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Stable Cell Line
Stable Cell Line

Stable Cell Line Services for Assay Applications

Recombinant stable cell lines are one of the most commonly used tools in research and drug discovery. Applications for these cell lines include Pharmacological assays, and protein and antibody production. Generating a stable cell line for assay experiments is often time consuming and labor intensive and some researchers may have encountered the following situations:

  • Repetition of plasmid preparation, low transfection efficiency, tedious clone picking
  • Unable to transfer your gene of interest into certain cell lines
  • Worried about missing the "cell growth phase"
  • Limited by gene size (up to 2kb) in cloning and gene transfer

CellPower™: Stable Pool or Single Cell-derived Clone

GenScript's CellPower™ service provides a recombinant stable pool or stable single clone generated from both lentiviral and lipofectin transfection systems, yielding high transfection efficiency. Our experience and expertise with stable transfection ensure we can successfully generate a recombinant stable cell pool or clone with any gene in any host cell.

  • Classic CellPower
  • CellPower™ Plus
  • Case Study
Service packages
Turnaround time
Stable pool (SC1394A)
qPCR validated stable pool
Detailed report with QC data
8-10 weeks
Starting at $2490
Single cell derived clones (SC1394B)
2 vials of cells, 1×106 cells/vial. qPCR validated
Detailed report with QC data
12-16 weeks
Starting at $4990

Workflow of Our CellPower™ Stable Cell Line Development Process

Stable Cell Line Services for Assay Applications

Pharmacological Assays Related to CellPower™

Additional Functional Validation Services
Membrane receptors: FACS, ELISA & Western Blot
Transporters: radiometric assay
Proteases, kinases, and other enzyme:
substrate conversion assay
Nuclear receptors: reporter gene assays
Cytokines: proliferation or other relevant assays

GenScript's cell hosts at your command

See our available GPCR & Ion Channel Cell Lines.

Also available are stable cell lines for protein production. See our Production Grade Stable Cell Line webpage for more details.

Quotation and Ordering

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