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Cloning & Subcloning
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Gene Cloning, PCR cloning, and Subcloning Services

Are you tired of PCR cloning? GenScript offers cloning services so you can free yourself from routine gene cloning and instead devote your energy and time to more creative research. Our molecular biology experts can bundle gene synthesis with cloning into your choice of vector, or you can outsource DNA cloning projects from templates you already have. For your convenience, gene cloning can easily be added onto your gene synthesis order when you request a quote online.

GenScript Cloning Services Guide

New! Express Cloning SC1691
bundled with gene synthesis
New! VectorArk Cloning SC1692
bundled with gene synthesis
Subcloning SC1017
bundled with gene synthesis
Free Vectors – Choose from over 150 popular vectors for mammalian, bacterial, yeast, or baculovirus/insect expression systems, listed below
Save on cloning into your archived vectors
Get ready to use clones in any vector, commercial or customized
What you provide
  • electronic sequence for gene synthesis
  • vector name
  • specify cloning sites if desired
  • electronic sequence for gene synthesis
  • name of your previously archived vector
  • specify cloning sites if desired
  • electronic sequence for gene synthesis
  • vector details (map) & cloning strategy
  • mail in an aliquot of your vector
What you receive
  • 4 μg lyophilized plasmid DNA of your insert in your chosen vector
  • sequence chromatograms, plasmid construct map, and QC data
  • 4 μg lyophilized plasmid DNA of your insert in your chosen vector
  • sequence chromatograms, plasmid construct map, and QC data
  • 4 μg lyophilized plasmid DNA of your insert in a standard vector PLUS
  • 4 μg lyophilized plasmid DNA of your insert in your chosen vector
  • sequence chromatograms, plasmid construct map, and QC data
Starting Price
Starting Turnaround Time
2 days*
5 days
5 days*

Request a Gene Synthesis Quote

* Express Cloning, VectorArk Cloning, and Subcloning bundled with gene synthesis may be combined with new orders of Custom Gene Synthesis SC1010 or Fast Gene Synthesis SC1619. If you need cloning for Rush Gene Synthesis, please request a quote. Price and turnaround time listed here are in addition to the price and turnaround time for gene synthesis. Express Cloning may be used once per newly synthesized gene; if you need a single synthetic gene cloned into multiple expression vectors, or if you need subcloning of genes previously synthesized by GenScript, please contact us by phone or email.

If you need custom cloning for DNA templates you already have (and do not require new gene synthesis), we offer a Custom PCR Cloning Service (SC1622) to allow you to outsource your molecular cloning projects, starting at $295 and 14 business day turnaround time. Please request a quote for custom cloning to provide us with a description of your cloning project needs.

GenScript Cloning Services Descriptions:

Our popular Express Cloning service offers cloning into your choice of over 150 free vectors for use in mammalian, bacterial, yeast, or baculovirus/insect expression systems – for an unbeatable price of only $49 and 2-day turnaround added to your gene synthesis order.

List of Express Cloning Vectors:

Our new VectorArk Cloning service offers free, secure storage of your custom plasmid vectors or commercial vectors, and $49 cloning into any archived vectors bundled with future gene synthesis orders.

Our Subcloning bundled with gene synthesis (SC1017) and Custom PCR Cloning (SC1622) services are highly flexible to meet any specific project requirements. Simply tell us what you need and mail us the vectors. You can create customized gene inserts by ordering gene synthesis, or mail us your template DNA.

Advantages of Cloning Services from GenScript

By ordering DNA cloning services from GenScript, you can receive a ready-to-use construct – not a semi-finished part that will require time-consuming and potentially expensive work to digest, ligate, PCR-amplify, gel purify, transform, screen, prep, and sequence before you can even start your experiments!

  • No more bench work to prepare the construct before you can start your experiments.
  • No more work to order multiple kits and services from multiple vendors to gather all the reagents you need.
  • No more risk of getting the wrong construct, as GenScript ships only 100% sequence-verified constructs with sequence chromatograms.
  • Comparable timeline, but we do the work for you!

To get expression-ready constructs containing a DNA sequence you've designed or that is known from GenBank or other sources, it's usually more efficient to start with 100% sequence verified gene synthesis rather than wasting time trying to clone template DNA that may be of poor quality, truncated, chemically modified or contain contaminats due to  long storage time or prior handling. However, if you need to outsource cloning projects from your template DNA, then GenScript's PCR Cloning services can save you time and take the guess-work out of recombining templates.

Delivery Specifications

All of our Custom Cloning services guarantee 100% sequence fidelity and deliver everything you need to put your new constructs to work right away. Our delivery package includes the following:

  • 4 μg lyophilized destination vector containing the gene
  • Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic)
  • Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)
  • Quality assurance certificate

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custom cloning service quotation

Quotations and Ordering

  • email, fax, or via our secured online quotation system. For batch orders of gene synthesis bundled with cloning, please download our Quick Quotation Request Form.
  • Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax, or online with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card.
  • For cloning projects involving customer-provided templates, please send your samples with full shipping information and PO number (if applicable) with a hard copy of the completed PCR Cloning and Subcloning Quotation Request Form to PCR Cloning and Subcloning Services, GenScript Inc., 860 Centennial Avenue., Piscataway, NJ 08854, U.S.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Friday. You may contact us anytime for assistance.

Note for customers ordering Express Cloning into a pET vector: The pET System allows for expression of target genes under control of the T7 promoter and is covered by US Patent 5,693,489. The patent is licensed by GenScript from Brookhaven National Laboratory. Commercial entities need to obtain a license from Brookhaven National Laboratory prior to use of the custom construct delivered by GenScript.