Chimeric Antibody Generation

Chimeric Antibody Generation Service

Chimeric Antibody Generation Service

The safety of chimeric antibodies is proven with 5 FDA approved drugs on the market. In addition, development of chimeric antibodies is more cost-effective. GenScript has developed advanced technology to rapidly express full length recombinant antibodies with the desired traits. You can rely on our ISO 9001:2008 certified GenScript's Chimeric Antibody Generation Service (Cat. No.: SC1409) to develop desired stable cell line and get sufficient antibodies for your in vitro and in vivo assay. In addition, GenScript will not retain any intellectual rights from customers following the use of our recombinant antibodies.

Key Features:

Chimeric Antibody Generation Service (Cat. No.: SC1409)

Service Includes Timeline Delivery Package
Variable region sequencing or gene synthesis
3 weeks
  • VH, VL sequence
  • V-region storage for future use
  • Plasmid (optional)
Vector construction and plasmid maxiprep
3 weeks
Transient expression and one step purification
4 weeks
  • Purified chimeric antibody
Stable cell line (optional)
7-13 weeks for research grade
23-29 weeks for production grade
  • Frozen cell line and report

Client provides:

You can ship:

  • Antibody sequence, or Plasmid (≥1 μg, -20°C) containing the coding sequence, or Hybridoma cells (>1×106 cells, in liquid nitrogen or dry ice) with isotype information
  • Specific antigen (needed if activity assay is ordered)

GenScript delivers:

Our one-stop service ensures delivery in only seven to ten weeks depending on the sample you submission. Our typical deliverables include the following:

  • 2 mg purified chimeric antibody depending on expression level
  • Constructs stored for your future use
  • Data sheet and report

GenScript offers our customers a one-stop solution for all outsourcing needs, providing comprehensive upstream and downstream services of chimeric antibody generation service.

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