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Protein Expression Services

Protein Expression and Purification Services

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Years of solid experience and unique expertise in custom protein expression and purification services enable GenScript, to help you break the bottlenecks in protein expression and purification. Our streamlined services can take your project directly from gene synthesis to protein expression and recombinant protein purification. Our dedicated team of scientists are experts in services like stable cell line generation and the refolding of insoluble proteins. In addition to a wide range of choices in multiple protein expression systems, our superior protein purification services and large-scale production capacity can meet your needs in all aspects.

GenScript can take your project directly from gene synthesis to protein production! Use our free rare codon analysis tool to see if your gene sequence is suboptimal, and explore means to boost your target protein expression.

Competitive Advantages

  1. OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization Technology: This proprietary technology comprehensively optimizes factors critical to transcription, translation, and co-translational protein folding, in order to deliver the highest possible levels of protein expression in most systems. The technology has been proven to enable a 10-fold increase in protein expression levels in the E.coli system.
  2. Multiple Expression Systems: We provide a wide range of choices for protein expression with high quality in bacterial, yeast, baculovirus/insect, and mammalian systems, at both small and large scales.
  3. FoldArt™ Protein Refolding Technology: For difficult proteins, we offer Refolding Service that guarantees converting 30-50% of insoluble protein and delivering the refolded protein with purity of 85% or greater. There is no charge if we fail to deliver soluble protein.
  4. Flexible Purification Systems: Affinity column (GST, Ni-NTA, protein A/G/L resins, etc.), gel filtration, ion exchange, hydrophobic-interaction column, and HPLC.
  5. Large-Scale Production: Our large-scale production facilities enable the production of gram-level, highest quality proteins in bacterial, yeast, baculovirus/insect cell and mammalian systems.
  6. Easy Online Project Tracking: Our clients can monitor progress, view data reports and communicate with GenScript project managers at any time through our secure and convenient online tracking system.
  7. Complete Confidentiality
protein expression services
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Quotations and Ordering

  • To place a quotation, click protein service quotationand send us completed form by email
  • To place an order, please email the same form along with a PO (Purchase Order) or credit card information
  • If submitting samples, please send them along with the above form to: Recombinant Protein Services, GenScript, 860 Centennial Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA
  • For any other inquiries, please contact us using the details listed below