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markers on pancreatic cancer cell exosomes are the key to early detection

excessive adult male mortality attributed primarily to increased cardiovascular disease vulnerability

everyones biological clock is ticking now scientists can determine how fast

defense hormones enable plant to control and recruit soil microbiome that protect its health

reversing kidney fibrosis by targeting emt genes

studying the co evolutionary interaction between plants and butterflies revealed the key driver of biodiversity on earth

no tricks here new cell sorting technique separates living cells by levitation

microbiota prevent allergic reactions by inducing t cells

unvalidated bioreagents are the 1 cause of irreproducible results

the link between deep sleep and alzheimers disease progression has been confirmed

molecular mechanism of fructose leading uncontrolled heart muscle growth identified the first time

fascinating study to demonstrate the efficacy of placebos

3 new proteins shed light on how Staphylococcus aureus infects and evades our immune system

3D structural map of human genome reveals 1000s of new disease switches

A cautionary tale for therapeutic mAb engineering: selecting for desired properties may have unintended consequences

A cell surface protein is responsible for turning primitive cells into fat cells

A cure for glioma: nanoparticles deliver gene + pro-drug to brain

A friendly virus? New study reports enteric virus may help maintain a healthy gut

A new antibiotic from soil bacteria has been discovered with no detectable resistance

A new blood-based assay can detect cancer at its earliest stages

A new fate-mapping technique has identified regenerative cells in the heart

A new study combines light and magnets to decrease tumor volume in mice

a new technology combines amyloid beta oligomer detection with magnetic resonance imaging

Adhesive peptides in disguise: a new technology regulates how and when cells interact with biomaterials in vivo

A new type of pluripotent stem cell has been discovered

A novel approach towards drug discovery Molecular paints expose protein-protein interaction hot spots

A novel CD4 mimetic exposes HIV to antibodies

A peptide in spider venom protects chondrocytes from mechanical stress

A rare pediatric cancer with high unmet medical need now has hope with a newly approved antibody drug

Adipocytes fight infection?

Aggregation-inhibitor fusion partner technology can help overcome aggregation issues in recombinant protein production

“Alarm-clock” gene for dormant cancer cells discovered

Whole-genome sequencing reveals a new gRNA design

Ancient genes at the forefront of the antibiotic-resistance arms race

Anti-inflammatory compound produced during dieting and fasting can help us fight disease

Artificial sweeteners may exacerbate metabolic disease through altering the gut microbiome

Automated smartphone device uses motion to detect and quantify infection by parasitic worms

Better batteries inspired by biology

Beyond vitamin D: The new way UV light combats diabetes and obesity

Bispecific Ab demonstrated effectiveness in treating Alzheimer’s disease in monkeys

Breakthrough in CAR T cell engineering advances treatment for solid tumors

Browning of white fat tissue is a critical process associated with cachexia

Calcium sensor STIM2 maintains synapses lost with Alzheimer’s disease

Can bad memories be erased by a flash of light?

Can you be identified by your microbiome?

Cancer cell diversification strategy promotes drug resistance

Cancer prevented by repurposed osteoporosis drug

Changing T-cell receptor specificity through in vitro engineering

Coffee Genome Sequenced

Conquering the final frontier: Engineering the 1st 3D brain tissue model

Contagious cancer spreading among soft-shell clams

Could CRISPR technology be used to cure AIDS and other devastating viral diseases?

Could food additives be driving the epidemic of obesity?

Could salamander peptides hold the secret to accelerated wound healing?

CRISPR editing of the non-coding genome: a powerful way to validate predicted regulatory elements

CRISPR enables heritable multiplex genome editing in insects

CRISPR genome editing in human cells: improved targeting with the H1 promoter

Crystal structure of Influenza polymerase revealed

Dad’s genes are favored in gene expression: pervasive bias toward paternal alleles discovered

De-synchronization of human and gut microbe circadian clocks linked to metabolic disease

Delivery of BDNF cDNA into ear boosts cochlear implant performance

Depression treatment with first-ever peptide-based nasal spray

Diet swap experiment reveals dramatic effects on colon cancer risk mediated by gut microbiome

DNA in space: genes are functional after a trip to space and back

iPhone + iPad = iFat? Are obesity genes turned on by electronics?

DNA minicircles: a new tool for safe gene delivery and earlier cancer detection

Drug resistance gene uncovered in major testicular cancer genetics study

Dual action “stapled peptide” inhibits tumor growth

Dual functions of Nrf2 (anti vs. pro-oxidative) depending on intracellular ROS levels

Ebola Update: siRNA-based therapeutic drug moves forward

Effects of aging reversed in old mice receiving young blood

Electrifying new technique propels anti-cancer drugs into solid tumors

Engineered bone marrow can make functioning platelets

Engineering yeast to be morphine factories

Evolved protein with a potential to stop metastasis

Exome sequencing study finds a new ALS-causing gene and shifts the spotlight to autophagy

Exosomes, miRNAs and Dicer – New data offers clues to how cancer spreads

Fatal outcome in human trial could have been avoided using new mouse model

FDA reports antibiotic resistance of select drugs is declining

Finding and Mapping Mosaic Mutations in the Brain, in health and disease

First successful vaccination against prion-related disease reported

Flavanols found in chocolate may prevent normal memory loss with aging

Fluorescent antibodies to TNF were used to predict therapeutic response in Crohn’s disease

Functional protein recovery from Inclusion bodies

Gene Synthesis of Combinatorial Assembly Libraries enables construction of genome-scale TALEN library for gene targeting in human cells

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Getting to know the microbes that give us a tasty Camembert

GMO mosquitoes come close to being released in a residential U.S. neighborhood

GPCR signaling molecule responsible for alcohol addiction identified

Have scientists discovered the “smart gene”?

Healing after a heart attack: a peptide improves cardiac nerve regeneration

High resolution structure of mammalian 5-HT3 receptor, first of its kind for cys-loop receptors

High salt diets may have immune boosting effects

HIV mediates cellular entry, immune evasion and immune recognition by rearranging its envelope spike protein

How do birds learn to sing? Surprisingly like the way humans learn to speak

How do viruses and nanoparticle delivery vehicles get into cells?

Human genome update: What % of DNA serves a biological function?

Human proteome map revisited: How many proteins are there?

Identification of circadian clock gene could lead to a therapy for jet lag

IL-22 mediates allergy-protective mechanism of Clostridia-containing microbiota

Implantable micro device performs high throughput in vivo drug testing for targeted cancer therapy

Improving Food Crops while avoiding GMO worries — is CRISPR the answer?

Increased arginase activity contributes to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Induced transcriptional changes can result in effective Immunotherapy

Injectable 3D vaccines: a new therapeutic strategy in the fight against cancer and infectious disease

Introducing GenCRISPR: Genomic editing service from GenScript using the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas9 technology

Investigation finds misconduct in publications claiming to turn differentiated cells to pluripotent stem cells using only stress

Is bubblewrap the new 96-well plate?

Is stress-induced generation of pluripotent stem cells from differentiated cells possible?

“Junk” DNA helps explain why humans have bigger brains

‘Lark’ and ‘night owl’ chronotypes differ in gene expression

Link between high-carb diet and fat gain can be broken

Liver fibrosis is a growing health threat with an unmet medical need

Magnetic bacteria: the next breakthrough for tumor treatment?

Making photosynthesis more efficient

Maltose Binding Protein – a robust solubility partner

Manipulating culture conditions combined with induction at low temperatures ideal for recombinant soluble protein production in E.coli

MBP fusion tag works well for the high level expression of fused bioactive cytokines in E. coli

Measles-induced immunomodulation increases childhood infectious disease mortality: avoidable suffering preventable by vaccination

MG53 protein necessary for kidney repair after acute injury

Mitochondrial DNA variability is more widespread than we thought

New way of protein synthesis discovered: surprising twist in the central dogma of biology

Muscle maintenance and regeneration key player identified

Neuropeptides mediate perineural invasion in head and neck cancer models

New antimicrobial peptide cultivated from the dung of herbivores

New class of DNA Topoisomerases found

New class of orthogonal regulators of gene expression: STARs

New, complex archaea discovered under the ocean: provides missing link between single cells and complex life

New crystallography data identifies how parasites absorb hemoglobin for survival

New finding - Cure neonatal cardiomyopathy using gene therapy

New insight behind the success of fighting cancer by targeting immune checkpoint proteins

New, interactive Human Protein Atlas Database launched

New method to produce fully humanized antibodies in large quantities

New neutralizing Abs target all 4 serotypes of mosquito-borne DENV

New off-target detection method, GUIDE-seq, identifies additional properties of off-target sequences in CRISPR genome editing

New Research links childhood stress and psychiatric disease to premature cellular aging

New smartphone accessory can detect HIV and syphilis in 15 minutes

New subset of T cells discovered: Implications for MS treatment

New synthetic amino acid substantially increases drug stability and activity

Newly engineered antibiotics kill drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria

Newly engineered antibody-based molecules demonstrate potent HIV-1 neutralizing activity

Novel form of ice with unusual structure discovered

Novel peptide enhances memory

Novel strategy for soluble recombinant protein and antibody fragment production

Novel technology developed to recover more recombinant protein from yeast

Obesity in humans and dogs shares a common theme composition of gut bacteria

Creative professionals 25% more likely to carry bipolar, schizophrenia gene variants

Oncolytic viruses gain momentum with FDA committee recommendation

Paper-based gene circuits allow an Ebola sensor to be developed in a single day

Peptides isolated from parasitic worms may help treat autoimmune disease

Plant releases pollen only during full moon a surprising tale of reproductive adaptation

Potent new HIV “vaccine” bypasses the immune system: new fusion immunoadhesin binds Env & blocks infection

Powerful new antibody fights influenza and pneumonia

Probable cause of ALS identified protein instability

Protein biochemistry publications dominate the top-100 most cited publications

Proteins that potentially trigger psoriasis in mouse and humans identified using proteomics screening approach

Proteomic database just launched providing new insights into the relationship of protein & genes

Rare codons in the N-terminal region enhance protein expression

Receptor implicated in ERBB2 inhibitor resistance. Is it the next therapeutic target?

Reprogram fibroblasts directly into functional pain-sensing neurons with 5 transcription factors

Researchers develop universal mimetics to aid Ebola virus drug discovery

Running Red Lights: Stop Codon Reassignment and Read-through

Scientists advance the field of 3D-printed organs using live cells as ‘ink’

Scientists successfully reduce mutated mtDNA levels in mice using targeted TAL effector nucleases

Scientists that helped unravel the mysteries of protein folding win prestigious award

Senolytic drugs increase lifespan and slow aging in mice

Simple modifications to increase peptide drug half-life: proof of concept with GPCR agonists

Sparks literally fly when egg meets sperm

Splicing factor RBM4 identified as new tumor suppressor providing unique route for cancer therapy

Start-up company claims peptide-based battery charges smartphone in 30 seconds

Stimulating T cells with monoclonal anti-CD3 antibody leads to enhanced tumor killing

Strong association found between early antibiotic use and disease phenotypes in adulthood, mediated by imbalances in the gut microbiome

Study reveals how chaperones assist D-protein folding

Study shows order in which mutations are acquired affects cancer progression and treatment efficacy

Study shows single kiss transfers 80 million microbes

Surprising finding of high calorie diet on cancer progression

Sweet-tasting Proteins: a healthier alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners?

Synthetic biology making GMOs safer

The antimicrobial compound triclosan has been linked to liver cancer

The discovery of a new class of human proteins with previously unidentified activities

The gene variant that make some people natural blondes

The link between height and heart disease risk has finally been confirmed by genetics

The race to map cannabis genomes for “personalized” medical marijuana

Top 10 ideas that could speed up drug development for Rare Diseases research

Top 5 reasons why molecular cloning can fail

Top 5 reasons your peptide assays fail

Total-body real-time map of AIDS virus exposes novel areas of viral replication

Toward the light: Can photoactivation help usher in the next generation of antibacterials?

Transcription Factor NA binding in fly vs. human reveals perfectly conserved “DNA regulatory code”

Transgenerational effects of HDAC inhibitor on Huntington’s disease

Transport of histones to DNA copying hubs is regulated by an enzyme called TLK1

Trimmed-down genomes take to the skies

Tumor-fighting super bacteria

Tumor-killing Guinea Pig enzyme finally characterized, 60 years later

Turning E. coli into tape recorders with genome editing

TV food commercials shown to activate overweight adolescent brain regions disproportionately

Tweaking transcriptional programming for high quality recombinant protein production

Two molecules on human cell surface allow bacteria in breaching the blood-brain barrier

Unexpected role of EGFR in cancer drug resistance

What does Myc have to do with longer and healthier life?

Whole-organ imaging made possible with new tissue-clearing technology

Widespread study challenges role of protein kinase C in cancer

Will checkpoint blockade soon become first-line therapy for cancer?

You are as old as you look: a new study suggests facial characteristics are the most accurate aging biomarker

You are “when” you eat: How cardio health and obesity are related to timed feedings