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PlantDirectTM Multiplex PCR System


The PlantDirectTM Multiplex PCR System is a powerful reagent kit designed for easy and rapid preparation and multiplex PCR amplification of genomic DNA. Using GenScript's proprietary reagents, the kit extracts genomic DNA directly from plant cells in just 12 minutes. This genomic DNA is immediately ready for use in PCR amplifications of up to 1,000 gene targets. The DNA can also be stored at 4°C, at which temperature it will remain stable for at least six months. The PlantDirect Multiplex PCR System works on leaves, roots, stems, other tissues, and cell cultures, and is available with and without enzyme.

Key Features:
  • Easy to perform: Our simple, speedy procedure extracts DNA in 12 minutes.

  • High specificity: “HotStart” ScriptTM DNA polymerase (a GenScript proprietary DNA polymerase), yields highly specific amplification results.

  • Multiplex PCR: GenScript multiplex PCR primers can amplify over 1,000 DNA sequences.

  • Excellent sensitivity: Genomic DNA from a single sperm has been successfully used in multiplex PCR amplification of more than 1,000 amplicons and subsequent DNA genotyping assays. TissueDirect can work with even the smallest amounts of tissue, preserving precious samples and permitting less invasive methods.


DNA preparation and PCR from frozen ground plant tissues, cultured plant cells, and fresh plant tissue samples such as fresh leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds for applications such as the following:

  • SNP genotyping and mutation detection
  • Target detection in transgenic mice
  • DNA sequencing and cloning
  • Quantitative PCR


Shown below is a PCR amplification of a 180 bp fragment of Arabidopsis ubiquitin 10. There is little difference between genomic DNA samples extracted from different Arabidopsis leaves. This demonstrates the high quality and reproducibility of PlantDirectTM PCR Kit.
Figure 1. PCR analysis of genomic DNA extracted from Arabidopsis leaves.
Genomic DNA was extracted from 12 pieces of Arabidopsis leaves using the PlantDirectTM Multiplex PCR Kit in accordance with the kit instructions. All genomic DNA samples were amplified using the PCR premix supplied in the kit. The PCR products are 180 bp fragments of Arabidopsis ubiquitin 10. Lane 13 shows a negative control.
The PlantDirectTM Multiplex PCR System is compatible with high-throughput systems.
Figure 2. Qiagen BioRobot 9604 automation system.
The PlantDirectTM Multiplex PCR System is also a high-throughput system. With the PlantDirectTM Multiplex PCR System, genomic DNA is prepared and amplified in just a few easy steps that eliminate the need for any other type of purification, such as DNA precipitation and column purification, organic extraction, or proteinase digestion. The PlantDirectTM Multiplex PCR System can be easily adapted to high-throughput automation systems, such as the Qiagen BioRobot 9604, for automated nucleic acid preparation and subsequent amplification of genomic DNA from tissues in a 96-well automated format. The use of hot-start Taq DNA polymerase prevents the amplification of nonspecific products and increases the efficiency of the amplification of the desired sequences.1

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