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GenParts: Gene Fragments Service

GenParts: The Reliable Gene Fragments Service

Gene Fragments Service Quotation

GenScript's GenParts DNA Fragments Service adds another reliable, versatile tool to our Molecular Biology Services Portfolio. GenParts are double-stranded DNA fragments, or parts, that can be used for a variety of research applications. In addition, GenScript's GenParts service ships both quickly and reliably, allowing you to dependably plan your research timelines around them. Our GenParts Gene Fragments Service can also be codon optimized, resulting in the highest expression levels available in any host system. These features make our GenParts DNA Fragments Service the ideal choice for a variety of synthetic biology applications and more!

GenParts Service Advantage: Reliable Delivery of High-Quality Fragments

Reliable Delivery Timelines

Vendor Promised Turnaround Time Actual Turnaround Time
Competitor #1 8 Business Days 16 Business Days
Competitor #2 6 Business Days 6 Business Days w/ a few at 13 Business Days
GenScript 5 Business Days 5 Business Days

High Quality Fragments

Vendor Cloning Success Rate Mutation Rate
Competitor #1 56% 0.0278%
Competitor #2 68% 0.0266%
GenScript 83% 0.0243%

Other GenParts Service Advantages

Biological Applications

Biological Applications
  • Metabolic Pathway Assembly
  • Protein Studies/Enzyme Recognition
    • Fusion Proteins
    • Protein Expression
    • Enzyme Binding/Regulatory Studies
  • Virus/Disease Research
  • Vaccine Research
  • miRNA-related Studies / Genes
  • Gene Variants
  • Luciferase Reporter Assays / Gene Expression / Assay Standards
  • And many more!
GenParts Gene Fragments – SC1930
Length (bp) Price Turnaround Time Request a quote / Place an order for GenParts.
101-250 $99 3-4 days
251-500 $129
501-1000 $149
1001-1200 $209 5-6 days
1201-1600 $249
1601-2000 $299

Delivery Specifications

  • Tubes: lyophilized, 400ng in weight
  • QC: fragment length analysis

GenParts Technical Notes

  • DNA Fragments Quality Details
  • Turnaround Details
  • Deliverable Details

Quotation and Ordering

Gene Fragments Service Quotation
  • For quotation requests and questions about GenParts synthesis, you may contact us by phone, email, fax, or our secured online quotation system.
  • Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax, or online with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card.