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As a pioneer and leader in gene synthesis technology, and the largest gene synthesis supplier in the US, GenScript has completed over 500,000 genes synthesis projects for scientists around the world. Gene synthesis enables powerful solutions for molecular cloning, creating fusion proteins, or achieving sufficiently high protein expression levels. GenScript offers gene synthesis services with complete customizability and considerable savings of time and money compared to traditional molecular cloning using recombinant DNA technology.

Custom Gene Synthesis

any DNA sequence, even complex, GC-rich, repeated, or long genes, with 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed

  GenEZ™ Molecular Cloning

Your insert sequence inserted into your choice of vector for a convenient low per-clone price

GenPlus™ Next-Generation Gene Synthesis

Highly parallel automated technology offers cost-effective high-throughput gene synthesis

  Express Gene Synthesis

Delivery in as few as 4 days -- the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

GeneBrick™ Synthesis

~10 Kb long DNA fragments, the fundamental building blocks of synthetic biology

  OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization

Patented gene optimization algorithm improves protein expression, at no extra cost with gene synthesis

GenScript's convenient secure online quotation system makes it fast and easy to get a price quote. Our experienced Ph.D.-level project managers ensure that you receive professional service tailored to your needs and on-time delivery of ISO 9001:2008 certifiedwhat's this? products with 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed.

The International Organization of Standardization, (ISO) defines quality management standards across industries and national borders. ISO 9001 is a series of documents that establish requirements for Quality Management System (QMS) standards. ISO 9001 certification assures customers that the company has a reliable QMS in place. An organization with an effective QMS will meet customer expectations with greater regularity and precision than an organization that does not.

GenScript's products and services are certified by ISO 9001:2008, the current and only valid version of the QMS standard.

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  • Free codon optimization - Proprietary OptimumGene™ codon optimization technology can comprehensively optimize DNA sequences to significantly increase protein expression in any host.
  • Any gene in any vector - CloneEZ® seamless cloning technology can accurately and efficiently fuse your gene into any site on any vector.
  • Guaranteed sequence - Proprietary Gene-on-Demand® gene synthesis platform enables mutation-free DNA synthesis for genes of any length and any complexity.
  • One-stop solutions - Comprehensive downstream services can save you time on material transfer.
  • Cost effective - Ease your budget crunch with competitive prices supported by economy-of-scale.
  • Easy online quotes and ordering - Request a quote now.

Price List

Gene Synthesis Service Starting Price Starting Turnaround Time Minimum Gene Order Codon Optimization
Custom Gene Synthesis – Cat No. SC1010
$0.35/bp or $159/construct
9 business days
No minimum
Optional (complimentary)
Rush Gene Synthesis – Cat No. SC1575
4 business days
No minimum
Optional (complimentary)
Fast Gene Synthesis – Cat No. SC1619
7 business days
No minimum
Optional (complimentary)
GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis –
Cat No. SC 1645
20 business days
25 genes
Optional (complimentary)
GenPlus™ Economy Gene Synthesis – Cat No. SC1681
25 business days
No minimum
Required (complimentary)
+Please contact us to learn about discounted pricing for high-volume orders, institutional contracts, long-term partnerships, or to discuss your specific requirements. Be sure to check our current promotions.
  1. Downstream services, including cloning, mutagenesis. plasmid prep and protein expression evaluation, are available at additional cost.
  2. Customers retain all rights to the sequence data and related intellectual property.

Vector Information

Vector Type
Vector Map and Sequence
GenScript Standard Vectors1
New! Express Cloning Vectors2
66 popular mammalian & bacterial expression vectors.
See Vector List.
Other Vectors3
Any commercial or custom vector of your choice
1: GenScript Standard Vectors: Synthetic genes will be delivered in your choice of Standard Vector at no additional cost. There is no need to mail us an aliquot of the vector.
2: Express Cloning: Subcloning into any of these vectors is $49 and 2 days extra turnaround time for sequences <10kb. There is no need to mail us an aliquot of the vector.
3. Subcloning into any other vector not listed here starts at $149 and 5 days to turnaround time for sequences <3kb. Please mail in an aliquot of the vector.

Turnaround Time

The following are estimates based on typical orders; complex sequences may take longer. For a more accurate estimate based upon your specific needs, please request a quote.

Gene Length Standard Gene Synthesis - Cat No. SC1010 Delivery Time (Business Days) Fast Gene Synthesis - Cat No. SC1619 Delivery Time (Business Days) Rush Gene Synthesis - Cat No. SC1575 Delivery Time (Business Days)
≤ 800 bp
9 - 11 days
7 days
4 days
801 bp - 1,200 bp
9 - 11 days
7 days
5 days
1,201 bp – 1,500 bp
9 - 11 days
11 days
7 days
1,501 bp – 2,000 bp
12 - 14 days
11 days
7 days
2,001 bp - 3,000 bp
12 - 14 days
3,001 bp - 4,500 bp
16 - 20 days
4,501 bp - 6,000 bp
21 - 25 days
6,001 bp - 10,000 bp
23 - 30 days

Delivery Specifications

  • 4 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert
  • Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic)
  • Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)
  • Quality assurance certificate

Special Partnership Program

GenScript has established a special strategic partnership program for Gene-on-Demand® gene synthesis service to clients worldwide. In particular, this new program offers the service at special and competitive prices to our valued clients who want to establish a long-term preferred vendor contract with GenScript. We are willing to work with you in a flexible manner within your budget to achieve your goals for the years to come. With our solid organic growth and financial performance, GenScript assures reliable and sustainable services.

For more information, please call us at 1-732-885-9188, or email us at Our gene service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday to assist you.

gene synthesis pipeline, DNA synthesis

OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization Technology

GenScript's OptimumGene™ Codon Optimization system is a proprietary gene optimization technology that can alter both naturally occurring and recombinant gene sequences to achieve the highest possible levels of productivity in any given expression system.

Codon optimization is a powerful tool to increase protein expression levels. The principle is simple: preserve the amino acid sequence of the protein product while manipulating the nucleotide sequence to favor efficient transcription, mRNA stability, and translation. This technique takes advantage of the degeneracy of the genetic code and the power of gene synthesis. Unlike traditional molecular cloning, which is limited to cutting and pasting sequences found in nature, gene synthesis can produce sequences optimized for high yield of your protein of interest.

Not all codon optimization algorithms are created equal. Codon optimization tools are widely available that simply tweak sequences based on codon use frequency by the expression host organism. GenScript's OptimumGene™ algorithm evaluates over a dozen additional parameters known to influence transcription, translation, and protein folding, such as codon adaptability, mRNA structure, and various cis-elements in transcription and translation. The data show that our algorithm, patented in 2012, surpasses the competition.


  • Significant increase in protein expression
  • Fruitful results in even the most difficult sequences
  • Comprehensive usage tables for optimization in any host

Track Record in Each Expression System

GenScript has accumulated years of experience in codon optimization and gene synthesis. Our codon optimization system has optimized over 50,000 sequences in all major expression systems.

codon optimization track record

Fig. 1. Based on our historical records, the OptimumGene™ codon optimization has optimized over 50,000 sequences in all major expression systems.


Proven Increase in Protein Expression Through Optimizing a Variety of Parameters

   codon optimization case study

codon optimization case study

Fig. 2. GenScript OptimumGene™ codon optimization genes increased the yield of expression (8 out of 10 genes) and the degree of solubility in some cases (6 out of 10 genes) compared to the native genes.


Reference: Burgess-Brown NA, Sharma S, Sobott F, Loenarz C, Oppermann U, Gileadi O. Codon optimization can improve expression of human genes in Escherichia coli: A multi-gene study. Protein Expr Purif. May 2008; 59(1): 94-102

Significantly Increase Drug Target Proteins Expression Level in E.coli.

codon optimization case study   codon optimization case study

Fig. 3. GenScript's OptimumGene™ codon optimization delivered 20 times higher expression level for protein β compared to non-optimized native gene sequence. The expression level was 13 times more than that from Competitor GA's optimization method.


GenScript's custom gene synthesis technology is extremely versatile and applicable to many different research areas, such as synthetic biology, genetics and the regulation of gene expression, biochemistry, and biomedical research including vaccine design and high-throughput screening of variants for drug discovery. Gene synthesis affords simplicity and flexibility to overcome challenges often encountered in cDNA construction, heterologous protein expression, and the creation of gene variants, fusion proteins, and recombinant antibodies.

synthetic biology Synthetic Biology: Synthetic biology aims to design and build artificial life or to modify existing natural molecules to carry out novel tasks. In general, the synthetic goal is to solve problems that are not easily encountered though analysis and observation alone. The potential benefits of synthetic biology include developing new microorganisms to treat disease, provide energy, food, and to detect and break down environmental pollutants in the soil, air and water. Gene synthesis technology enables scientists to make artificial genes and use the principles of modern engineering to design organisms that do new things—like produce biofuels or excrete the precursors of medical drugs.

vaccines DNA Vaccines and Vectors: Since the production of an effective DNA vaccine involves not only the sequence itself but also the target, delivery system, expression, regulation, and inhibition of the gene therapy product, GenScript's one stop for gene and protein services is your best bet. More about DNA Vaccines and Vectors

TALEs TALEs: Transcription Activator-Like Effectors (TALEs) are highly-specific, high-affinity DNA-binding proteins that can be fused to a functional enzyme. Together, the two proteins have the ability to target and edit nearly any site in a genome. Read more to learn about TALEs and why GenScript gene synthesis is the easy way to generate custom designed TALEs. More about TALEs

antibody Chimeric Antibodies:Human-mouse recombinant antibodies retain the specificity of the original murine variable region but assume the effector function of the human constant region. GenScript's Chimeric Antibody Generation Service has developed advanced technology to rapidly express full length recombinant antibodies with the desired traits. More about Recombinant Antibodies

cDNA cDNA Design and Constructs: GenScript gene synthesis technology allows for the design of high-quality genes and cDNAs at highly competitive prices, and the direct production of high-quality cDNAs for cDNA libraries and other purposes. More about cDNA Design and cDNA Constructs

protein Protein Expression enhanced through Codon Optimization: Not all host expression systems share the same codon bias. The expression of, say, a human gene in E. coli can increase dramatically when the codon frequency of that gene is matched to that of the host system, but that is only the first step of GenScript's total gene optimization process. GenScript's proprietary OptimumGene™ Gene Design Technology can typically increase protein expression level up to 30-fold Case Study, provided that the protein expression and purification methods are appropriate. More about Codon Optimization

variants Gene Variants and SNPs: Most alternative splice methods are unwieldy and can have unpredictable results.GenScript gene modification and gene synthesis incorporates rigorous regulation and verification of alternative splice products. More about Gene Variants and SNPs and Gene Modification

microarray Microarray-Ready cDNA: Reverse transcription bias and other problems can alter the relative amounts of cDNA measured by microarray assays. GenScript's advanced gene synthesis technology includes several means of countering these issues. More about Microarray-Ready cDNA

Synthesize Predicted Genes and cDNAs Predicted Genes: The primary reason to generate predicted gene structure databases is to provide positional cloners, gene hunters and other products along with the gene candidates observed in finished and unfinished genomic sequences. GenScript specializes in custom gene synthesis and predicted gene synthesis based on advances in the understanding of gene variant function and synthesis, the biology of gene synthesis and new DNA manipulation and mutagenesis techniques. More about Synthesizing Predicted Genes and cDNAs

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Customer Testimonials

"I think GenScript provides absolutely excellent products in a timely fashion. I have primarily used GenScript to order codon optimized artificial genes. Ordering artificial genes on their website or via Email makes this especially facile because I can simply inquire about a gene, get a quote and then get a PO number. The whole process is fast and the turnaround time for obtaining the finished product is usually less than a month. I also think their technical support are wonderful people, they have been most helpful in facilitating the process. I am so impressed with them that I have recommended them to several of my colleagues."

― Dr. Maria Schumacher, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

"We repeatedly ordered synthetic genes from GenScript. In any case, the synthesis was exceptionally fast (usually within 7-10 business days), convenient, reliable and cost-effective. Customer service was exceptionally friendly and even approachable over Christmas vacation. For that reason, we can only recommend this service to any customer – wherever they may be located."

― Dr. Tilmann Buerckstuemmer, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

"GenScript is the company that I have entrusted my project with. The delivery of your gene synthesis is on time and the OptimumGene™ technology on your Gene-on-Demand® gene synthesis platform has increased my gene expression dramatically. I am very happy with my results and GenScript is always my first choice for gene services."

― Bin He, Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA

"I am glad that I have chosen gene synthesis over traditional cloning, it has saved me a lot of time. I would like to continue using your service in the future."

― Dr. Bin Shuai, Wichita State University, USA

Note: GenScript will not claim any rights whatsoever over any intellectual property or technical protocols involved in OptimumGene™ codon optimization and gene synthesis services such as gene sequences or any materials submitted by the customer. GenScript will not release such information to any third party without customer consent. Sensitive information is only disclosed to the personnel responsible for the successful operation of the project on a need-to-know basis. GenScript will sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement to ensure customers' full rights over IP for the optimized and synthesized genes if needed.

Quotes and Ordering Process

Ordering Process Gene Synthesis Service Quotation

  • For batch orders, please email us, your gene sequences in FASTA format, or fill out and upload the Quick Quotation Request Form.
  • Our Ph.D-level gene service representatives are here to help manage your projects from sequence design, optimization, synthesis, cloning and beyond without any additional charges.
  • We are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday to assist you.