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Reagents for Protein Analysis

GenScript offers a comprehensive line of chemical products with different sizes and the highest level of purity, including amino acids, dNTPs, biological buffers, diagnostic chromogens, pharmaceuticals, quaternary ammonium salts, tetrazolium salts, etc. We always try to provide solutions to every protein analysis problem with the best quality reagents at the most competitive prices.

Ordering Information

Cat. No.
Product Name
M00078 One-Solution Microwell TMB
110 ml
M00089 HRP-Protein A
1 mg
M00090 HRP-Protein G
1 mg
M00091 Streptavidin-HRP
1 mg
M00095 Biotin-Protein A
2 mg
M00097 Biotin-Protein L
1 mg
M00098 HRP-Protein L
1 mg
M01058 cGMP-HRP
200 μl
M01059 cAMP-HRP
200 μl