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Express Gene Synthesis

Need Genes Fast? Why wait?

GenScript's Express Gene Synthesis Services delivers your custom designed gene sequence in as little as 4 business days. With over 10 years of gene synthesis experience, our Express Gene Synthesis Services can accommodate any accelerated research timeline regardless of pace, all while maintaining GenScript's standard of delivering high-quality technical and professional service. Choose from 2 flexible service options, Rush* or Fast, to meet all of your research deadlines and goals.

*Rush Gene Synthesis cannot be bundled with other downstream services

If so, order your genes using our Express Gene Synthesis Services TODAY !

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Rush Gene Synthesis Pipeline

Sequence length Fast Delivery Time
(Business Days)
Rush Delivery Time
(Business Days)
≤ 800 bp
7 days
4 days
801 bp - 1,200 bp
7 days
5 days
1,201 bp – 2,000 bp
9 days
7 days
2,001 bp – 3,000 bp
11 days
3,001 bp - 5,000 bp
15 days

*Not applicable to genes with complex sequences. For Rush genes >2,000 bp, quote request is required for price and turnaround time.

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