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Genome-wide gRNA database for CRISPR genome editing

Genome-wide gRNA databases for CRISPR genome editing and transcription activation

To facilitate your research using CRISPR technology, GenScript provides genome-wide databases containing pre-validated gRNA sequences design by the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. If you want to view all, please click gRNA list.

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CRISPR Products and Services at GenScript

New! CRISPR crRNA/Cas9 Protein Reagents

Customizable, DNA-free, ready-for-transfection crRNA/Cas9 particles.

CRISPR Plasmids

DNA plasmids for single guide RNA and/or Cas9 expression

  Cell Line Gene Editing

Validated knock-out cell line service using CRISPR technology.

CRISPR Libraries

Genome-wide or pathway-specific CRISPR knock-out or activation libraries for screening experiments.

  Microbial Gene Editing

Validated knock-out and knock-in mutagenesis in bacteria and yeast.