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Peptide Services Promotion

At GenScript we value our clients, and we are continually developing our peptide synthesis and purification technologies to deliver the highest quality peptides with every order. Along with our constant pursuit of excellence in our technologies, we strive to deliver the best peptide services at the best prices.

Recent advances in our technology have already allowed us to decrease our list price far lower than our comparable competitors. Now is the time to experience the quality and professionalism of GenScript peptide services.

Special online only discount for standard peptides*

  • Place your order for standard peptides (SC1208) online and receive 25% off automatically!
  • To receive your discount, click Peptide Services Quotation

FREE solubility testing**

Make your research even easier by requesting a FREE solubility test report.  We provide you with a customized report detailing the best solvent for your peptide. Learn more »

FREE solubility testing

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+ Crude peptides, desalt peptides and peptide libraries are not eligible for a free solubility test.

Celebrate the Success of Biology Research

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Advantages of GenScript's Peptide Services

*Terms and conditions for Custom Peptide Synthesis Promotions

  1. 25% off promotion applies to online standard peptides (SC1208)
  2. This promotion is valid for domestic (US) and international customers excluding Japan and China.
  3. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion or special pricing agreement with the exception of the free solubility test.
  4. GenScript reserves the right to evaluate and determine which peptide sequences are eligible for this promotion.

**Terms and conditions for Free Solubility Testing Promotion

  1. Free Solubility Test checkbox must be checked for online quotations, or Free Solubility Test must be requested at the time the quote is being placed, and may not be applied to orders after they have been confirmed.
  2. Promotion is excludes crude and desalt peptides and peptide library orders. GenScript reserves the right to evaluate and determine which peptide sequences are eligible for this promotion.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Friday. You may contact us anytime for assistance.