GenScript Launches eBlot® Protein Transfer System

 Jan 31, 2013

PISCATAWAY, New Jersey, Jan 31st, 2013 – GenScript USA Incorporation has launched the eBlot® Protein Transfer System, a semi-dry electric blotter for transferring proteins from mini polyacrylamide gels onto membranes, expanding its bench-top tool offerings for protein analysis.

Western blot is a widely applied technique for the analysis of proteins in biological samples following gel electrophoresis. Efficient and consistent blotting of proteins from polyacrylamide gels onto membranes is crucial for a successful western analysis. Traditional blotting methods usually take hours with variable transfer efficiencies and often require significant liquid handling. eBlot® Protein Transfer System is specificallydesigned to improve the effectiveness of this protein blotting step, cutting transfer time down from hours to ten minutes or less with consistently high transfer efficiency, making western analysis more reproducible and reliable. This system simplifies the process further by including a complete line of accessories, eliminating the need for additional buffers.

The eBlot® Protein Transfer System includes the eBlot® Protein Transfer device (cat. no. L03010) and a graphite electrode(cat. no. L03012) specifically designed for high protein blotting efficiency. Also included in this system is an option for three types of Transfer Pads, nitrocellulose membrane (cat. no. L03013), PVDF membrane (cat. no.L03014), or without membrane (cat. no.L03011).The eBlot® graphite electrode (cat. no. L03012) is also offered as a standalone replacement part.

VP of New Technology Division John Wang explains, "At GenScript R&D, our goal is to develop new approaches to help save time and simplify the routine tasks for a researcher, in another word, to make research easy, so that scientists can test their ideas easily and see results faster. eBlot® Protein Transfer System is developed to shorten the time required for western blot workflow. Together with our One-Hour Western™ Detection kits and our broad offerings of antibodies, researchers can now finish high quality western analysis quickly". For more information, please contact your local sales representative or email us at or

About GenScript:
GenScript, the largest gene synthesis supplier in the USA, is an internationally recognized Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in biological research and early-phase drug discovery services. In 2011, more than 2300 journal articles referred GenScript's services and products, making GenScript the most frequently referred biology CRO in the world. Its service portfolio includes bio-reagent services, assay development & screening, lead optimization, and antibody drug development. Their renowned one-stop bioreagent services include custom gene synthesis and molecular biology, custom protein expression and purification, custom peptide synthesis, antibody production, and custom cell line development. GenScript is headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, with subsidiaries in Europe, Japan, and China.

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