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Mammalian Expression services
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Mammalian Expression

  • Transient expression of recombinant protein & antibody

    Transient Expression Of Recombinant Protein & Antibody
    GenScript transient mammalian expression service offers fast production and delivery of high quality recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies at competitive prices, from pilot scale to guaranteed production, up to gram quantities. Learn More

  • Stable cell line development

    Stable Cell Line Development
    GenScript comprehensive stable cell line development capabilities seamlessly integrate all steps of stable cell line generation, delivering high quality stable clones of your choice. Guaranteed, gram level GS expression cell line delivered in just 4 months. Learn More

  • Process development

    Process Development
    GenScript offers upstream and downstream bioprocess services that include cell culture condition improvement, optimization of feeding strategies, scale-up to bioreactor, purification process development, protein modification process development and analytical assay development. Learn More

  • GLP-compliant bioprocess

    GLP-Compliant Bioprocess
    Use our GLP-compliant bioprocess services for your recombinant protein and therapeutic antibody needs for in vivo studies. Smoothly integrate results for manufacturing and regulatory application. Learn More

On-line quotation for Mammalian Expression services

Quotations and Ordering

Mammalian Expression Services Quotations & Ordering

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