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GenPool™ ORF Cloning Services

Our service for Open Reading Frame (ORF) cloning offers a quick means to turn DNA sequences into expression-ready clones to greatly accelerate your biological research.

GenScript provides GenPool™ ORF clones database, the world's largest commercial ORF clone database with over 2,428,863 ORF clones from 186 different species, supported by GenScript's advanced Gene-on-Demand® technology platform.

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Key Features:

  • Time-saving service for ORF cloning into your choice of vector.
  • 100% fidelity to the RefSeq guaranteed; sequence chromatograms are provided with your clone.
  • Pricing is conveniently displayed when you search for your sequence in our GenPool database
  • Mutant clones can be ordered starting at $149/clone (if ordered at the same time as the wild-type
  • Service Specifications
  • Delivery Specifications

Service Specifications:

  • Sequence Confirmation:

    Your gene of interest will be sequence validated base-by-base against the complete ORF sequence in the database.

  • De Novo Synthesis:

    GenScript now offers Gene-on-Demand® gene synthesis services for all ORF clones in our GenPool TM ORF clones database, by de novo gene synthesis.

  • Cloning Vector:

    Your gene of interest can be cloned into any commercial or non-commercial vector of your choice.

  • Quality Control:

    Every customized vector with your ORF gene of interest is strictly inspected before delivery to ensure 100% accuracy.

  • Mutant clones:
  • Now, you can get mutant clones (if with wild type) starting at as low as $149/mutant clone, and all mutant clones will be delivered in as little as 10 business days.

Turnaround Time:

Gene Length
Standard Delivery Time (Business Days)
≤ 1,500 bp
10 - 12 days*
1,501 bp - 3,000 bp
14 - 17 days*
3,001 bp - 4,500 bp
18 - 22 days*
4,501 bp - 6,000 bp
23 - 27 days*
6,001 bp - 10,000 bp
28 - 35 days*
* Applicable to genes without complex sequences, cloning into standard vector pUC57.

Delivery Specifications:

  • 10 μg lyophilized customized vector containing the gene of your interest
  • Sequencing data of each clone (electronic version)
  • Construct map for the plasmid
  • Quality assurance certificate


orf cloning quotationQuotations and Ordering

For quotation requests and questions, you may contact us by phone, email, fax, or via our online quotation system.

Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax, or online with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card.

Please send your samples with full shipping information and PO number (if applicable) with the completed PCR Cloning Quotation Request Form to PCR Cloning/Subcloning Services, GenScript USA Inc., 860 Centennial Avenue., Piscataway, NJ 08854, U.S.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday;please contact us anytime for assistance