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GenScript Codon Table Tool

** This online tool shows standard genetic code, and also genetic codes for vertebrate mitochondrial, invertebrate mitochondrial, and other lower animals mitochondria or nuclear.

The Genetic Code:

TTT F Phe	TTC F Phe	TTA L Leu	TTG L Leu	
TCT S Ser	TCC S Ser	TCA S Ser	TCG S Ser	
TAT Y Tyr	TAC Y Tyr	TAA * Ter	TAG * Ter	
TGT C Cys	TGC C Cys	TGA * Ter	TGG W Trp	

CTT L Leu	CTC L Leu	CTA L Leu	CTG L Leu	
CCT P Pro	CCC P Pro	CCA P Pro	CCG P Pro	
CAT H His	CAC H His	CAA Q Gln	CAG Q Gln	
CGT R Arg	CGC R Arg	CGA R Arg	CGG R Arg	

ATT I Ile	ATC I Ile	ATA I Ile	ATG M Met	
ACT T Thr	ACC T Thr	ACA T Thr	ACG T Thr	
AAT N Asn	AAC N Asn	AAA K Lys	AAG K Lys	
AGT S Ser	AGC S Ser	AGA R Arg	AGG R Arg	

GTT V Val	GTC V Val	GTA V Val	GTG V Val	
GCT A Ala	GCC A Ala	GCA A Ala	GCG A Ala	
GAT D Asp	GAC D Asp	GAA E Glu	GAG E Glu	
GGT G Gly	GGC G Gly	GGA G Gly	GGG G Gly