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How to redeem points for rewards

Redeeming your EzCoupon™ points is easy. Simply follow these steps:

Reward Center
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Sign in your GenScript Account

Select " Redeem My Points"

Select Rewards you need and fill out your mailing address


Rewards - Terms and conditions

  1. Only end users are eligible for EzCoupon™ Program.
  2. Non-U.S. currency will be converted to U.S. dollars by GenScript based on its standard practices as they exist from time to time.
  3. GenScript reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time.
  4. The minimum redeemable EzCoupon™ point is 1,000.
  5. One purchase is required for gift cards redemption.
  6. EzCoupon™ points will not expire as long as one more purchase is completed within 12 months after the EzCoupon™ points issue date. If no purchase is completed within 12 months of the EzCoupon™ points issue date, the points will expire after 12 months of EzCoupon™ points issue.
  7. According to IRS regulations, one account can redeem no more than $250 gift card in one calendar year. Other than that, there is no limit to how many gifts can be redeemed in a year.
  8. Amazon gift card may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible products on www.amazon.com or its affiliated websites. The gift card may not be used outside of the U.S. Learn more about the terms and conditions of Amazon gift card.
  9. Starbucks gift card may not be used for payment in certain Starbucks-branded locations including some airport, grocery and bookstore locations, or in stores in Puerto Rico, Guam and those outside continental North America. Learn more about the terms and conditions of Starbucks gift card.
  10. Redeemed gift supplies are limited. Gifts are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the gift supply runs out, GenScript reserves the right to choose an alternate gift of equivalent value.
  11. If customers violate any of the Terms and Conditions, the EzCoupon™ points will be invalid.
  12. The ship time of gifts may varies from county to county. The total delivery time may take longer for customers outside of the United States.