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GenScript Online PCR Primers Designs Tool

** This online tool designs PCR primers for you.

Mispriming Library:   

Primer Name: Number To Return:


Left primer                  Hybridization  probe                  Right primer

Left Primer Sequence Input:
Right Primer Sequence Input:
Included Regions:
Excluded Regions:
Start Codon Position:

Sequence Quality:

Min Sequence Quality: Min End Sequence Quality:
Sequence Quality Range Min: Sequence Quality Range Max:

Primer Condition Details

  Min Opt Max
Primer Size
Primer Tm
Primer GC%

Max Tm Difference: Max Self Comp:
Max #N's: Max 3's Self Comp:
Max Poly-X: GC Clamp:
Inside Target Penalty: Outside Target Penalty:
First Base Index: Salt Concentration:
Annealing Oligo Concentration: Max 3'Stability:
Max Mispriming: Pair Max Mispriming:

Primer Product Details

Product Size:
Product Tm:

Objective Function Penalty Weights for Primers

Tm Lt: Gt:
Size Lt: Gt:
GC% Lt: Gt:

Self Complementarity
3' Self Complementarity
Sequence Quality
End Sequence Quality
Position Penalty
End Stability

Objective Function Penalty Weights for Primer Pairs

Product Size Lt: Gt:
Product Tm Lt: Gt:

Tm Difference
Any Complementarity
3' Complementarity
Pair Mispriming
Primer Penalty Weight
Hyb Oligo Penalty Weight