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02/20/2013Protein Signal Launches Another New Best Antibody: Mouse Anti-PEG Antibody
02/20/2013GenScript Upgrade Free Bioinformatics Tools
01/31/2013GenScript Launches New PolyExpress Package
01/31/2013GenScript Launches eBlot® Protein Transfer System
01/23/2013ProteinSignal, a New Brand of GenScript, Focus on Protein Research
01/18/2013GenScript announces joint road show with Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc.
12/17/2012GenScript Sponsors and Presents Novel Technologies at 2012 Cold Spring Harbor Asia Synthetic Biology Symposium
12/10/2012GenScript Announces Collaboration with AMDeC: Seeks to Decrease Biological Research Costs at NYC Area Institutions
08/21/2012GenScript to Synthesize Yeast Genome with Johns Hopkins Scientists
08/03/2012GenScript Launches UPGRADED eStain® 2.0 Protein Staining System
08/03/2012ProteinSignal -A Brand of GenScript Focusing on Protein Research
07/27/2012GenScript Launched GLP-Grade Plasmid DNA Preparation Service
07/02/2012GenScript Honored with the 2012 CRO Leadership Award
06/10/2012GenScript launches a premier gene synthesis service "Gene-Brick™" for building large DNA fragments
05/30/2012A New Facility for the 10-Year Anniversary of GenScript
05/28/2012GenScript Sponsors iGEM – The Largest Competition in Synthetic Biology Field
05/03/2012GenScript Rush Gene Synthesis – Driving Molecular Biology Research Faster
05/02/2012CelKine, a New Brand of GenScript, Focusing on Cytokine Research
02/01/2012GenScript Was the Most Frequently Referred Biology Contract Research Organization by Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in 2011
12/23/2011GenScript Launches Rush Gene Synthesis Service
12/15/2011GenScript sponsors 2011 iGEM undergraduate Synthetic Biology competition
08/07/2011GenScript Launches Animal Model Services Worldwide
07/15/2011Faster Search Add-on from GenScript for Easier Access to the Largest Commercial ORF Clone Database
06/12/2011Evozym Biologics to co-develop innovative enzymes with GenScript
05/15/2011GenScript Launches eStainTM 2.0 Protein Staining System
04/28/2011GenScript Continues Deploying New Websites in Europe
03/22/2011GenScript will launch services with GANP® technology for World Wide market excluding Japan
03/13/2011GenScript Launches New Website in Germany
01/17/2011GenScript Corporation has Installed the First BiacoreTM T200 Biosensor in the World
11/21/2010GenScript Received OLAW (Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare) Approval for Animal Welfare Assurance
11/12/2010GenScript Launches Online Quotation System for Polyclonal Antibody Service
11/08/2010Immunologix Teams with GenScript to Produce Human Antibody Therapeutics Ready for Clinical Trials
08/23/2010GenScript Launches CloneReadyTM Gene Collections
07/02/2010GenScript Launched a 25% OFF Promotion for mAb Sequencing Service
06/06/2010GenScript Initiated Up to 30% OFF Promotion Celebrating Peptide Facility Expansion
05/20/2010GenScript Launches Hybridoma Stabilization Service
05/10/2010GenScript Invented 7-minute eStainTM Protein Staining System
05/09/2010GenScript Launches Antibody Drug Development Services
05/09/2010GenScript Gave Presentation on FASEBA Technology at the 2nd Annual International Congress of Antibodies
04/27/2010GenScript Launches Peptide Array Service
03/04/2010GenScript Has Developed Antibodies Specific for Influenza A Virus Detection
02/04/2010GenScript Launches Epitope Mapping Service
01/26/2010GenScript Recognized As Preferred Contract Supplier of Life Science Products by University of Pennsylvania
01/19/2010GenScript Launches Click Peptide Services
01/19/2010GenScript's Presence in Japan Relocated from Osaka to Tokyo
10/16/2009GenScript Launches Guaranteed Gene-to-Protein Service Package Following the Technology Breakthrough from OptimumGeneTM Gene Optimization
09/10/2009GenScript Established Biology Research Collaboration with Roche
09/02/2009GenScript Launches Antibody Sequencing Service Geared Toward Innovation
08/19/2009GenScript Launches 20% OFF Campaign Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Peptide Service
08/12/2009GenScript Upgrades Plasmid Production Platform to Deliver Potent Plasmids
08/12/2009GenScript Expands its THETM Elite Antibody Series
06/23/2009GenScript Raises $15M for Drug Discovery and Development Services Expansion-Kleiner Perkins Invests in Biology CRO business
05/21/2009GenScript to Attend 1st Annual International Congress of Antibodies
05/05/2009GenScript Offers Free Bio-reagent Sample Bundles
04/19/2009GenScript Seeks Long-term Collaboration Opportunities By Offering Special Partnership Promotion For Gene Synthesis
03/12/2009GenScript to Sponsor China 2009 Pharmaceutical R&D Summit
03/03/2009GenScript Launches BacuVanceTM and YeastHIGHTM Recombinant Protein Production Technology
02/18/2009GenScript Launches Ready-to-UseTM Frozen Cell Series
02/12/2009 GenScript Extends Western Blot Guarantee on In-house Antibodies
02/05/2009GenScript Launches Peptide Library Screening Tools For Peptide-Based Drug Discovery
01/13/2009GenScript Launches 60-Day MonoExpressTM Monoclonal Antibody Service
12/30/2008GenScript Launches EzCouponTM Program
12/12/2008GenScript Launches a Series of Beta Amyloid Peptides Geared Toward Alzheimer's Disease Research
12/09/2008GenScript Adds Stable Isotope Labeling and PEGylation Modifications to Its Synthetic Peptide Offerings
11/19/2008GenScript Upgrades Plasmid Preparation Service Concurrent with 25% Discount
11/12/2008GenScript Centralizes BioProcess Services for Optimum Protein Expression
11/04/2008GenScript Launches CloneEZTM Kit for Smooth Gene Cloning
11/03/2008GenScript Upgrades OptimumGeneTM Gene Design System
11/02/2008GenScript Launches Endotoxin Quantification and Detection Kits
10/16/2008GenScript Antibody Service Guarantees ELISA Titer of 1:20000 and Positive Western Blot Results
10/16/2008GenScript Sponsors 12th Annual Healthcare Industry Forum
10/13/2008GenScript Neurological Antibodies Aid Neuroscience Research
10/10/2008GenScript Launches a Series of Cosmetic Peptides
09/18/2008GenScript Offers 10% Discount on Mutagenesis Services
08/28/2008GenScript Corp Offers Additional Discounts to New Laboratories
08/26/2008GenScript Sponsors Fourth Annual Synthetic Biology Convention
08/25/2008GenScript Launches Fluorescent Western Blot Kits Based on the 2nd Generation One-Step Technology
08/24/2008Sales of GenScript's Anti-His Monoclonal Antibody Increase 600% in 2008
12/05/2007One-Step Multiplex Western Kit Doubles Blot Potential
09/25/2007A New Symbol for GenScript's Proven Service
09/17/2007Chemical Protein Service Breaks Record for Protein Length
09/17/2007GenScript Initiates 24/5 Service to Customers Worldwide
08/21/2007GenScript Virus Center Enters Third Year
08/17/2007GenScript Trims Total Knock-Out/Knock-In Time to Six Weeks
07/24/2007GenScript Expands Genotyping Service
07/23/2007GenScript Applies Gene Synthesis Knowhow to Synthetic Library Services
07/20/2007GenScript Adds Large-Scale Sequencing Service to Gene Department
07/16/2007THE Anti-His-Tag Monoclonal Antibody (mAb)
05/18/2007Phosphospecific Antibodies from GenScript
03/23/2007GenScript Joins New Jersey Pavilion at BIO 2007
03/22/2007GenScript Phases In Next-Generation Western Kits
01/02/2007GenScript IP-Western Kit Eliminates Contamination
11/06/2006GenScript Named VWR Biosciences CRO Partner
12/12/2005One-Step Western Kit Cuts Analysis Time to One Hour