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Peptide Array Service

GenScript offers an extremely quick and cost-efficient custom peptide array service to assist in your drug development research. Based on our advanced peptide array platform, we can also provide comprehensive downstream services such as eptiope mapping. If you need up to a milligram or more purified peptide (purity up to 95%) for epitope mapping, activity assays, or proteomic applications, view our rapid, high-throughput peptide library services.

For further efficiency and convenience, GenScript provides an instant online quotation system for peptide array services. In addition, GenScript provides six, free online peptide library/array design tools to help you generate different peptide arrays to assist your research design.

* Peptide Array Service is only available in countries or regions outside of the United States of America.

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Key Features

  • No cross-contamination: Peptide synthesis is performed by automated instrumentation.
  • Comprehensive modifications: Including biotin, FITC, phosphorylation, and more.
  • Stringent quality control: MS QC on 5% of peptide, and Certificate of Analysis report.
  • Instant online quotation: Convenient online quotation for your peptide array requests.
  • One-stop downstream services: Epitope mapping service, binding assay, and functional assays for your drug discovery research.


  • Antibody epitope mapping
  • Protein-protein, enzyme-substrate, and receptor-ligand interactions studies
  • Phosphorylation studies
  • Binding and functional assay studies
  • B-cell epitope mapping

Service Specifications

  • Available quantity: 5-250 nmol* for each crude peptide
  • Peptide length: 5-15 AA
  • Linker options: C- terminal (β-Alanine)2 or C-terminal amino acid
  • Quality Control: MALDI-TOF or ESI-MS on 5% of peptides and Certificate of Analysis
  • Modifications: Biotin, FITC, phosphorylation, and more
  • Turnaround time: Typically 2-3 weeks
  • Minimum order size: 48 peptides

Note*: Every peptide in a peptide array should be the same length.

Delivery Specifications:

The peptide location table and QC report containing MS and COA data are included along with the peptide array delivered in the following format:

  • Lyophilized peptides in 96-well plate
  • QC report containing MS spectra and Certificate of Analysis
  • Peptide location table

Note: Peptides may contain sodium salt due to the lyophilization procedure.


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Quotations and Ordering

  • For quotations, please use our Secure Instant Online Quotation system. You can upload the peptide sequences and choose:
    • Number of peptides desired
    • Minimum quantity requirements
    • Modifications and other specifications
    • Delivery format

    Peptide array Quotation

  • Order can be placed by email, phone, or fax with either a PO (Purchase Order) or credit card. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours, Monday through Friday to assist you.
  • We accept POs and major credit cards (credit card order). A 7% New Jersey sales tax will be applied to orders shipped to New Jersey. Your credit card will be billed under "GenScript" Click here to download our credit reference form. For international orders, we must apply the full charge at the time the order is placed. In the unlikely event that any given order cannot be filled, our guarantee will take the form of a full refund.