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GenEZ™ cDNA ORF Clones
GenEZ™ ORF Clones

GenEZ™ ORF cDNA Clones

GenEZ™ ORF cDNA clones makes it easy to order customized expression-ready ORF clones from the world's largest commercial ORF clone database. GenEZ™ ORF cDNA clones accelerate your biological research by providing sequence-verified cDNA clones in your choice of expression vector, without the need for tedious cloning procedures and troubleshooting.


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Unlike off-the-shelf cDNA clones from other companies, GenScript's ORF clones are totally customizable., allowing you to design mutant ORFs wild type sequences and add up to 30 bp of flanking sequence to the 5' and 3' ends of the ORF. Choose from over 100 popular commercial vectors including mammalian and bacterial expression vectors, or standard cloning vectors. GenEZ™ ORF cDNA clones start at just $99/clone and 5-day turnaround time, with delivery of 10μg sequence-verified plasmid DNA.

GenEZ™ Mutant ORF Clones

Advantages of GenEZ™ ORF Clones

  • ˃2 million ORFs from 186 different species including Mammals, Plants, Vertebrates Invertebrates and Fungi
  • 40,000 Human, Mouse, and Rat ORFs in-stock
  • Over 100 popular commercial vectors to choose from, including mammalian, eukaryotic, and bacterial expression vectors.
  • Over 100% sequence-perfect clones delivered with chromatograms.
  • 10 μg of plasmid DNA to use directly in your experiments with no need for transformation & plasmid prep.
  • Search for your ORF now.
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How to Order

GenEZ™ ORF cDNA Clone ordering

*Some vectors may need to be shipped by the customer to GenScript.

  1. Search your ORF & select your vector in our secured online quotation
  2. A technical account manager will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your quote.
  3. Finalize your order and ship an aliquot of the vector to GenScript.
  4. Receive your clones by the date promised.

Terms and Conditions

* Some vectors may need to be shipped by the customer to GenScript.

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