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The antibody sequence information is essential for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) engineering, function optimization, database banking, and patent application. Our ISO9001 certified antibody sequencing service is your reliable choice to speed up and facilitate therapeutic antibody leads discovery and development. Tailored to meet your particular requirements, option with customized specifications is offered for antibody sequencing services at GenScript.

Antibody Sequencing: Top 3 Mistakes to Aviod

Our expertise helps you avoid common pitfalls when sequencing antibodies: 1) impurity of hybridoma cells, 2) mutations introduced by PCR, and 3) inaccurate or misaligned full sequences. Learn more from our success to overcome these problems »

  1. Impurity of hybridoma cells: (hybridomas may contain pseudogenes and mRNAs encoding non-functional antibodies, which may be amplified by primer pairs intended to clone the target antibody)
    • GenScript will sequence 5 independent clones for each chain, to ensure accuracy.
  2. Mutations introduced by PCR: During the amplification of the cDNA, the use of degenerate primer sets means there is the chance of mutagenesis.
    • GenScript always uses both 5'- and 3'- RACE (rapid amplification of cDNA ends) to ensure accuracy of amplified products.
    • GenScript always performs full length sequencing of the variable region, which ensures the accuracy of the sequence span, from leader sequence to the start of FR1 region.
  3. Inaccurate or misaligned full sequence (once the individual sequences are obtained for each chain, they must be aligned properly to ensure the full sequence is accurate)
    • GenScript has sequenced over 1,000 mAbs, our expertise ensures the sequence you receive is 100% accurate.

Antibody Sequencing Services

Service Promotional Price* Promotional Turnaround Time* Deliverables
Leader sequence & variable domain sequencing $1200
Up to 30% off!
2-3 weeks
2 weeks
  • Sequence data
  • Alignments of the heavy and light chains
  • Detailed work performance report
  • Plasmid containing antibody coding sequence
Full length antibody sequencing $2,000
Up to 30% off!
3-4 weeks
3 weeks

* Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion is valid for domestic (US) and international customers, excluding Japan & China.
  • Promotion is valid only for standard ab sequencing orders(SC1408, SC1919). 20% off is applied for orders less than 5 sequencing items and 30% off is applied for orders equals to or more than 5 sequencing items.
  • Promotion is effective only for orders placed from May 18th, 2017 to June 30th July 31st, 2017
  • Only one promotion code can be used for each order. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion or special pricing agreement.

Customer provides

For sequencing services: You need to submit hybridoma cell samples (>1×106 cells) to GenScript.

GenScript delivers

For sequencing services: Detailed work performance report; Sequence data; Alignments of the heavy and light chains; Plasmid containing V-region sequence

The client retains all rights to the sequence data and related intellectual property.The final report includes the detailed work performance, sequence data and alignments of the heavy and light chains. If you need, we also provide the plasmid containing V-region sequence for free.

Following is GenScript's standard sequencing procedures.

mAb sequencing procedure

GenScript offers our customers a one-stop solution for all outsourcing needs, providing comprehensive upstream and downstream services of monoclonal antibody sequencing service.

Antibody Sequencing Quotation

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