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BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial expression packages
BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial expression packages Quotation

BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial Protein Expression Services (SC1253)

Our BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial Protein Expression Services offer a comprehensive panel of options for your target protein production in an E. coli system with guaranteed protein amounts, purities, endotoxin levels and the option of producing tag-free proteins as well, to meet a variety of your research needs. You simply provide protein sequence and we will deliver the protein (tagged or tag-free) at the amount and purity that you specified.

All BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial Protein Expression Services start with our proprietary codon optimization service, followed by gene synthesis and sub cloning, all the way through protein expression and purification using our bacterial protein expression system. Pure protein is delivered to you in as little as 4 weeks from project initiation. If your target recombinant protein becomes insoluble in the inclusion body fraction, FoldArt™, our proprietary protein refolding technology will be applied to solubilize the protein at no extra cost to you. This service is also ideal for the production of high quality protein antigens for antibody production. In case we fail on either the amount or purity as specified, there is no charge to you whatsoever. Place your order today to experience unprecedented, high quality services yet competitive pricing, offered with our all of our Bacterial Protein Expression Services.

BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial Protein Expression Services (SC1253) with Unprecedented Assurances

  • Gene synthesis is included in the package – no additional cost to you.
  • Guarantees the amount of custom recombinant protein – no cost to you if project fails.
  • Guarantees the purity of custom recombinant protein – no cost to you if desired purity is not achieved.
  • Competitive price - starting from $2,200.
  • Fast turnaround time - as little as 4 weeks.
Customer Provides
Tag Options
Purity Options
Endotoxin Level Options
Target protein sequence
Small Tag (e.g. His)
3mg - 6mg
4-6 weeks
≤1.0 EU/μg
≤0.1 EU/μg
≤0.01 EU/μg
Starting from $2,200
Large Tag (e.g. GST)
5mg - 10mg
5mg - 10mg
7-8 weeks
Any combination of protein amount, purity and endotoxin level can be chosen from this list
*Protein requests greater than 15mg will be treated as custom protein production requests and they will not be eligible for the guarantees listed on this page

Terms and Conditions

  • Protein sequences are subject to pre-project analysis.
  • Exclusions are applicable to membrane proteins, toxic proteins and for target proteins greater than 100kDa.
  • To increase the expression level of your protein, codon optimization using our proprietary, OptimumGene™ technology, will be performed during gene synthesis.
  • Insoluble proteins maybe subject to FoldArt™ technology, GenScript's proprietary protein refolding platform.
  • In all cases, final protein will be guaranteed to meet customer specifications, failing which, any charge to the customer will be waived.

BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial Protein Expression (SC1253) Service Details

Gene synthesis, Cloning, Plasmid Prep

Gene synthesis, Cloning, Plasmid Prep
  • Gene synthesis and Codon optimization
  • Sub cloning into appropriate expression vector
  • Plasmid Prep and DNA QC
≤2 weeks
  • Protein in buffered solution with your specified amount & purity – Guaranteed
  • Optimized gene sequence report
  • QC data
Protein Expression Testing

Protein Expression Testing
  • Transform plasmids into appropriate bacterial expression strain
  • Protein expression evaluation and optimization
≤1 week
Protein Purification, Tag Removal (Optional) & Refolding (Optional)

Protein Purification, Tag Removal (Optional) & Refolding (Optional)
  • Scale up protein expression using optimized conditions
  • Purification to reach desired protein amounts and purity
  • Tag removal and separation of tag-free protein (if requested)
  • Refolding in case of insoluble protein (performed only if required)
1-2 weeks
QC & Delivery

QC & Delivery
  • Purity analysis and Detection using SDS-PAGE and Western Blot (for tagged protein)
  • Bradford assay for quantitation
  • Protein delivery
≤1 week

*All timelines are approximate. In most cases, we deliver within 4-6 weeks. However, optional steps might prolong the overall timeline slightly

For large molecular weight, challenging proteins, we offer high quality customized bacterial protein expression services. For any large scale protein production requirements, you could try our fully customizable E. coli fermentation services. If your target protein is an antibody fragment, we also provide guaranteed antibody fragments production services in E. coli.

BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial expression packages Quotation

Quotations and Ordering

BacPower™ Guaranteed Bacterial protein expression packages

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