complement(3793)-t, cdbSNP:62415930
complement(3844..3845)-, gadbSNP:67756603
complement(3844..3845)-, gadbSNP:398065839
complement(3847..3848)-, agdbSNP:140949474
complement(3853)-t, cdbSNP:16888376
complement(3944..3945)-, caadbSNP:201019928
complement(3946..3947)-, atcadbSNP:147124444
complement(3997)-t, cdbSNP:140866287
complement(4086..4087)-, tgttdbSNP:377384761
complement(4258..4259)-, tcadbSNP:376232324
complement(4262..4263)-, atcdbSNP:112319331
complement(4295)-c, adbSNP:146429095
complement(4496)-t, cdbSNP:143976520
4557+a, gdbSNP:139222657
complement(4592)-g, adbSNP:374911374
complement(4672)-c, adbSNP:183728323
complement(4698)-t, cdbSNP:72868608
complement(4754)-t, cdbSNP:367604309
Gene SymbolRAB23
Gene SynonymHSPC137
Locus Map6p11
Title [Role of Rab23 in invasion and migration of human breast cancer Bcap-37 cells] .
Author Zhao J, Liu Y, Jian Q, Li J and Chi S.
Journal Xi Bao Yu Fen Zi Mian Yi Xue Za Zhi 29 (8), 813-817 (2013)
Title A Novel Aberrant Splice Site Mutation in RAB23 Leads to an Eight Nucleotide Deletion in the mRNA and Is Responsible for Carpenter Syndrome in a Consanguineous Emirati Family .
Author Ben-Salem S, Begum MA, Ali BR and Al-Gazali L.
Journal Mol Syndromol 3 (6), 255-261 (2013)
Title Sublocalization of Rab23, a mediator of Sonic hedgehog signaling pathway, in hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines .
Author Sun HJ, Liu YJ, Li N, Sun ZY, Zhao HW, Wang C, Li H, Ma FM, Shi SM, Xu XQ, Chen ZY and Huang SH.
Journal Mol Med Rep 6 (6), 1276-1280 (2012)
Title The small GTPases Rab9A and Rab23 function at distinct steps in autophagy during Group A Streptococcus infection .
Author Nozawa T, Aikawa C, Goda A, Maruyama F, Hamada S and Nakagawa I.
Journal Cell. Microbiol. 14 (8), 1149-1165 (2012)
Title Deregulation of Rab and Rab effector genes in bladder cancer .
Author Ho JR, Chapeaublanc E, Kirkwood L, Nicolle R, Benhamou S, Lebret T, Allory Y, Southgate J, Radvanyi F and Goud B.
Journal PLoS ONE 7 (6), E39469 (2012)
Title Carpenter syndrome: extended RAB23 mutation spectrum and analysis of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay .
Author Jenkins D, Baynam G, De Catte L, Elcioglu N, Gabbett MT, Hudgins L, Hurst JA, Jehee FS, Oley C and Wilkie AO.
Journal Hum. Mutat. 32 (4), E2069-E2078 (2011)
Title Rab23 is a potential biological target for treating hepatocellular carcinoma .
Author Liu YJ, Wang Q, Li W, Huang XH, Zhen MC, Huang SH, Chen LZ, Xue L and Zhang HW.
Journal World J. Gastroenterol. 13 (7), 1010-1017 (2007)
Title Rab23, a negative regulator of hedgehog signaling, localizes to the plasma membrane and the endocytic pathway .
Author Evans TM, Ferguson C, Wainwright BJ, Parton RG and Wicking C.
Journal Traffic 4 (12), 869-884 (2003)
Title Molecular cloning and characterization of human RAB23, a member of the group of Rab GTPases .
Author Marcos I, Borrego S and Antinolo G.
Journal Int. J. Mol. Med. 12 (6), 983-987 (2003)
Title Redifferentiation of dedifferentiated chondrocytes and chondrogenesis of human bone marrow stromal cells via chondrosphere formation with expression profiling by large-scale cDNA analysis .
Author Imabayashi H, Mori T, Gojo S, Kiyono T, Sugiyama T, Irie R, Isogai T, Hata J, Toyama Y and Umezawa A.
Journal Exp. Cell Res. 288 (1), 35-50 (2003)

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