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Express PAGE Gels

GenScript Express PAGE Gels are high-performance precast mini polyacrylamide gels for protein electrophoresis that exhibit long shelf life, fast run time and efficient transfer. Express Gels are cast in a neutral pH buffer that minimizes the hydrolysis of polyacrylamide and results in extra gel stability and superior band resolution.

Manufactured without SDS, Express PAGE Gels are ideal for SDS-PAGE and native electrophoresis depending on the running buffer and transfer buffer used. The proprietary gel-casting techniques provide excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and guarantee the reliable migration pattern. Using specially formulated Tris-MOPS running buffer, Express Gels enable proteins to be separated quickly and easily for subsequent detection by staining or Western blotting.

The Express PAGE Gels are available in gradient (4 to 20% and 8 to 16%) and fixed (8%, 10% and 12%) concentrations and in 10-well, 12-well and 15-well formats.

15 well Express PAGE Gel has been discontinued, may we suggest ExpressPlus™ SDS-PAGE Gels?

Key Features:

  • Easy to use: simple to set up, no comb or tapes to be removed.
  • High Resolution: proprietary gel casting technique for high-resolution separation of protein bands.
  • High reproducibility: consistent performance from gel to gel.
  • Long Shelf Life: up to 12 months at 4°C.
  • Compatible cassette design: fit most of popular mini-gel tanks.
  • Cost effective: market leading low price of $6.8/gel.

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Cat. No.
Product Name
MG420W10 Express PAGE Gel
1 Box of 10
MG420W12 Express PAGE Gel
1 Box of 10
MG008W10 Express PAGE Gel
1 Box of 10

*To make 1000 ml 1X Running Buffer or Transfer Bufffer per package

Cat. No.
Product Name
MB01015 5X Sample Buffer
5 ml
M00138 MOPS Running Buffer Powder
1 Box (5/PK)
M00139 Transfer Buffer Powder
1 Box (10/PK)

Note: GenScript Express PAGE Gels are formulated using 1x Bis-Tris buffer (pH 6.8). For best results, please use GenScript running buffer (Cat. No. M00138) for gel running, and GenScript transfer buffer (Cat. No. M00139) for protein transfer after running the Express PAGE gels. Otherwise, please prepare buffers according to our protocol.
* Free samples available.

Protein Migration Table:

The Protein Migration Table below helps you with choosing the appropriate gels for your protein electrophoresis. The data of this table is built based on gels run at 140 volts for 55 min. At 140 volts, the Bromophenol Blue band will reach the bottom of the gels in about 55 min.

precast gel

Recipe of 5X Sample Buffer:
SDS 1.0 g
Glycerol 5.0 ml
Bromophenol Blue 25 mg
Tris Base 150 mg (adjust the pH to 6.8)
2-Mercappethanol 1.0 ml
Deionized Water To 10 ml

Recipe of 10X Running Buffer and 20X Transfer Buffer*:
  10X Running Buffer (Poweder) 20X Transfer Buffer (Poweder)
Tris Base 60.6 g 60.0 g
Bicine   81.6 g
MOPS 104.6 g  
SDS 10.0 g  
EDTA 3.0 g  
Deionized Water To 1000 ml 1000 ml
Note To make 1L of 1X transfer buffer: mix 50 ml of 20X Transfer Buffer, 100 ml of methanol or ethanol and 850 ml of deionized water.
Compatible Gel Tanks:
  • GradiGel Mini 4-Cell
  • IBI Universal Protein System
  • EC 4-Cell
  • Hoefer Tall Mighty Small"? (SE 280)
  • Hoefer Mighty Small"?(SE 260/SE 250)
  • Daiichi Mini 2-Gel & 6-Gel
  • Owl Road Runner, Penguin
  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN"? II & 3
  • Owl Single Sided Vertical System
Technical Manual: precast gel
Stained Pierce Protein Gel for SDS-PAGE, gradient gel example. Figure 1. GenScript Express PAGE Gel stained using eStain™ 2.0 Protein Staining System. Multiple protein samples were separated on 12% Express PAGE Gel and stained by CBB R-250 using eStain™ 2.0 Protein Staining System. Lane 1 and 9: 10μl Genscript 14-150 kDa protein ladder; Lane 2 and 6: 10μl E.coli BL21 cell lysate; Lane 3 and 10: 10μl New England Biolab® 10-250 kDa protein ladder (P7703S); Lane 4 and 5: 500 ng and 100 ng BSA; Lane 7 and 8: 500 ng and 100 ng GST protein.

Stained Pierce Protein Gel for SDS-PAGE, gradient gel example. Figure 2. Chemiluminescent Western blot detection of His-tagged protein on GenScript Express PAGE Gel. E.coli BL21 cell lysate, expressing a 36 kD His-tagged protein, was separated on a 4-20% Express PAGE Gel and transferred to nitrocellulose membrane. The blot was blocked overnight with 10% fat-free milk, probed for 60 minutes with THE™ His Tag Antibody (Mouse) (GenScript, A00186) and detected with a HRP-conjugated Anti-MOUSE IgG (H&L) (GOAT) Antibody (Rockland, 610-1302). The blot was incubated for 3 minutes in LumiSensor™ Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate (GenScript, L00221V500) and exposed to CL-Xposure film for 1 minute. Lane 1-7 contained His-tagged protein at 500ng, 250ng, 100ng, 50ng, 25ng, 10ng and 5ng, respectively.