Peptide Antigen Database

Peptide Antigen Database

Designing a proper peptide antigen is one of the most troublesome issues for antibody production. There are many things to be considered before you make the decision:

  • Whether the peptide can elicit a strong immune response?
  • Whether the antibody generated against the peptide antigen can recognize the endogenous protein?

GenScript's new Peptide Antigen Database can help you choose the optimal peptide antigens for antibody production. This database is a collection of optimal peptide antigen sequences predicted by our proprietary OptimumAntigen™ Design Tool, powered by the most advanced antigen design algorithm in the industry.

How to Search for the Peptide Antigen Sequence

Search your target protein in the box below by inputting the protein name or accession number. For each protein, the database will provide you with the protein sequence and up to 3 peptide sequences with detailed antigenic information. Using these peptides, our PolyExpress™antibody services can produce high quality polyclonal antibodies with guaranteed ELISA titer >1:64,000 and Western Blot success rate of over 95%.

Protein orgin:

Example: P53_HUMAN, P04637(UniProt Accession Number), NP_000537, p53( protein name), Species Summary

If user enters a valid Uniprot ID, UniProt accession number or RefSeq protein id, it will not consider the species and reviewed settings. The choices of species and reviewed settings are considered only if user queries protein names, protein description or gene names.

search the peptide antigen sequence

Key Advantage

A unique feature of Genscript's Peptide Antigen Database is that up to 3 peptide antigens are identified across the target protein sequence. In some instances, peptide antibodies fail to recognize the folded conformation of the native protein. However, generating antibodies against multiple antigens can significantly increase the success rate of endogenous protein detection. GenScript's Peptide Antigen Database is an exciting new resource for antigen selection, taking you one step closer to generating an antibody optimized for your particular application.

Species Summary

This database contains more than two million proteins from 186 species.


  • Peptide sequence that can be used as antigen for each protein
  • 5-9 mg peptide with purity >85%
  • Production of polyclonal antibody with ELISA titer >1:64,000

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